Sunday, 26 February 2017

How Much Is My Face Worth?

I have seen this idea floating around for a while now and so I thought I would give it a go. Saying that, I change my makeup every single time I do it so this post is just an average price really but never the less I hope you enjoy it.

A primer I have fallen back in love with recently, the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm (£5.29) gives my skin a beautiful glow while giving my skin some hydration which it has been lacking in recently. For a primer, this is also super affordable and out of the high end primers I have tried, I don't like them as much as I like this one. I am pretty sure that you can all guess which foundation is my favourite and go-to. The L'Oreal True Match Foundation (£9.99) has always been my favourite, it gives me great coverage while giving my skin a natural finish, plus the colour matches my skin perfectly. I tend to switch up my concealer daily but one I have been going back to is the LA Girl Pro Conceal Concealer (£5) which gives great coverage while highlighting my face. To prevent creasing I will set it with a loose powder, the LA Girl Pro Powder (£6.00) has been a favourite recently because I love it to set my under eyes just as much I love it to set my whole face. This powder makes my makeup look super airbrushes but not flat which I am liking a lot. For bronzer I have currently been trying this one out, it is the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark (£24) which is suppose to be a face powder but since I got it in a shade darker than my skin tone, I can bronze with it. This adds a very natural colour to my skin and it blends like a dream. I have not got a final verdict on it yet but so far it is pretty positive. Contouring is optional to me depending on how intense I want my makeup to be, but even on subtle days, I have been enjoying a more sculpted look. My favourite contouring powder will always be the Anastasia Beverly Hills Fawn Powder (£14), it is the perfect colour for creating a shadow while the powder being beautiful to apply and blend. A favourite blush of mine, the Kiko Provocative Pink Blush (£6.32) is amazing because it is matte and a great colour. It looks super natural on the skin and blends great, but I made the mistake of featuring this in this post because it was limited edition and now unavailable so the price is a little not so accurate but we are just going to forget about that. My highlighter of choice is also a little predictable The Balm Mary Loo Manizer Highlighter (£20) is a cult product in my makeup routine. It is a great pale gold shade that makes you glow like there is no tomorrow.
Depending on how intense my makeup is that day, will depend on what I fill in my eyebrows with, but at the moment the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade (£15) has been my favourite to use recently. It is very pigmented and gives me a bolder brow which I find really helps shape my face. I am no expert at applying the pomade though so I have to carve it out with some concealer, my favourite is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer (£5.49)it is super easy to apply and it blends brilliantly, I also double up with this as an eye primer also. It can be a little heavy but once I have set it, the eye shadows on top blend just fine. Again, my eye shadow and choice of palette change on the daily so choosing one to feature in this post was difficult. One I have been using a lot lately though is the classic Morphe 35O Eye Shadow Palette (£23.50), it comes with a great range on shades and you can create endless looks with just this one palette. To finish off the whole eye look, I have to use my all time favourite mascara, the Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Waterprof Mascara (£6.99), will always be my one and only, it adds length, volume, lasts all day while being super black. It is drugstore which is just a bonus but maybe one day I will find a mascara that I love just as much as this one.
I love changing up my lip combos even though they all end up look the same, but a lip liner that I always go back to is the MUA Caramel Nougat Lip Liner (£1), it matches almost every single one of my lipsticks and it is so super creamy and easy to apply. I cannot believe that it is only £1, I cannot recommend it enough. I have many combinations to pair with this lip liner like I said earlier but a new product I love with this liner is the Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Child Star (£19). I never really understood the whole matte liquid lipstick phase but this formula and colour is to die for, it is also all I have been wearing at the moment. Depending on my mood, I might add a gloss but I just chose not to feature on in today's post just because I have been preferring the matter finish lately.

The moment of truth, the total of all of those products is £161.58 which I am not too surprised by. Obviously this is an average but because I use a range of high end and drugstore products I expected it to be around the £150 price point. I do think that it is a lot of money especially for just makeup but I use and love it all so I hope you liked this style of post and found it kind of interesting.

How much do you think your daily makeup costs?
Grace xx

Friday, 24 February 2017

Bloggers Spill Tea W/ Emsi Rose

Happy Friday everyone! Just wanted to start and say a huge thank for such a great response on the first blog post in this series, which I will link in case you have not read it yet. Today's post features the lovely Emily from Emsi Rose and once again her blog will be linked at the end of this post.

1. Describe your blog in a sentence?
As cliche as it sounds 'it's my little space on the internet' and I like to fill it with my thoughts on anything I, or my readers, want!

2. Does your blog name have any special meaning behind it?
I wouldn't say it has a 'special' meaning behind it. I've been referred to as 'Emsi' before so I followed it with 'Rose' - my middle name and Emsi Rose was born.

3. What//Who made you start blogging?
Around 2012/2013 I started watching YouTube videos and in 2014 wanted to have a go at it but felt too young so a blog seemed like the perfect way around it. I could upload pretty much any content that I would have done as a video and also remain anonymous.

4. Where do you get inspiration from to write your blog posts?
I'm just inspired by whatever is around me or whatever people want!

5. What do you do to prepare before uploading a blog post?
Usually promote it a little bit and make sure I'm happy with my photos. I definitely love taking photos.

6. What makes you want to blog consistently?
The sheer joy of uploading and seeing a response is lovely.

7. Do you like interacting with other bloggers?
I love it! I wish I did it more but definitely enjoy it when I do.

8. Have you ever followed a blog just to be nice even if you don't like it?
Probably, but I can't remember and will eventually unfollow because at the end of the day there will be people who don't like my blog and that's okay.

9. What do you love and hate most about the blogging community?
I love that everyone tries to support each other but at the same time, I hate that some people leave hate and see blogging as a competition.

10. Do you ever feel like no one remembers that you have feelings?
I'm lucky and have never felt like that!

11. Do you feel like the bigger you get, the smaller of a relationship you have with your readers?
I feel like as my blog gets bigger I get closer to my readers because there's more and, as a result, I spend more time interacting with them.

12. What opportunities have you gotten from blogging?
I've received a few emails from brands but have never followed through with them because they haven't been right for my readers or appeared as spam, so I wouldn't say I've had any concrete opportunities. However, I've had the opportunity to grow as myself and in confidence.

13. If you were to receive no views or comments on a blog post that you worked really hard on and you were super proud of it, how would you feel and what would your next step be to make sure that you don't experience it again?
I think like anyone I'd be disappointed but I don't write blog posts for the views and comments. I'd probably just promote it more!

14. What is your response to people that say blogging is easy?
I think it is compared to somethings but as a whole it's not. I just explain to them what goes into each blog post and they begin to understand. I think if you're negative about some things it's probably because you're not fully informed! It's pretty easy to make assumptions with something like blogging.

15. Have you ever came across or noticed bloggers that do it for the fame or money?
Definitely. You're always going to find someone that's doing it for a different reason to you but never to the point where they're successful with it because they don't appear genuine.

16. What do you think shows that a blogger is in it for products/ money/ fame?
When every post is asking for sponsors or is sponsored. I think a balance shows that you blog for yourself or your readers too.

17. Do you think that there is a certain time or milestone that you should reach before earning money from blogging?
Yes. I think you should have put up a few posts. I've seen bloggers working with brands after one post and I honestly don't know how they do it!

18. Is there a certain post/ colaboration (etc.) that you really regret doing?
Definitely not! However its always a shame when someone pulls out of a collaboration last minute and upsets me if I have to do the same.

19. Do you like reading sponsored content? and why?
I don't particularly look at whether a post is sponsored or not. I just read whatever interests me!

20. In your opinion, is there anything wrong with sponsored content?
There's always the concern that the views aren't totally honest but you have to trust the blogger and so there's nothing wrong with sponsored content. I'm all for fellow bloggers working with brands and being sponsored!

Can you relate to any of these answers?
Grace xx

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Natural Makeup Look!

It has been a while since I have done a natural day to day makeup look and so I thought now was the perfect time to do one. Keeping it quite simple on the base, something fresh the eyes very basic and something very simple to recreate on the eyes and finishing off with some glossy lips.

Starting with the face and keeping it very hydrated I used the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm which I have been loving lately as it gives my skin a beautiful glow which really shines through my foundation. For foundation, I am using the Rimmel Match Perfection which I love because it is medium coverage but it is so lightweight. If you are blessed with amazing skin then you obviously can skip foundation but this is just what I would do. A concealer I love for a natural look is the LA Girl Pro Concealer because it highlights my under eyes without it looking super heavy.
Then I will just set it with some loose powder as well as setting the rest of my face just to make sure everything lasts and doesn't melt off. Adding some life back into my skin with some bronzer but I am keeping it natural with a matte one. At the moment I have been liking the NYX Matte Bronzer because it blends like a dream and the colour really suits my skin. I am using the Too Faced Sweetheart Blush just all over my cheeks just to give my skin a beautiful flush of colour and a highlight too.
Once I have primed my eyes with some concealer and set it with some powder I will move onto some eye shadow. I am keeping this look insanely simple only using two eye shadows both from Makeup Geek. First shade is just going to go in the crease it is Makeup Geek Creme Brulee with is a beautiful, pale brown perfect to add definition in the crease. It is up to you on how deep you want your crease to be, whether you just want a light wash or you want to build up the colour a few times to add more depth is completely up to you. To open up the eyes I would recommend using a light champagne shade for the lid and inner corner. My favourite is Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma, it is very pigmented and brightens up the whole eye. That's it for eye shadow and just to finish it off, I am using Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara on the top and lower lashes. I love this mascara because it adds length, volume and makes them very black.
Finally for lips, I am just going to use a lip stain to enhance the colour, Benefit Benetint is my favourite because I love the colour and it lasts a long time. For that extra shine I am finishing it off with the NYX Lip Gloss in Beige. Don't be fooled by the name, because it is a beautiful pink shade, perfect for coming into spring.

What do you think of this makeup look?
Grace xx 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Tips for Motivation!

I find myself being in phases when I am inspired and motivated or I am bored and lazy, but a lot of people consider me as very productive so I think thought that I would share with you some of the things I bare in mind when making sure I am motivated and have a productive day.

Being realistic, one of my many faults, I can be a little too realistic and a little less optimistic but when wanting to be motivated you want jobs that are simple to complete to help you maintain eagar to complete them. You don't want to set a goal that is close to impossible to complete because then you wont get anything done and you will be uninspired to complete anything else

Rewards are great in general, you can just say to yourself that once you have completed a task you can watch an episode of your favourite tv programme or go downstairs and have a cup of tea in peace or just sit and listen to music for five minutes. Just something that will help you recharge to help you want to carry on. Giving yourself a reward is good but you do have to be strict on yourself, get one job done, get a reward, don't be weak with yourself. This can take practice, but it really does help.

I am one of these people that plans everything and anything, my breakfast, outfit, lip colour to the jobs I need to get done per day. This could be considered as obsessive but planning out the things you need to get done really helps see the perspective of what you need to achieve. Being realistic links with this, plan realistically so that you can get all of your jobs done in a possible time limit. This will make you feel motivated to plan out your jobs more often.

Look at the long run, from a perspective like how long you have realistically, how long it will take you and then that knowledge will help you time your jobs better. Also think about how you will feel, I always save the most boring, longest, awful pieces of homework until the end but when I think about getting them done first, I feel more relax, more motivated even. Thinking at things from a distance will help with being realistic, you will see the achievable and you can imagine how you will feel once you think about it in the long run.

Lay it all out everything, everything you need to get done. I always make to do lists of things I need to get done within that day and looking at it all and laying it all out just makes me want to do it more. Once seeing everything, you're just going to want to see everything on that list disappear until there is nothing less. There is something so satisfying about seeing all of your aims being ticked off and knowing that you have completed them all, whether it took you hours or days or maybe even weeks, it is just as rewarding.

I have no idea whether any of those points make sense or whether that are helpful, but I hope that you enjoyed anyway. What is your advice to remaining motivated?
Grace xx

Friday, 17 February 2017

Bloggers Spill Tea W/ ThriftyVintageFashion

If you missed my introduction last week then I will link it here and you can see what this new series is all about, but moving straight on, I am kicking off this blog series with one of my great blogging friends, Nicole from ThriftyVintageFashion. I don't want to make this introduction too long but I will link Nicole's blog at the end of this post. A huge thank you to Nicole for taking part in this and I hope you all enjoy and are excited to start this new series with me.

1. Describe your blog in a sentence?
My blog is an honest, place full of meaningful and informative posts about raising awareness of reducing the stigma around mental health/ illness as well as supporting/ giving advice to those battling it everyday.

2. Does your blog name have any special meaning behind it?
No it doesn't. I'm actually changing my blog name in the near future when I completely rebrand my blog later in the year.

3. What//Who made you start blogging?
I was very bored and wanted something to do. I've always been a creative person and at the time I was inspired by the fashion blogs I used to read.

4. Where do you get inspiration from to write your blog posts?
Everywhere and anyway! But mainly from the blogging community and my own personal experiences.

5. What do you do to prepare before uploading a blog post?
I tend to plan out my posts on my notes on my phone and take photos in advance before writing and uploading the post.

6. What makes you want to blog consistently?
I love helping people. I am so passionate about the topics I write about and want to do my bit to reduce the stigma and raise awareness of mental illness. I have a platform and I believe I should utilise it properly and regularly to do my bit.

7. Do you like interacting with other bloggers?
OMG yes! I've made so many amazing friends through blogging! Many of which I'm looking to forward to meeting this year.

8. Have you ever followed a blog just to be nice even if you don't like it?
No. I would definitely not do that. If I don't like someone or their blog, I don't follow them back. I don't feel obliged to follow everyone. However, I'm happy to chat with anyone who tweets or follows me.

9. What do you love and hate most about the blogging community?
I love the support and positivity that is spread on a daily basis. However, I don't like the bitchness that is sometimes present in the community. Some people love creating drama and I just haven't got time for that.

10. Do you ever feel like no one remembers that you have feelings?
No I don't think I have ever thought that. I've never had any negative experiences with the blogging community. Everyone is so kind and supportive.

11. Do you feel like the bigger you get, the smaller of a relationship you have with your readers?
No I don't. Although it's hard to keep up with everyone and reply to everyone's tweets I do my best to keep up with everything. I always reply to DM's, comments and emails from my readers. Strong relationships and friendships mean the world to me.

12. What opportunities have you gotten from blogging?
I've been able to work with some amazing brands and companies. With the help of running a blog I got the communications advisor role for OCD youth, a charity supporting young people under 25 with OCD. I was so delighted when I found out!

13. If you were to receive no views or comments on a blog post that you worked really hard on and you were super proud of it, how would you feel and what would your next step be to make sure that you don't experience it again?
I would feel gutted. It's hard to imagine not getting any views but sometimes I don't get a lot of comments on my blog posts. Although it can be disheartening. I try and not let it get to me that much.

14. What is your response to people that say blogging is easy?
I don't think I would do anything different. I think it's important to carry on writing posts that you enjoy not what you think will please your audience and get the most views.

15. Have you ever came across or noticed bloggers that do it for the fame or money?
Yes definitely! But it's only a small minority. Most people work very hard for the following they have.

16. What do you think shows that a blogger is in it for products/ money/ fame?
I think if they buy their followers, constantly do sponsored posts and don't go out of their way to interact with other bloggers in the community, then I think they may be doing it for the fame/ money.

17. Do you think that there is a certain time or milestone that you should reach before earning money from blogging?
No definitely not. I don't think there should be a milestone.

18. Is there a certain post/ colaboration (etc.) that you really regret doing?
No I don't regret any of my posts. Although my old posts are really bad and cheesy, they are part of my blogging journey and wouldn't want to delete them.

19. Do you like reading sponsored content? and why?
Yes I like reading sponsored content if it's a well written blog post. Being sponsored doesn't really matter to me as long as they are disclosing it and are into the topic/ product they are writing about.

20. In your opinion, is there anything wrong with sponsored content?
No I don't think there is anything wrong with it. As long as it's fully disclosed somewhere in the post.

Can you relate to any of these answers?
Grace xx

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Mini Superdrug Haul!

There have been a few beauty products I have had my eye on this past week so I took matters into my own hand and made a cheeky little Superdrug order. Nothing too big but I did pick up quite a few new beauty releases and some products that just caught my eye.

I am just going to get the boring stuff out of the way, I bought a new clear mascara because I needed a new brow gel. My primark one has served me well but I just wanted a new one so I picked up the Collection Clear Colour Mascara (£1.99) because it was super affordable and I am sure it is going to do a fine job a setting my brows.

Going back about a year and a half ago, I had an obsession with this eyeliner but sadly I actually went through the whole pencil and just never got round to buying it again. I love a white/ nude liner for my waterline as I think it really opens up my eyes, but my NYX jumbo eye pencil is too big and creamy for the job so I bought an old favourite. The MUA Intense Colour Eye Liner in Snow White (£1.00) does the job perfectly and it is only one pound. It's not all that interesting but I finally repurchased it.
A new release that I had to get my hands on was the new Collection Volumax Mascara and Primer (£5.99). I got an email on this release just before I made my order and I added it straight into my basket, especially because it was on introduction price. The range includes four different double ended mascaras, some with a mascara and an eyeliner but the one I got was the eyelash primer and mascara duo. I did get the waterproof version, just because I know I will use it a lot more. I am planning on doing a whole review on this, so let me know whether you would like that, because I have never tried an eyelash primer before and because this was so affordable, I would love to share my thoughts.

Another makeup release I am dying over are the new MUA 6 Shade Eye Shadow Palettes (£3.50). When I saw these, I thought that they would make the perfect travelling companion. I am happy with my shade choice because with me always being a neutrals girl I bought the most basic one called the Matte Natural Essentials but they had a few to choose from but they were all fairly neutral. Again, I think I am going to do a whole post on this, but I am super excited to play around with it more and if it is good you are going to want to know about it because they are so affordable.
The final makeup product I got was a concealer/ foundation, I say that because they call it a foundation but it is only 12ml and I would say it is a little more like a concealer, either way I wanted to try it. It is the Freedom Pro Artist HD Longwear Foundation (£3.00) and I got it in LW02. The packaging and claims remind me a lot of the LA Girl Pro Concealer but I have not tried it out yet but I will be sure to let you know. 
I have been wanting to try this product out for a long time, but I just never got around to buying it and since I found it on offer, I just went for it. The Vaseline Spray Moisturiser (£5.99) has always been a sceptical concept to me, but I wanted to give it a go because it could be a total game changer. I got it in the cocoa scent because I love that scent anyway. Like all of these products, I have not tried them yet but if this does all that it claims, I know I am going to use it a lot, especially through summer.
Final product is something I never buy myself, a body spray, usually I only get fragrances through gifts but I was in need of a new body spray for school and I found this on the Superdrug website. They are the Body Fantasies Signature Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy Body Spray (£3.99) and it smells unreal. Obviously buying online you can not smell it through the screen but I took my chances and I am so glad I did. This bottle is only 92ml which is an awkward number but it is super compact and will fit in my school bag perfectly.

Which products would you like to see a review on?
Grace xx

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Valentines Beauty Products!

Since Valentines is only a matter of days away, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite makeup products for this time of year. If you are (like me) spending Valentines alone this year then feel free to treat yourself to some of these products this year, because I know what I am going to be treating myself to!

Starting off with some makeup products, a blush I think that is totally appropriate for the day representing love, the Too Faced Sweetheart Blush. I have already reviewed this product a while back so I will link that here, but this blush is so beautiful and natural looking. It gives your skin a touch of colour while making your skin look naturally luminous.
A highlighter I think would look beautiful on Valentines is the Makeup Revolution Peach Lights Highlighter. Normally, I am not a big fan of this product because of it's unusual pink/purple undertones but I think it would look flattering with a pink or red lip. This is quite an intense highlighter, it is chunky but I think if you like a bold highlighter then you will love this.
We all know that glitter is a girl's best friend and a red glitter is the perfect way to make a statement with your Valentines makeup look. The red glitter I have is Reigning Riches Mac Glitter but it was limited edition, so I have linked another Mac alternative but I know NYX do pigments that you can easily use for a smaller price tag. Anyway, I think this would look amazing on everyone, especially if you have blue eyes, just paired with a simple nude lip. 
An eye shadow palette which I think really flatters this time of year is the MUA Paradise Eye Shadow Palette. This comes with a great range of pink shades mixed with bronzes, purples and a burgundy. One of these shades on the eyelid with some warm browns in the crease would look amazing on Valentines day. For such an affordable price, the quality is amazing also.
Onto some lip products, I tried to keep it quite predictable with reds and pinks. A tinted red lip balm is more natural but still maintaining the love spirit. My favourite is Benefit Benebalm which just gives my lips a tint of colour and a glossy finish also.
Something a little more pigmented but still perfect for someone who is not into the bright red lipstick, a lip stain. This Rimmel Lip Stain in Kiss Me is lovely, the colour is very pigmented but it is a weak shade of red and the balm on the other side can give you an extra glossy finish.
Now for someone who loves a bold lip, the MUA Paint Box in Rose Rouge is perfect for a red or pink lip lover. I love this palette because it comes with five different shades, all able to customize to create your perfect shade. All shades are extremely pigmented and it is a great little compact to keep in your bag. The colours do leave a glossy finish but you can powder them down to a more matte/ satin finish which depends on what you want.
A nail polish which I know I am going to be wearing on Valentines is a beautiful pale pink. The Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Polish in Kiss Me Quick is one of my favourite shades of all time but it is perfect for this time of year. The shade is natural, would go with almost anything and would flatter every skin tone.
Finally on a fragrance, Victoria Secret Bombshell Perfume is a classic flirtatious and sexy scent, perfect for Valentines. The scent is very feminine and sophisticated which lasts great on the skin once set with powder and I think everyone of all ages can pull off this scent.

Have you tried any of these products?
Grace xx

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A New Series: Bloggers Spill Tea!

I have had this idea of a blog series for a while and I am finally getting round to doing it. A lot of my readers are curious as to what being a blogger is like and so I wanted to do an interview

with a few of my favourite bloggers to show how different bloggers interpret different things. Also I want to show my readers a side of bloggers that they may have not seen otherwise. I also asked my readers and followers of other platforms to ask the questions to see what you genuinely want to know about what being a blogger is like

This post is going to be short and sweet but I just wanted to introduce it so you can get just as excited as me. Hopefully the series will be weekly or maybe every two weeks featuring a great range of bloggers. I don't know how well this is going to go, but I hope you are going to follow it anyway.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Grace xx

Sunday, 5 February 2017

A Treat (Or Two) To Myself...

I am one of those people that never remember to treat themselves, either because I cannot decide on what to get or I just don't feel as though I have earned it. Saying that, this year I am trying to treat myself a little more and since January is over I thought I would gift myself a little something. Since they are both makeup bits, I thought you might want a little review today.
Too Faced is a brand I admire and definitely want to try more of in the future, but a lot of their products have a steeper price tag then my usual spending limit. I have been a little bored of my lip products lately and so I wanted some new shades, so this gave me the perfect excuse to try some Too Faced lippies.
Starting with a formulation I have wanted to try since they first released it, the Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I have heard great things about this formula but I never knew what shade to go for but I just went for it and got the shade Child Star.
Swatching it, it looked like a muted nude/ pink shade which is something I thought I could pull off, and to my surprise I loved how it looked. It retails for £19 which I think is quite reasonable for something that is super luxurious, great quality ad something I know I will use a lot.
The formula impressed me most as it feels like nothing on the lips but the pigment is there, I also ate and drank with this, and it did not budge which I didn't think was possible but it is.
I also love the packaging, the clear tube and matte gold writing really makes the product look super luxurious and special.
The second lip product I got, I love just as much as the other but it is the complete opposite in terms of its formulation. When I found out that Too Faced were expanding their peach family I was beyond excited because some of you might know that the Sweet Peach Eye Shadow by Too Faced is one of my favourite palettes of all time, so I had high hopes for this range.
They brought out a Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss range which really interested me because they are an oil consistency but give a glossy look to the lip. Again, I was sort of torn on which shade to get but I went for the warm nude shade, which we all know I love.
It is called Papa Don't Peach and it is a very Grace shade which I know I am going to wear a bunch all year round. This retails for £16 which I think is a good price for something I know I am going to get my moneys worth out of. I love this formulation because it is so smooth and moisturizing on the lips but it gives your lips some colour as well as a lovely shine. It is also not sticky in the slightest and it lasts a fair amount of time since it doesn't claim to be long lasting. 
The packaging isn't as luxurious looking or as fancy as the Melted Matte but I like how sleek it looks and how you can see the shade quite easily through the clear tube. I also love the little peach that they put on the top of the lid, I think it is super cute.
Top - Too Faced Melted Matte in Child Star
Bottom - Too Faced Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss in Papa Don't Peach

Would you try either of these?
Grace xx

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

January Favourites 2017!

I would be lying if I said that 2017 got off to the best start but it can only get better. This past week, I have been very ill and I have just been trying to gain my motivation again so I'm going to make February a fresh start for my blog, starting with a favourites post.

Starting with makeup, I struggled to cut it down to a handful of products but I am very happy with my choices. The LA Girl Pro Powder has been a new discovery of mine, I love it for setting my under eyes. I don't bake with this because a lot of it does leave a white cast but a small amount just prevents my under eyes from creasing as well as making them look airbrushed and smooth. This can get drying, especially if I use it all of the time, but when I am doing a full face, this powder is perfect.
Onto a makeup brush that I cannot get enough of, the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Contour Brush. This brush is beautiful for blending foundation, it takes a little longer than an average buffing brush but the finish it gives is beautiful and flawless. I love duo fibre brushes for all kinds of products but I now love it for foundation. Unlike my other buffing brushes, this brush doesn't absorb as much product which I love. Sadly, you can only get this in a set but I think that it is totally worth it so if you are looking for a new foundation brush, definitely look into this one. 
Another makeup brush but this time it is from a brand that I am still trying out. Morphe is a brand I definitely want to try more from as what I have tried so far, I love. I have been on the hunt for some essential eye shadow brushes and at the moment the Morphe MB23 Brush is amazing. It works best in the crease when blending that initial transition shade and using it for further blending. This distributes the colour so well and it is just my perfect crease brush. Since they are so affordable, it can be a little scratchy on the eyes but I find that it is not as bad as some other brushes I have tried.
I was debating to include this product or not just because I don't think that it is very easy to get hold of, but I have been loving it a lot this month. It is the G Spot Cosmetics Lip Liner in Enlightened, I bought this at the Clothes Show last year but I am sure some retailers might sell it. Lip liners are something I use all the time but I wanted to try out some new formulations and thats why I bought this. It is a lovely dark nude shade which goes with all of my lipsticks, it is very creamy but it doesn't bleed which is a bonus. I find this applies so easily and it really helps my lipstick last longer.

More face and body products now, a shower gel and scent in general I have been loving is the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash. I have so many of these from gift sets just sitting in my drawers so I thought that it was about time I use it. Even though it smells unbelievable, the formula is really nice too. I use a few pumps and with water, it lathers up really well and the scent really does last on the skin. The scent is very fresh and citrus which I love but I know it is not to everyone's taste. I feel like this scent is really good for transitioning into the warmer months as it is so refreshing. 

At the moment I have been so super lazy with my skincare but The Body Shop Oils Of Life Range is a new addition to my skincare routine, especially the Sleeping cream and Revitalizing Facial Oil. Both of these products have really helped to hydrate my skin and give it a beautiful glow from within which is something I have really been liking. The facial oil feels so lovely on the skin and I can really tell a difference when I use it. Similar thing with the night cream, it is so thin and lightweight on the skin when I apply it, but it still hydrates my skin. Sadly this range is a little more on the expensive side but if you get the chance, I would definitely gives these products a go.
This has been my current favourite perfume to wear at the moment, it's the Calvin Klein In 2 U Her Perfume. I really like it because it is a little different to every other scent I own and it is still on the sweet and mature side. I have never really been a huge perfume girl but I am trying to step out of my comfort zone so this is great. The scent is very light but sweet and feminine. I find that this lasts a long time as well once I have sprayed it in the morning. Calvin Klein isn't a brand I go to when it comes to scents but I will have to see whether there are any other scents I like the look of. 

A fashion piece I have been loving lately are Chokers, I find that they look great with everything and they really add an edginess to an outfit. At the moment I have loved pairing it with a shirt or a v-neck t-shirt and some jeans. I am still figuring out my style, but I have really been loving a more casual but edgy look and chokers really suit that. The one in the picture is from Next but I have a few that I wear depending on what it is with. 
Finally for a TV Show and music from the same show, Glee. A group of girls in my school have raved and raved about this show and since I would consider myself a TV Show queen, I had to see what the fuss was about and I think it could be my favourite TV programme. This is probably the most realistic TV Show I have watched but there are elements that are cringe worthy but I don't know a show that doesn't make me cringe. What I love most about Glee is that, it is the only TV Show I have watched that covers the most problems that both teenagers and adults go through. They cover everything from OCD to depression to gender confusion to sexuality to bullying to relationships to domestic violence and I think they do it in a very considerate and sensitive way. For someone who has never watched it or heard of it, it is about a group of teenagers all from different society circles who sing in a Glee club. There are 6 seasons so it is long but every episode is well written and performed. The reason I love the music as well, is because they do all kinds of music from musicals to Uk top 40 to old classic. On my Spotify, I now have several Glee playlists, all with incredible covers. If you watch Glee, please let me know and let me know who your favourite character is, mine is Blaine!

What have you loved this month?
Grace xx