Sunday, 19 March 2017

MUA Matte Eye Shadow Palette Review!

A new makeup release I have been trying out for the last couple weeks and I am now ready to share with you my final thoughts. MUA have always safe makeup brand for me, especially their lip products and once I saw they released some new pieces, I had to give something a go. I saw these palettes and was gob smacked by their price so I am going to review its formulation and whether it is a good bargain. 

The product I am talking about today are the new MUA Professional 6 Shade Eye Shadow Palettes. This range consists of six different palettes, two all matte palettes and the other four all shimmery. I did only buy one palette which was all matte so I cannot speak for the shimmery shades, but I have a good idea on the matte shades and how well they work.
A bit about the product, you can buy it off TAM beauty or Superdrug, both sites charging £3.50 per palette. MUA say, "6 delectable, soft and silky matte eye shadows compiled to complement each other for multi-tonal finishes or for sole wear. Each shade is highly pigmented and easily blendable for a captivating look." I feel like MUA are claiming the basics of what make a great eye shadow formula and you cannot complain about its tiny price tag.
I actually love the packaging of this, it feels and looks super expensive quality. It must have been made very well because the close on it is very secure and the whole palette is very sturdy. The packaging is very basic with a basic clear lid, which is good so you can see the colours inside with just the brand logo in white at the bottom. The back just has the shade of palette, ingredients and the typical stuff you see on the back of a palette.
The palette is also very small and compact so perfect for travelling. I do think a mirror would have been good but I do like how you can see all of the shades through the front.
I am very impressed with the shade range in this palette, they have included all of the essential shades to start off any eye shadow look. I got the mos simple of palettes, the Natural Matte Essentials which sounded right up my street since neutral eyes tend to be what I wear on the regular. The shades don't have names but you get...
- A matte, ivory/white shade (I love for highlighting)
- A matte, pale, yellow shade (perfect for starting off the crease)
- A matte, pale, pink shade (good for setting primer in place)
- A matte, neutral, light brown (great for the crease)
- A matte, mid brown (good for working up the outer corner and crease)
- A matte black (good for upper lash line)
Looking at the palette you might think that a lot of the shades look similar but they all have a different purpose. I think they have selected a great range from light to dark while them all maintaining a neutral undertone. With shades like this you can create the foundation of any eye look which I think is something a lot of palettes miss out these days, a good set of matte shades for the crease.

Obviously the shades may be great but it would not be great if the formula was not as good. This palette is crazy affordable and so I did not have huge expectations for the formula but it is nice. Not going to lie, there was nothing mind blowing about the blendability of pigmentation but it was nice to apply. The pigmentation was nothing out of this world, but it did give off a nice amount of colour and they blended very nicely. They do not compare to something like Makeup Geek or Too Faced eye shadows but they are just nice to apply. The consistency of the formula was very even, each one had a similar texture and amount of pigmented which is good because it means you have to work the same amount for each shade. I was impressed with the eye shadow's pigment, especially the black because it is hard to find a nice matte black but this one was very good. They are quite powdery and they can sometimes need building up but they are the only things I have found to be a little more difficult when taking about the formula.
I never wear eye shadow without a primer so I am not sure on how these shadows perform on their own but with a primer they last nicely, with not smudging or fallout.
(As you can see the pigmentation is very good for a palette so affordable)
I don't think I would use this palette on it's own just because I do love a more shimmery shade on the inner corner or eyelid but if I would still reach for this palette if I needed a few matte shades for the crease. Recently, I have found myself reaching for this palette, mainly to use the matte black just because it is one of the best I have found on a budget. This palette is appropriate for all year round just because it is so simple in it's colour range. Whether it's for day or night though, I think you can use this palette for almost anything.
I have got my eye on a few other palettes in this collection, maybe I will do a shimmer version review (if you would like to see that) because I think two palettes a matte one, and a shimmery one will make a perfect palette duo. I do like these palettes though and so I would love to try out more of there shades.
Beginners I think, would love this palette, it is a great palette for starting out with eye shadow. It gives you the basics and it is a great foundation to begin from. If you have quite a lot of eye shadow then you probably won't need this just because you probably have plenty of palettes with shades like these but no one is stopping you. Saying that, if you need a palette with all of the essential matte shades all in one place, then this is the one for you.

Are you liking these reviews? What should I review next?
Grace xx


  1. I've not tried MUA before, but this looks like such a pretty little palette and maybe even a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Basics! Great review xx

    1. I didn't even think of that dupe, this would be amazing for that!xx

  2. Great pigmentation and price, this palette is definitely a winner!! I haven't tried anything from MUA before,I will have to explore this brand more :)


    1. You definitely should, you can find gems like this!xx

  3. That black is so intense! This looks like a perfect everyday palette x

    Beauty From Katie

    1. It is, the black is my favourite shade actually!xx

  4. I've not seen these palettes before but this is gorgeous and I love a good matte palette! X


    1. This is amazing especially since it is from the drugstore!xx

  5. The pigmentation looks so good and this is definitely my type of shade range! Looks v similar to UD Naked Basics which I love! Xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. It does look similar, definitely a great formula but I have not tried UD shadows myself!xx

  6. I've never tried an eyeshadow palette by MUA, but I do have some of their pearl single eyeshadows and love them. this palette looks really good and the pigmentation looks really nice for £3.50! theres a nice range of shades. lovely post x