Sunday, 26 March 2017

Spring Lip Picks! Including Mac, Barry M, L'Oreal and More

With spring right around the corner, I thought that I would share ten lip products perfect for the season. Sadly some of the products I have mentioned can only be bought in sets so I am sorry for that but I hope you like the products I have featured.

I feel like it has been a while since I have mentioned some classic Mac lipsticks in a blog post but a lot of the shades I own are perfect for spring. I have chosen three out of my collection that I think are perfect for the warmer months. Matte lips are not something I am crazy about but Kinda Sexy by Mac is beautiful. I love to top it off with a gloss to get rid of that dry feeling but it is a beautiful peachy nude.
The other two I have to mention are creamesheen finishes which are lovely because they give a slight glossy look to the lip while being very moisturizing. Shanghai Spice is definitely my favourite out of the two. It is basically the glossy version of Kinda Sexy, just another warm nude shade. It also has a bit of gold shimmer in, which you can't pick up on the lips but it just makes it that little more reflective.
Finally Creme Cup is a lovely pale pink, not something I can pull off on its own but beautiful in the centre of the lips to create an ombre effect. I find that its blue undertone makes the colour pop a little more but with it being very pale you have to be careful that it doesn't wash you out. 
This is another matte lip product but I find this one super comfortable to wear which is amazing. It is by Barry M and I got a little confused with the shade name and number so if you are going to get this, it is the coral/ orange shade. This is so pigmented and the shade screams spring and summer, it also looks amazing with a tan. I also love that is a crayon as it makes it super great for on the go and quick application, definitely a favourite.
Another coral/ orange shade but this one is more on the coral side unlike the Barry M one which is more of an orange. Anyway this is Freedom Juicy Lips Lipstick which is a pretty standard lipstick, it has good pigment and a satin finish. The colour is bright but wearable and it would match every skin tone. I tend to wear this with a gold eye as I find the colours really complement each other.
A gloss, but one with a very deceiving name. It is by NYX and it is their Beige Lip Gloss which is not a very good name as it is definitely not beige, it is more like a neutral pink. I love this shade though because I think it is very unique. It is a natural pink while being colour and it looks beautiful on. On the lips, it gives a slight wash of colour while making your lips look super glossy. The scent is also super sweet and delicious.
This has been my go-to lip for the past month, so I just had to mention it. It is the Too Faced Melted Matte in Child Star and it is the perfect pale nude. It is not too pink and not too orange, it suits every skin tone and I just love it. I do like this with a gloss just to take away the dryness of the matte finish but it is just so beautiful. This is a colour you could wear all year round but I thought I would sneak it in anyway.
The gloss I tend to wear over my matte lips is this one, it is from L'Oreal's lip gloss range and it is the one with a Dazzle finish called Sparkle Shower. It is just a clear gloss, but you might be able to tell from the picture above but it actually has a pink reflect to it. On the lips, it gives almost a wet effect which I love because it just makes your lips look super plump, perfect for spring.
Some more lip glosses, but I love these because they look great on their own or on top of a lipstick. They are by Stila and they are the Lip Glazes, I have a few shades but I have pick Raspberry and Papaya Pizazz for this post, because I think they are the most spring appropriate. Raspberry is a beautiful, bright pink which I think would look great on it's own with just minimal makeup, a bit of concealer, bronzer and mascara maybe. It is definitely an essential colour for spring.
Papaya Pizazz is a light, peach shade, which is almost clear but contains lots of shimmer which just gives this most beautiful effect to the lips. The glitter does not look chunky but you can see the sheen it gives, it is so unusual but it looks so amazing on.
If you liked any of the products I have mentioned, they have been linked here:
Swatches Left to Right
Stila Lip Glaze in Raspberry

Which one do you like the look of most?
Grace xx


  1. You have such a gorgeous collection! I love the look of the Too Faced Melted Matte in Child Star, it looks like such a gorgeous shade!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

  2. You have such a lovely range of pinks! The Mac lipstick Mehr is gorgeous - it's a dark pink shade if you have any more space in your collection for another pink shade!

  3. I love your swatch pictures! And the mac lipstick shades look beautiful <3

    Morgan //

  4. I really love the color of Child Star! Great picks x

    Beauty From Katie

  5. So many gorgeous picks here! Kinda sexy definitely looks like my kind of shade, might have to add it to my collection! X


    1. You must, definitely my favourite Mac lipstick I own!xx

  6. Shanghai Spice by MAC looks gorgeous!I've never seen it in person before but I'm already in love x

  7. Some gorgeous shades here - I love Creme Cup, I think i need to get some more of the cremesheen lippies!xx

    Lucy x |

    1. A lot of people do not like the formula of cremesheens, but I think they are lovely!xx