Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My Current Fitness Routine

At the moment, I have been trying to workout more and with my holiday right around the corner I really want to tone up. I asked on twitter what you wanted to see in terms of fitness and you all wanted a routine so I thought that I would try and sum up my weekly fitness routine.

Starting off with the little things that you probably don't think about but count as exercise. I am still in high school so I walk to and from the bus stop five out of seven of the days plus PE is still compulsory in my year so I do a 50 minute session once a week and it usually is a high intensity sport, like rounders or tennis.
I also have two dogs, so I tend to walk those a lot, usually four times on the weekend and three times during the week. The walk is usually a bit of sprinting and walking which takes about 20 minutes.

Onto some extra things I do, but this is just a generalization as I switch it up all of the time.
Starting with the gym that I know most people hate but really it isn't that bad. I go the gym around twice a week and I spend 1 hour there doing cardio. Even though I go the gym often, I am still not so confident so I stick to the cardio machines. I go on a bit of everything from bike to treadmill to cross trainer and depending on my mood, I will lots of some and less of others. My main aim in the gym is just to raise a pulse, get a sweat on and burn some fat.

The things I do at home tend to be more focused on specific parts of my body that I want to tone up. I do this more often, about four times a week, this workouts range from ten minutes to half an hour. I change these workouts all of the time but there are a few apps and youtubers I love to watch. These workouts will depend on my mood, sometimes its abs or butt or arms, they tend to be my main three.
Youtubers I love are Carly Rowena and Blogilates, there are other but these are the two who I love the most. The apps I love are Nike+ Training, which comes with a bunch of workouts and 7 minutes which gives you a 7 minutes workout which I usually tend to do a few sets of, but I love how they time it for you so you don't always have to focus on keeping your own time.

Do you want to see more in depth workout routines?
Grace xx


  1. I used to use the 7 minute workout daily and loved it! I really need to actually start exercising cause all I do at the moment is walking to school every day and PE lessons xo

    1. I use to be like that, and honestly, I just feel so much better now!xx