Sunday, 28 May 2017

First Impressions On The Famous Hoola Bronzer

This bronzer is probably the most hyped bronzer I have ever came across and I have only just tried it. Believe me or don't but these past few weeks I have been trying this out to find out whether it is really that good. Obviously there are mixed opinions but keep on reading to find out what I think.
This is only a mini of the Hoola, I got it from Boots and it was £9.95 (even though the website says £12) but I will link the product at the end of this blog post. 
I know that the boxed packaging Benefit does is a little hit and miss but I actually quite like it. It might not be the most travel-friendly, but since it is a mini, I guess you could say otherwise. The mirror on the inside might seem a little productive but I don't see the point when the product is this small, but I won't complain. 
The shade of this bronzer is actually a lot lighter than my usual shade, it also looks extremely warm in the pan, maybe a little too orange. This bronzer is matte which I love since I think it makes it look more natural but it also means that it can double as a contour shade.
Swatching it, I was impressed by its pigment and how evenly it applied but it did look extremely orange so I was keen to try it on my face.
I applied this bronzer with a dense duo fibre brush like I would with any other bronzer and I started to blend it across my cheekbones. The shade actually looked very natural on the skin but it still had that warm tone but without it looking too orange. I applied this to my cheekbones, temples, jaw and a little bit down my nose but it gave just a natural bronze.  
To conclude, I think that Hoola is a beautiful bronzer but I don't think that it will be come a rid or die of mine. Don't get me wrong, the shade is beautiful and it applies like a dream but there are others that I prefer so I think they deserve more hype than this. I will continue to use this, and maybe it will grow on me but as a first impression, I think that they are better.

What are your thoughts on this bronzer?
Grace xx

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  1. It does look more warm in your swatch! For me it works well as a bronzer and it's one of my favorites x

    Beauty From Katie

    1. I use it for bronzing but I wish it could do both!xx