Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Collection Illuminating Touch Liquid Radiance Review

New drugstore releases always get the better of me, but you know what?  I don't care because I love trying out new makeup to review and share with all of my lovely readers. Anyways, Collection Cosmetics is such an amazing drugstore brand, one I have loved since I started wearing makeup, so when I saw this on their newly released page, I knew I had to try it.
Just a bit of detail about the product as always, so you can buy this from the Superdrug website (link at the end of this post). This retails for £5.99 and you get 27ml and it is described as "A premium liquid illuminating primer that can be used with or without a foundation. The gorgeous texture of liquid radiance provides the perfect priming base for foundation application. Gold illuminating pearls lift the complexion and creates a dewy complexion".
For packaging, I think that this is super impressive, it comes in a super sleek glass bottle and a pump which I don't think you would expect in a £5.99 illuminator. I think even the little details of the Collection logo and the name is super sleek looking and luxurious. The glass bottle is also clear which is great because you can see how much product you have left but you can also see flecks of shimmer through the bottle which is just super pretty to stare at. In terms of how practical it is, since it is glass it is pretty heavy and could easy break when travelling so it is definitely a product to keep at home, but the pump and the lid are super sturdy and functional.
In terms of the formula, after pumping it onto the back of your hand, it seems quite watery but as soon as you begin to work it into the skin it thickens into more of a gel/balm texture. The product does come out white but it sinks into the skin super easily and fades into nothing so it won't affect the colour of your skin. On the skin it feel super balmy and smoothing on the skin instantly. In terms of the luminosity, it actually has actual specks of glitter in it, which on the skin are slightly noticeable but since they are so small it looks kind of natural. They are also golden which I think will flatter the most amount of skin tones. This definitely does not make your skin look super glowy or metallic or wet looking but it does make your skin look smooth and naturally luminous. 
This product is suppose to be used as a primer and I can definitely see why because it does makeup your makeup apply really nicely on top and it also helps your makeup last longer.
I actually like to use this on its own just to make my skin look a little nicer, and I think that this would look great on holiday. Saying that, my overall thought is that it is a really lovely primer, but I do think I prefer my other ones from the drugstores. Sometimes the specks of gold in this can be too much and can look super strange on the skin. I think that this is not the best for luminosity even though it does claim to be but it works as a primer so if that is all you need then maybe give this a go.

What's your favourite primer from the drugstore?
Grace xx

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  1. This looks amazing! I really went to try Collection makeup especially their concealers

    Beauty Candy Loves

    1. You need to try their concealer, it is a solid favourite of mine!xx