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Bloggers Spill Tea W/ Blossom of Hope

It's true what they say, that all good things must come to an end and so today is the day that Blogger Spill Tea ends. Maybe I will bring it back in years to come but I hope you have enjoyed this little serious. I just want to thank everyone for the support on this series, it has been so overwhelming. To finish off the series, Laura from Blossom of Hope is going to be answering the questions. As always, links will be at the end.

1. Describe your blog in a sentence?
A place where I can share everything I love and all my thoughts

2. Does your blog name have any special meaning behind it?
I like to think that my bog will give people hope, hence the name blossom of hope.

3. What//Who made you start blogging?
A collection of people, but mainly Louise Pentland (Sprinkle of glitter) and Emsirose

4. Where do you get inspiration from to write your blog posts?
Everything around me, whether that is other bloggers or quotes I see online

5. What do you do to prepare before uploading a blog post?
I usually make sure I have my Instagram pictures ready and tweets scheduled

6. What makes you want to blog consistently?
I enjoy it! I come up with loads of ideas and then by posting regularly it makes sure I get them all up. It also gives me deadlines and makes me organised. 

7. Do you like interacting with other bloggers?
Yes! I love talking to other bloggers and social media and receiving their feedback. I don't know any other bloggers in person so it nice to talk to them online and talk to people who do the same thing as you. 

8. Have you ever followed a blog just to be nice even if you don't like it?
If I am part of a blogging group, I will follow everyone's blogs but I have never done it for a follow back.

9. What do you love and hate most about the blogging community?
I love how supportive everyone is. Everyone I have talked to is so nice and helpful. Something I hate is how sometimes it is really competitive but that is 1% of the time. Majority of bloggers are so so nice. 

10. Do you ever feel like no one remembers that you have feelings?
I have not felt like this because I try and share my feelings so that people realise. I am very fortunate to have not recieved hate comments so I have not had this problem.

11. Do you feel like the bigger you get, the smaller of a relationship you have with your readers?
I have found that unfortunately. I never have time to reply to comments on my blog which I am trying to change as I feel like that is a way to gain a better relationship

12. What opportunities have you gotten from blogging?
So many incredible opportunities! I have worked with a couple of brands, contributed to a group blog and collabed with so many amazing people. Blogging has also given me opportunities to better myself as a person and gain some valuable skills. 

13. If you were to receive no views or comments on a blog post that you worked really hard on and you were super proud of it, how would you feel and what would your next step be to make sure that you don't experience it again?
I am trying to not let the numbers control me but they still do have some impact on me. I would feel really disappointed with myself and start doubting whether the post was good or not. To not experience it again I would promote a lot more. 

14. What is your response to people that say blogging is easy?
I don't understand how people who aren't bloggers can say that! If you have no experience doing it, then really you shouldn't be saying that because you have no idea what you are on about! Blogging may seem easy but there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes and it is not just writing a post and pressing publish. 

15. Have you ever came across or noticed bloggers that do it for the fame or money?
I have noticed a few bloggers where all they post is giveaways where they have partnered with a brand but I don't think that means that they are in it for the money or fame, 

16. What do you think shows that a blogger is in it for products/ money/ fame?
This is a really hard question. I don't think that there is one image that those people fit into. However, if someone's posts are constantly working with brands or only writing posts with brands I feel like that is a sign but not all the time. Also, is someone doesn't interact with other bloggers I think that is a sign too. 

17. Do you think that there is a certain time or milestone that you should reach before earning money from blogging?
I don't think that there should be If it was based on time, there could be a really successful blogger that has only been blogging 3-6 months and they could miss out because the limit could be on people who have been blogging for over a year. 

18. Is there a certain post/ colaboration (etc.) that you really regret doing?
Unfortunately there has been. I worked with a wedding dress company last year to write a blog post and looking back at it I shouldn't have accepted it, the topic isn't me at all and I think I was overwhelmed by working for a company that I just accepted. Apart from that there isn't, I am very proud of all the other posts that I have published and I have loved working with other brands. 

19. Do you like reading sponsored content? and why?
I think it depends what the content actually is. I don't like reading sponsored content on makeup and fashion etc. because I am not the biggest fan of makeup and fashion and it doesn't matter that it is sponsored. Whereas if it was a sponsored post on travelling or a book than I would like it. For me, it isn't about whether the post is sponsored, only what the post is about. 

20. In your opinion, is there anything wrong with sponsored content?
No, as long as they have said whether it is sponsored then it is fine!

If you are a blogger, did you relate?
Grace xx

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