Sunday, 19 February 2017

Tips for Motivation!

I find myself being in phases when I am inspired and motivated or I am bored and lazy, but a lot of people consider me as very productive so I think thought that I would share with you some of the things I bare in mind when making sure I am motivated and have a productive day.

Being realistic, one of my many faults, I can be a little too realistic and a little less optimistic but when wanting to be motivated you want jobs that are simple to complete to help you maintain eagar to complete them. You don't want to set a goal that is close to impossible to complete because then you wont get anything done and you will be uninspired to complete anything else

Rewards are great in general, you can just say to yourself that once you have completed a task you can watch an episode of your favourite tv programme or go downstairs and have a cup of tea in peace or just sit and listen to music for five minutes. Just something that will help you recharge to help you want to carry on. Giving yourself a reward is good but you do have to be strict on yourself, get one job done, get a reward, don't be weak with yourself. This can take practice, but it really does help.

I am one of these people that plans everything and anything, my breakfast, outfit, lip colour to the jobs I need to get done per day. This could be considered as obsessive but planning out the things you need to get done really helps see the perspective of what you need to achieve. Being realistic links with this, plan realistically so that you can get all of your jobs done in a possible time limit. This will make you feel motivated to plan out your jobs more often.

Look at the long run, from a perspective like how long you have realistically, how long it will take you and then that knowledge will help you time your jobs better. Also think about how you will feel, I always save the most boring, longest, awful pieces of homework until the end but when I think about getting them done first, I feel more relax, more motivated even. Thinking at things from a distance will help with being realistic, you will see the achievable and you can imagine how you will feel once you think about it in the long run.

Lay it all out everything, everything you need to get done. I always make to do lists of things I need to get done within that day and looking at it all and laying it all out just makes me want to do it more. Once seeing everything, you're just going to want to see everything on that list disappear until there is nothing less. There is something so satisfying about seeing all of your aims being ticked off and knowing that you have completed them all, whether it took you hours or days or maybe even weeks, it is just as rewarding.

I have no idea whether any of those points make sense or whether that are helpful, but I hope that you enjoyed anyway. What is your advice to remaining motivated?
Grace xx


  1. This was so helpful as I've been feeling so demotivated recently! Thanks for sharing!

    Check out my recent?

    Alice x

  2. All of your advice is so helpful! I am going to try and start rewarding myself more to give me more motivation to do my homework as I always procrastinate xx

  3. I really need these tips! I don't plan anything and I just procrastinate my way through life.

  4. i really like all these tips! once again great post. xx