Sunday, 5 March 2017

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette Review and Swatches!

Today I am doing a blog post I feel like I should've done a long time ago but now that it is back on the market, I thought that I would share my ultimate opinion on the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette.

Review are something I want to start doing more on my blog so let me know whether you like this style of post.

Too Faced created this palette back in summer of 2016 and I knew immediately that I wanted it. Luckily enough my mum managed to get her hands on it for my birthday but it sold out within days of release. After a huge breakthrough they decided to bring the palette back with the addition of a few other products so now this palette is a little easier to get hands on so I am going to share my thoughts on it. 
Too Faced say, "Be sweet as a peach with these fresh-picked shades infused with the juicy scent and antioxidant-rich essence of peach. Create endless looks with 18 shades of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes, and pops of purples that will have you looking summer fresh-fresh year-round" Other details you may be interested in, retail price is £39 on the Too Faced website and you get 18 eye shadows, all 0.95g each. 
The packaging is something I both love and hate. I love the ombre lid and the quirky element of the little peach icon and the fact that they included a huge mirror. The tin packaging though is something I love the look and feel of but I just don't find it overly practical. It makes the packaging quite weighty and the magnet keeping the palette closed can be a little weak. I actually made the mistake of opening my palette a little too far and almost taking the whole lid of but it is fine, the palette just doesn't close fully so just be warned that if you are daft like me, you might break this. I also think it isn't the most practical for travelling so it isn't one I would take away with me.

Talking about the formula first, Too Faced eye shadows are some of my favourite. They are both pigmented while blendable and luxurious. Obviously for the price you pay, you expect them to be good and they do exceed in their formula. Both the shimmer shades and matte shades are great. The shimmer shades are more pigmented than the mattes, which is what you expect but you do get a little fallout when using them. This doesn't really both me because the intensity is super metallic and amazing but I know that it can throw a few people off. The matte shades are some of the best I have even used. Very even to apply, which I actually find quite difficult to get with matte shades and they are very pigmented, even the lighter shades. You don't get any kick-back with these and they blend so beautifully and effortlessly. I would compare the shadows to Makeup Geeks as they are very buttery and soft to the touch so if you like Makeup Geek shadows, you would love these.

Obviously with it being a peach themed palette, the colours are very warm and pink but I do appreciate their great range of shades. You have your essentials shades like a white and a black as well as a few transition shades ranging from light to dark but they also manage to add in purples, oranges, browns and even a green. Sadly this palette does only come with six matte shades so I do wish a couple more were matte but their choices of which are matte and which are shimmery were very sensible. 

I never wear eye shadow without a primer so I cannot really say how well the shadows last on their own, but they last amazingly with a primer. When using my primer, I will apply a generous amount, blend it, set it and then go in with this eye shadow palette. This works well for me, the shadows work well on top and it doesn't encourage creasing. Doing my makeup like this guarantees my eye shadow to last up to 15 hours which I think is a more then perfect lasting time.
Swatches: Left to right
White Peach - This is a matte white shade, very even and pigmented. Perfect for setting the primer or for highlighting the inner corner and the brow bone.
Lucious - One of my favourite shades, a beautiful, shimmery, light bronze shade, perfect for the lid to really open the eyes. Very versatile, will go with lots of crease shades and super metallic but can be softened.
Just Peachy - A bright bubblegum pink with gold reflects, a dampened brush will intensify the pigment but it is still impressive without. Looks amazing on blue/green eyes, I tend to use it on the centre of the lid.
Bless Her Heart - This is a rusty, olive green with a shimmery finish, very beautiful. Personally not a colour I would use daily but it looks amazing on the outer-v and lid. 
Tempting - A must have shade I feel like everyone should have, a black. I would prefer it matte but this one has got quite a lot of shimmer in it so this would make a great smokey eye shade.
Charmed I'm Sure - This is an ashy, dark brown shade which is matte so it is great for the crease. I can also use this as a brow powder because it is a perfect colour and I also love how it is more on the cool side which counteracts the warmer shades within the palette.
Swatches: Left to right
Nectar - A very pale, shimmery yellow shade that I love for the inner corner. It is super pigmented and is one of my most loved shades within this palette.
Cobbler - This is a shimmery, middle taupe shade on the warmer side. It is not super shimmery which I like, it has a more satin finish so it is not as intense so it makes a really nice everyday eyelid shade. 
Candied Peach - The ultimate peach shade for a peach palette. Looking at it in the pan, it has some glitter in it but once it is on the eyes, it looks almost matte which I like. I love how bright it is and it is definitely one that makes my green eyes pop.
Bellini - Another pink shade but this one is a little darker and more like a metallic rose gold shade. This is so crazy pigmented and I love this for the lid when I am doing an intense eye makeup look.
Peach Pit - This is a dark, blackened purple with a very shimmery finish. Since it is so dark, it's not something I would wear daily but when I want something really dramatic, this shade is great for the outer corner.
Detectable - Another purple shade, but this one is a little light than peach pit and it has more of a bright plum tone to it, but again it is quite shimmery and quite intense. 
Swatches: Left to right
Peaches And Cream - A classic shade I think is essential, a matte, light cream colour which I love to begin the crease with. I find myself using this shade daily just to start adding depth in the crease and I think that it is a shade a lot of palettes miss out.
Georgia - I have no idea why, but this shade did not swatch very well so I apologize. Anyway this is a matte, light pink shade, similar is peaches and cream but just more pink. Again, I like this to start off the crease but I do prefer peaches and cream. 
Caramelized - This is very similar to Cobbler but it is more shimmery and has more of a gold reflect to it but I use them both and I think they are just as good as each other.
Puree - Definitely one of my favourite shades, a matte, warm brown shade which is just essential for the crease. I love how even and blendable this is but because it is so pigmented I can sometimes over apply.
Summer Yum -  Another matte brown shade but has a more red tone to it. This again, I love for the crease and it is another shade I use on a regular basis.
Talk Derby To Me - A final purple shade but this one is quite dark and it has almost a blue undertone to it, which I think is super unique.
Personally I would not class this palette as a seasonal one just because I find myself wearing these warm brown shades all year round and with the purples you can easily make this palette autumn appropriate. I also think you can get a really intense, dramatic makeup look out of this but you can also create a super basic, day-to-day look with this so it is super versatile.

Yes I do recommend this palette! I think the eye shadow formulation is incredible and totally worth the money. Saying that, Too faced offer a few palettes in this style, so depending on what shades you wear will depend on what palette you prefer, so I would say explore your options. Obviously if you love warm eye shadow shades with purples and pinks then this is definitely the one for you, but they do more cooler palettes so maybe look into them before making a purchase. I think both beginners and experts can use this palette as it is super easy to use, apply and blend but since it is on a bigger budget make sure that you are going to get your moneys worth.

What are your thoughts on this palette?
Grace xx


  1. I would love to get my hands on this palette - it looks so gorgeous! xo

  2. These colors look gorgeous! I love Too Faced shadows but I really don't like peach scents, so I think I'll pass on this one.

    Beauty From Katie