Sunday, 5 February 2017

A Treat (Or Two) To Myself...

I am one of those people that never remember to treat themselves, either because I cannot decide on what to get or I just don't feel as though I have earned it. Saying that, this year I am trying to treat myself a little more and since January is over I thought I would gift myself a little something. Since they are both makeup bits, I thought you might want a little review today.
Too Faced is a brand I admire and definitely want to try more of in the future, but a lot of their products have a steeper price tag then my usual spending limit. I have been a little bored of my lip products lately and so I wanted some new shades, so this gave me the perfect excuse to try some Too Faced lippies.
Starting with a formulation I have wanted to try since they first released it, the Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I have heard great things about this formula but I never knew what shade to go for but I just went for it and got the shade Child Star.
Swatching it, it looked like a muted nude/ pink shade which is something I thought I could pull off, and to my surprise I loved how it looked. It retails for £19 which I think is quite reasonable for something that is super luxurious, great quality ad something I know I will use a lot.
The formula impressed me most as it feels like nothing on the lips but the pigment is there, I also ate and drank with this, and it did not budge which I didn't think was possible but it is.
I also love the packaging, the clear tube and matte gold writing really makes the product look super luxurious and special.
The second lip product I got, I love just as much as the other but it is the complete opposite in terms of its formulation. When I found out that Too Faced were expanding their peach family I was beyond excited because some of you might know that the Sweet Peach Eye Shadow by Too Faced is one of my favourite palettes of all time, so I had high hopes for this range.
They brought out a Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss range which really interested me because they are an oil consistency but give a glossy look to the lip. Again, I was sort of torn on which shade to get but I went for the warm nude shade, which we all know I love.
It is called Papa Don't Peach and it is a very Grace shade which I know I am going to wear a bunch all year round. This retails for £16 which I think is a good price for something I know I am going to get my moneys worth out of. I love this formulation because it is so smooth and moisturizing on the lips but it gives your lips some colour as well as a lovely shine. It is also not sticky in the slightest and it lasts a fair amount of time since it doesn't claim to be long lasting. 
The packaging isn't as luxurious looking or as fancy as the Melted Matte but I like how sleek it looks and how you can see the shade quite easily through the clear tube. I also love the little peach that they put on the top of the lid, I think it is super cute.
Top - Too Faced Melted Matte in Child Star
Bottom - Too Faced Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss in Papa Don't Peach

Would you try either of these?
Grace xx


  1. I really want to try some of the Melted Matte, the formula sounds wonderful; especially if it lasted through eating and drinking! I quite like the packaging for the lip oils, as I think it looks really cute! x

  2. Child Star is so pretty, I love nudes like that! Packaging is adorable as well x

    Beauty From Katie

  3. "I'm going to try and not buy makeup this year"

  4. Lovely picks! It's always good to spoil yourself once in a while. I love the look of Papa Don't Peach. So pretty!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  5. These look so gorgeous! I think I probably treat myself a bit too much but rarely to high end makeup, don't encourage me! xo

  6. Hey, this was really good.. You are very talented and your style of writing is really enticing. Don’t give up!! Maybe you could head over to my blog and see what you think?

  7. I have the Melted Matte and it is amazing! xx

  8. the melted liquid lipsticks sound amazing and I've wanted to try them for soo long! I've heard amazing things about the sweet peach collection. both of these look and sound so good! xx