Sunday, 30 April 2017

Things I Would Save In A Fire

I recently did a poll on Twitter asking which post you would rather see and this one seemed to be the most popular so here it is. If you wanted to see the other posts don't worry because I will get round to doing them all at some point.
This idea has been floating around recently, it is when you put yourself in the scenario of your house burning down and you would pick five things to save. I tried to include a mix of both sentimental and practical things and realistically this is what I would save.

1. Handbag
I guess you could call this a cheat but I wouldn't. My handbag is always waiting right by my door, ready to just pick up and go so I would include everything inside it as one thing. In my handbag I keep all of my essentials from my phone to headphones, to my purse, to deodorant, to pen and paper, to a book so I think this is quite a practical thing to rescue in a fire. I have things to help keep me sanitized, occupied and alive for that matter so this would definitely be my first product.

2. Memory Box
This box is kind of over flowing but everything inside are things I would never get back, like photos, cards, old concert tickets and all of these things mean a whole lot to me so I don't think that I could bare to loose them. I also think that this would be the things to cheer me up because looking through this box always reminds me of better times which is what I would probably need if my house burned down.

3. Laptop
My laptop is what I probably spend the most time on but it also holds hundreds of photos and memories that I would not be able to retrieve otherwise. I would have to rescue this because I would not be able to get any of those photos or videos back. Laptops are also expensive so I would not want to leave something to burn that has a lot of value both emotionally and physically.

4&5. My Two Dogs
I guess this is sort of common sense but of course I would save my two dogs. Lexi and Poppy are my pride and joy so I could not bare to loose them. Even though they take up two of my products, I would not regret my decision to save them. My dogs make me very happy and even though they will not be a part of my life forever, I would never let them die if I had the choice.

What would be the number one thing that you save?
Grace xx


  1. I've seen this post floating around youtube a lot recently. I'd grab my memory box too. the number one thing I'd get first is my pets. my pets are the most important thing, so I'd save those first (even though I have 4 pets and I'd struggle to carry them haha) xx