Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Collection Primer and Mascara Review!

A new beauty release I am dying to share with you today is a new mascara on the market. As well as it being a mascara is also comes with a lash primer which makes it sound like the ideal pair, especially since it is less than £10. Let's see if it is really is any good.
A little about the product, it retails for £5.99 and you get a primer and mascara in one. Collection Says, "Double ended Mascara and Primer in one. The benefits include contains Hydrolysed Wheat Protein to moisturise and condition lashes. Highly pigmented, lasting colour. Smudge-proof." 
I actually really love the packaging of this, it is quite long but thin. It also has a nice weight to it, so it may not be that travel friendly but it is quite luxurious for something from the high street. 
Like I said before, this retails for £5.99 but Collection constantly have offers on so I am sure you can pick it up for cheaper if you kept a look out. For a double ended product, I think it is a bargain.
This two in one primer and mascara is part of the Collection Volumax range consisting of 5 different double ended products, some mascara and primers and some mascaras and eyeliners so there is something for everyone.
The primer is something I am not use to as this is the first lash primer I have tried but it has a plastic applicator with very short and multiple bristles. I think the brush makes it apply the product evenly and gets every lash while not making a mess.
The formula is a very prominent white colour which is tricky to work with as you have to make sure you leave no white when going over it with the mascara. In texture, it is quite thick and it almost looks chunky when it is on the lashes but whatever it does, it does it well.
I know a lot of people miss out lash primer in their daily makeup routine but I found that this primer does affect the way my lashes look. The mascara is alright on its own but with the primer the volume and length doubles so I do think that this is not a pointless product at all.
From looking at the photo above, you can see it is pretty basic, a fibre wand with thick bristles, slowly getting thinner at the end. A wand like this is something I tend to like because it might be simple but it does grab every lash and is just very practical.
The formula is very pigmented actually, which I was very surprised by. Most affordable mascaras are not super black but this one is which I love. I haven't noticed the formula to be overly wet or smudgy, but I expected that since it is waterproof.
I find that this wand adds length more than anything, a bit of volume but a lot of length which is great for me because I love a mascara that can exaggerate my eyelashes.
Yes it is waterproof I can confidentially say! You do have to wait for it to fully set (around 5 minutes) but once dry it is bulletproof. This might sound like a good thing but it does not budge and it is a job and a half to remove. Removing it does not bother me too much though and it won't bother you if you use a good cleanser.
Like I said before, I much prefer using this mascara with the primer as the primer just makes it ten times better. I probably wouldn't use the mascara on its own again but as a duo they really complement each other.
(excuse the really up close photo but this is me the the primer and mascara on)

I probably would repurchase this eyelash duo because it is good and so affordable. It is definitely one of the best from the lower end of the drugstore.
This mascara and primer would be good for anyone and I would recommend it. I do probably think that there are better eyelash primers and mascaras out there but if you need something budget proof, then I would recommend this.

Would you try this mascara?
Grace xx


  1. What a great review! I'm not a massive fan of eyelash primers.. I just think personally, with most eyelash primers, it's an unnecessary step in my make up routine! But for such a small price it would seem silly not to try!

    1. I know what you mean, but I did notice the primer held the curl of my eyelashes for a lot longer then usual!xx

  2. I love eyelash primers! I need to give this a go!
    Jen, Velvet Spring. xo

  3. I really want to get back to using an eyelash primer, it makes such a huge difference! This little duo sounds really good and so affordable as well, I will definitely check it out! Lovely review :)

  4. The thing I'm thinking though is, can I be bothered with using the lash primer and the mascara when there are mascaras out there that look the same without the primer? All the doubts XD
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I understand, I thought that and a lash primer isn't something I think you need in your collection but it is fun to try!xx

  5. I've never tried an eyelash primer, but maybe I need to! this looks handy having a mascara and primer in one tube! great post x

    1. Thank you, I love how compact it is!xx

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    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment!xx