Friday, 17 February 2017

Bloggers Spill Tea W/ ThriftyVintageFashion

If you missed my introduction last week then I will link it here and you can see what this new series is all about, but moving straight on, I am kicking off this blog series with one of my great blogging friends, Nicole from ThriftyVintageFashion. I don't want to make this introduction too long but I will link Nicole's blog at the end of this post. A huge thank you to Nicole for taking part in this and I hope you all enjoy and are excited to start this new series with me.

1. Describe your blog in a sentence?
My blog is an honest, place full of meaningful and informative posts about raising awareness of reducing the stigma around mental health/ illness as well as supporting/ giving advice to those battling it everyday.

2. Does your blog name have any special meaning behind it?
No it doesn't. I'm actually changing my blog name in the near future when I completely rebrand my blog later in the year.

3. What//Who made you start blogging?
I was very bored and wanted something to do. I've always been a creative person and at the time I was inspired by the fashion blogs I used to read.

4. Where do you get inspiration from to write your blog posts?
Everywhere and anyway! But mainly from the blogging community and my own personal experiences.

5. What do you do to prepare before uploading a blog post?
I tend to plan out my posts on my notes on my phone and take photos in advance before writing and uploading the post.

6. What makes you want to blog consistently?
I love helping people. I am so passionate about the topics I write about and want to do my bit to reduce the stigma and raise awareness of mental illness. I have a platform and I believe I should utilise it properly and regularly to do my bit.

7. Do you like interacting with other bloggers?
OMG yes! I've made so many amazing friends through blogging! Many of which I'm looking to forward to meeting this year.

8. Have you ever followed a blog just to be nice even if you don't like it?
No. I would definitely not do that. If I don't like someone or their blog, I don't follow them back. I don't feel obliged to follow everyone. However, I'm happy to chat with anyone who tweets or follows me.

9. What do you love and hate most about the blogging community?
I love the support and positivity that is spread on a daily basis. However, I don't like the bitchness that is sometimes present in the community. Some people love creating drama and I just haven't got time for that.

10. Do you ever feel like no one remembers that you have feelings?
No I don't think I have ever thought that. I've never had any negative experiences with the blogging community. Everyone is so kind and supportive.

11. Do you feel like the bigger you get, the smaller of a relationship you have with your readers?
No I don't. Although it's hard to keep up with everyone and reply to everyone's tweets I do my best to keep up with everything. I always reply to DM's, comments and emails from my readers. Strong relationships and friendships mean the world to me.

12. What opportunities have you gotten from blogging?
I've been able to work with some amazing brands and companies. With the help of running a blog I got the communications advisor role for OCD youth, a charity supporting young people under 25 with OCD. I was so delighted when I found out!

13. If you were to receive no views or comments on a blog post that you worked really hard on and you were super proud of it, how would you feel and what would your next step be to make sure that you don't experience it again?
I would feel gutted. It's hard to imagine not getting any views but sometimes I don't get a lot of comments on my blog posts. Although it can be disheartening. I try and not let it get to me that much.

14. What is your response to people that say blogging is easy?
I don't think I would do anything different. I think it's important to carry on writing posts that you enjoy not what you think will please your audience and get the most views.

15. Have you ever came across or noticed bloggers that do it for the fame or money?
Yes definitely! But it's only a small minority. Most people work very hard for the following they have.

16. What do you think shows that a blogger is in it for products/ money/ fame?
I think if they buy their followers, constantly do sponsored posts and don't go out of their way to interact with other bloggers in the community, then I think they may be doing it for the fame/ money.

17. Do you think that there is a certain time or milestone that you should reach before earning money from blogging?
No definitely not. I don't think there should be a milestone.

18. Is there a certain post/ colaboration (etc.) that you really regret doing?
No I don't regret any of my posts. Although my old posts are really bad and cheesy, they are part of my blogging journey and wouldn't want to delete them.

19. Do you like reading sponsored content? and why?
Yes I like reading sponsored content if it's a well written blog post. Being sponsored doesn't really matter to me as long as they are disclosing it and are into the topic/ product they are writing about.

20. In your opinion, is there anything wrong with sponsored content?
No I don't think there is anything wrong with it. As long as it's fully disclosed somewhere in the post.

Can you relate to any of these answers?
Grace xx

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  1. This was such a good blog post! I love reading posts like this I think it's nice to hear other bloggers opinions X

  2. This was so interesting! It is so refreshing to read what people think about sponsored topic because it feels like such a no go area to talk about with bloggers xx

  3. loved reading this, i can definitely relate to most of these! xx