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Freedom Pro Artist HD Eye Shadow and Highlighter Sets Review

I love single eye shadows and powders that you can just pop into an empty magnetic palette. Freedom actually came out with a magnetic palette, individual eye shadows and face powders quite a while back but nothing appealed to me apart from the magnetic palette which I now own. Now they have actually expanded the collection into some eye and face sets, perfect to just put in the magnetic palettes so that is what I am going to be reviewing. 
You can get these from both TAM Beauty or Superdrug and since I got mine from Superdrug, I have linked the products down below via Superdrug. In this new release, they came out with 4 face sets, consisting of three highlighters per set consisting of creams and powders. They also came out with 5 eye sets, all in powders, in two different finishes, you can choose between the eye foils or the eye impacts HD. I bought one face set and one eye set, just to test the waters, so I picked very "Grace" shades and ones I know I will have a good judgement of.
I picked up the Freedom Makeup ProArtist Light Pack HD in Lit 2 and the Freedom Makeup ProArtost Eye Foils in Burnt. In this highlighter set you get 3 powders and in the eye set you get 2 mattes, 2 foils and a semi shimmery eye shadow. I know that in some of the sets, they are either all matte or all foils but I kind of liked how this had a mixture in it.
Before I get into the individual sets and formula etc. I am just going to cover the packaging briefly. I actually think that the packaging is quite nice, they come in little card boxes with a plastic insert which is appropriate or the product. Everything you need to know is on the card box and on the back of the individual pans is also their names and the set they came from. There is not really much else to say about the packaging, it works, it's practical but obviously you would not store your shades like this as the intention with this packaging is that you are going to put them in a magnetic palette once you have received them.
I am going to start off with the eye shadows, so like I said before, in this set you get 2 mattes, 2 foils and a semi shimmer. The reason I chose this set was because of its beautiful shade range, they were all very red and warm based which you all know I love, but at the same time, I don't own any shades like these so as much as they are my comfort zone, they are also something a little different. I think the best way to give you as much detail as possible is just to talk about each shade individually and then I will talk about the formula. I am going to go from the lightest to the darkest,
- Sweet life - A pale orange, matte finish
- Gold Digger - A true, warm gold, foiled finish
- Bad Behaviour - A orangey red, matte finish
- Burnt Bridges - A red, foiled finish
- Intervention - A almost duo-chrome purple to blue, semi shimmer finish
swatches top to bottom, Burnt Bridges, Gold Digger, Intervention, Bad Behaviour, Sweet Life
For the formula, the mattes are lovely which I think is rare in affordable eye shadows. They are not powdery at all but they still have that pigment and blendability. I think that these two matte shades are so lovely and they both perform as well as each other.
The foils again, I was really impressed with, they are quite powdery and you will get fall out but the pigment is gorgeous. On the eyes and swatched, they are super metallic and amazing so the fall out doesn't really bother me. They are also super creamy and they apply really well with both brushes and your fingers.
For the random shade, the duo-chrome, semi shimmer thing, it is nice but I do struggle to ind a way to use it. The shade acts a lot like the mattes, very buttery, not powdery, very blendable and pigmented but the shift it has makes it difficult to use in the crease. Saying that, it is a lovely shade and I think it is one that will look great in autumn/winter on the lower lash line for a pop of colour
For the highlighters now, looking at them straight away you can tell that they have very different finishes, but I will get into that when I talk about the shades. All of the shades look great for fair to medium skintones an if you are super fair then I think that you could wear these too. Like I did with the eye shadows, I am now just going to talk about the shades individually.
- Sophisticated - pale pink, shimmery but subtle
- Queen - pale yellow powder, luminious
- Bad Habit - peachy silver, metallic
swatches top to bottom - Bad Habit, Queen, Sophisticated
For formula each powder is different which I think was their intention because you could use them for different things or for different effects which I love in this set because you get a wider variety. I am going to talk about the formula referring to their shades. 
Bad Habit is the very metallic shade, swatching it with my finger, it felt really creamy but also kind of stiff which I think allowed it to give off so much pigment because the powder is so compact. The shade is super pigmented, you might be able to tell, and very reflective. It applies really well and it does not look chunky on the skin but it is definitely intense.
Queen is a very subtle highlight, I would use it as a face powder for a more luminous base because if you applied it like a highlighter, it would not do a lot. The powder itself is very soft and smooth and there is pigment but obviously with it being a near to skintone shade, on the face it wouldn't be noticeable. This definitely reminds me of the Hourglass Dim Light powder because what people say about that, sounds like what this does.
The final shade Sophisticated is literally the in between of Bad Habit and Queen, it is not super metallic but it is not just a luminous powder. This would make a gorgeous day-to-day highlighter because it is not too intense but it does add a little something to those cheekbones. Just like the other two powders, pigmented and smooth, but again, the finishes are completely different.
I hope you enjoyed this post, I would definitely recommend both sets because the standard they are at is way beyond their price tag so definitely let me know if you pick these up. Over the next few weeks I am going to have loads of reviews going up just because I m really enjoying to write them and I have been testing loads of new makeup out so I hope you don't mind that.

What do you think of these?
Grace xx

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  1. All the shades look beautiful and I love the highlighter! I've never heard of these but I'm curious to hear more about them xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

  2. the highlighters look stunning, especially Bad Habit. I love the idea of a magnetic palette!x

    1. It is such a great idea, perfect for travelling too!xx