Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Drugstore Beauty Products You Need!

Oh, don't you just love a good drugstore product? From hair to skincare to makeup, you can find great beauty products that cost less then your lunch. I am constantly trying new things from the drugstore because as much as I love an expensive lipstick, I love a bargain too. When deciding the products to feature in this post, I had to think long and hard but I am very proud of myself for narrowing it down.
I feel as though everyone loves this product, there is a small margin of people who hate the residue it leaves, but all in all it is well loved by many. Dry shampoo is a staple in any lazy persons hair care routine and so something that does the job while being super cheap, it is a win win. Batiste is my favourite dry shampoo, I do love COLAB but I find that works best for adding texture, but for absorbing oil, Batiste is the best. I have mid-brown hair so the fact that it is white when I first apply it isn't too much of a pain, I find it find to rub in and the colour does disappear accept I do know people with darker hair struggle to work with this, so do bare that in mind. Overall this is a bargain, and I would not try any other pricey dry shampoo because this is all I need, it is about £4 for a huge can that will last you half of the year, so I would definitely recommend.
I found it really hard to think of drugstore skincare products I cannot live without, just because I am constantly trying new skincare. On a regular basis, I switch up my moisturizer, cleanser, toner but there is one skincare product I can't replace, my ST Ives Face Scrubs. These scrubs are incredible, my personal favourite is the apricot scrub but they all do a similar thing. The reason I love these so much is because the do something, I know a few people think that this scrub is quite harsh but when you use it occasionally, it makes the biggest difference. When I do use it, it does make my skin go bright red but it is doing something in a great way, it makes my skin so super soft and it cleans all of the dirt out of my face (pleasant, right?). I would recommend using this once or twice a week, especially on days you are wearing a lot of makeup.
A body product from the drugstore I love is the Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter. Once again, I couldn't choose a shower gel or lotion but this body butter is a staple in my routine. I find myself always going back to this body butter, it is super moisturizing, the scent is lovely and not too overwhelming, and the whole point of this post, it is super affordable. The skin on my body isn't too dry so I use this every few days just for intense moisture but if you have dry skin, you could use this daily, and it would work wonders. I take it most people have tried this product because it is loved by many, but if you haven't, give it a go.
This will come to no surprise, the nail product I love is the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Polishes. I feel like I am constantly talking about these nail polishes on my blog and I have been since I first started but they are just so good. My favourite formulation is the Gelly Hi-Shine range but all the ones I have tried are amazing. They are opaque, last a long time, come in a great range of shade and are always on offer so you can pick up an amazing bargain. My favourite shade for all year round is Lychee just because it is a super versatile nude.
When choosing products for this post, I soon came to realize that I don't actually own that many drugstore lip products but these two products really stuck out to me. A recent addition to my staples has been lip oils and the Barry M Berry Good Lip Oil has been the best one I have found from the drugstore. I find lip oils to do so much more than a lip balm, they are a little thicker and they are so much better at hydrating your lips. This lip oil, as you can guess, has a lovely fruit scent and it is pink in the tube but it does basically come out clear. I have only been trying this out for the past month or so, but I know that I am going to be repurchasing this loads.
You may or may not know this but I have always been a gloss girl, even with this super trendy matte lip floating around, I am that person still wearing lip gloss. My favourite glosses from the drugstore are the NYX Butter Glosses, they come in loads of colours, they are not sticky whatsoever and they give the right amount of colour with the right amount of shine. I need to pick up many more shades in this formula but my favourite shade is Creme Brulee, it is a lovely pinky nude.
A concealer I think everyone should try is the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer. We all know just how good the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is but you either love it or hate it, it can be too much coverage for a lot of people. This concealer though is medium coverage, can be built up and it is so easy to blend. I still love my Collection concealer but I would recommend someone the Seventeen one over the Collection one. I have repurchased this a couple of times now and I never get sick of it, I am constantly going back to it and it never fails me. Anyone could wear this concealer, it is a very basic but effective formula with a great range of shades, especially if you are super fair.
The only tool/brush I chose to include is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. This sponge is just amazing, I have not tried the Beauty Blender so I cannot compare but this sponge just works for me. The shape of it makes it easy to reach all areas of my face, it blends my makeup beautifully and it cleans well also. From the picture, you can probably tell that mine is looking a little worse for wear but I will continue to repurchase this until I find something better. Most of the time I find myself using this with my concealer, but it will work with any cream products or even for baking, either way you get a super airbrushed and flawless finish with a sponge like this.
If I had to recommend one drugstore makeup product to you it would be this. Since I tried this, early last year, I have been in love with it. The Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit is basically a small compact with a matte contouring shade and a matte highlighting shade. You can probably tell from the picture but the highlighting shade is my favourite. I love the highlighting shade because I use it to set my under eyes and it does a great job at setting while brightening and adding a little more coverage. I also find that I reach for this over my ABH highlighting powders, which I think says a lot. I may have only hit pan on the highlighting shade but the contour shade is just as good. Personally, I would not use this for contouring, just because it is a little too warm for my liking but as a bronzer it is beautiful. Both powders are finely milled, pigmented and easy to blend and I think it is the best one on the market. If you have to buy one thing from this post, I would definitely say this one just because I think it is underrated and it deserves some more love, the one thing I will say though, is that there are only two shades to choose from.
I found it difficult to find a drugstore palette I think everyone should own just because eye shadow is something different to everyone but then I found one. The MUA Matte Six Shade Eye Shadow Palette in Natural Essentials is a must have in any makeup collection. You cannot create any eye shadow look without a matte shade, whether it is in your crease or just to set the base. This palette offers six super neutral and basic shades that can act as the foundation of any eye look. All of the shades are super pigmented, blendable and creamy and is definitely a steal as it is less than a fiver. My favourite shade is the matte black because it is the best one I have found from the drugstore. This palette is definitely a must, whether you have a huge makeup collection, whether you are just starting out, you just need it.
The final product I am mentioning today is a brow product. At the moment the drugstore have been killing it with the brow products, I can't say I have tried them all but a brow gel that is a staple for me is the Maybelline Brow Drama. This is super pigmented, lasts a long time and makes your eyebrows look super thick and full. Saying that, the product is so much better when you cut off the little ball applicator, by doing this you can get more accuracy. I would definitely recommend this to anyone,  whether you just want something quick and easy or something to set your eyebrows, either way this will do a great job.

What do you recommend from the drugstore?
Grace xx


  1. I've never tried any of these products but I've always heard good things about Batiste and the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer! xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

  2. The Batiste shampoo are the best, everyone is liking them and they are so affordable!


  3. I love both the Maybelline Brow Drama and the Real Techniques sponge! They're both things that I use everyday and don't see being switched out of my routine any time soon!

    1. They are staples in my daily makeup routine too!xx