Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Clothing Haul!

With Summer fast approaching and my holiday getting closer and closer, I have been buying some new bits and pieces for my wardrobe. It has been a while since I have done a haul on my blog so let me know whether you would like to see more.
First think is from Miss Selfridge and it is this Pale Blue Square Neck Crop Top. I bought this because I just thought it was a super basic piece my wardrobe was missing. This would look great layered in winter or just with a pair of shorts for summer. It was only £8 and the fit of it is really lovely, it also comes in many colour but I really loved the pale blue.

The next few things are from Topshop, going to start of with one of my current favourite pieces. It is the Camouflage Shacket. For the past year or so I feel like camouflage has gained a bad name and looking "chavy" but I was to bring it back in style again. This is a super oversized, thin jacket which is perfect for this time of year since we are mixing with weathers at the moment. The camouflage print is actually really nice because it is quite muted so it goes with almost anything. I really like to style this with a plain top, some jeans and some pumps and it just adds a little extra something.
Next from Topshop we have this Forever Femme T-Shirt, I have seen this all over their instagram at the moment and I knew I would have to get it. Feminism is becoming more and more recognized by the day and so I thought I would play my part in buying this t-shirt and raising awareness. I love the simple fit with the rolled up sleeves, and the bright red lettering just gives the t-shirt a more bold appearance.
Going to throw in a staple purchase, some Topshop Grey Jamie Jeans. Jamie jeans my favourite jeans from Topshop, they are flattering while still being in a jean material. My collection of these is constantly growing but I have added a grey pair into the mix. I think grey jeans are a great alternative to black jeans in the winter because they are a little lighter but still go with everything.
Now we are onto H&M and I have really been loving their basics recently. First up is a striped dress, which is something very unlike me as I am not one for dressses, but with a new season, I thought that I would branch out a little bit. This dress is a midi length and it is just black and white horizontal stripes, on a ribbed material. This is super flattering and I think it will be great in summer just thrown on with a pair of converse.
It has taken me a while, but I have finally bought a halter neck t-shirt. My favourite thing about this is the colour, it is a beautiful pastel lemon colour, which I think is perfect for spring and summer. This piece will be great for my holiday just with some flip flops and shorts. The fit of this is very nice but it is a little transparent so I have to be careful when I wear it.
Finally from H&M, I got a classic denim skirt. I have always had a problem with skirts, they are either too big around the waist or too short (who else has that problem?) and so I am always looking for a good one. This one is not perfect but it looks nice on, I particularly like the zip detail, it is a little worrying as someone could just unzip it and you will be exposed, but you can only hope that won't happen.
Surely you would be expect some swimwear in this haul since I am going abroad very soon. I wasn't really in need of a new bikini but I am in love with what I got.
I firstly got some Black High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms from PINK, Victoria Secret and I am in love with them. They are probably not to everyone's taste but I think they are beautiful, I think that high waisted bikini bottoms really suit my figure and really flatter my curves. I particularly like the cutouts along the sides, they are probably not the most practical to tan in but I think it just makes them that little bit more interesting. Since they are from PINK, they are a little more pricey but the quality is super lovely and worth the investment.
I then bought a bikini top to match from Hollister, it is a simple Racer Back Bikini Top. This is not super simple though, it is black and white striped and along the sides it has those cross-over cutouts like the bikini bottoms which is why I got them. I think the two paired together will look super cool and both pieces are super basic to be able to mix and match them with other pairs.
The final few things are from Primark and they are super basic but I thought that I would mention them anyway.
Firstly I got a super basic V-Neck Black and White Striped T-Shirt. Recently, I have been feeling like my wardrobe has been missing the most simple of pieces so I picked this up. I love just simple v-neck t-shirts, they look great with anything, skirts, jeans, shorts, the list goes on. Since this is from Primark, it cost about the same price as my McDonalds lunch, which is great and the material is actually quite nice.
The final thing I am going to mention today is a piece of sportswear. I have been in need of a Long Sleeve Top for a while and even though it is coming into the warmer seasons, I am still likely to wear this. I chose black because I just think it will be the most versatile and I am pretty sure that this cost about £7 which is amazing and I know that I am going to get a lot of wear out of it.

What have you bought recently?
Grace xx


  1. YES GRACE! I am going on holiday in less than 3 weeks and I really need to buy some clothes - you wouldn't know that was hard for me but apparently! Thank you for inspiring me, love what you picked up! xx

    1. Thank you Ellie, let me know what you get!xx

  2. You picked up some really awesome clothing! The swimming costume looks cute

    Beauty Candy Loves

  3. I love that topshop tee! You rock it x

    Morgan //

  4. Love all these pieces! Topshop Jamie Jeans are my all time faves and I love your swimwear pieces! And the denim skirt is gorgeous, I love the zip on it.
    Kate Xx

  5. These pieces are so pretty! And the Femme Forever top is defo my favourite.

  6. I love the zip detail on the skirt. you picked up some lovely things x

  7. Nothings really, but I'm going to Bluewater soon and I'm very excited to pick up some new bits!!