Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Underrated Makeup I Love!

Nowadays with the way the beauty community is, we try what others love which makes perfect sense, there must be a reason why people love it so much but trying out a product that has not been spoken about much on social media to find out that it is incredible is such a strange situation. Since trying out plenty of makeup, especially on the high street, I have found a lot of products that are great but just not given all of the love and attention that they deserve so I have put them all in this post so that hopefully some of you think to try it out and you never know, you might love them too!
This is a new addition to my makeup bag but it has been one I have been wearing since I bought it. The Primark Primer Water has been spoken about a little but I'm surprised I don't see it everywhere. Primark is not somewhere you would expect there to be good cosmetics, I get that, and so I think  lot of people are skeptical about trying it out but this was not bad at all. This is the only Primark makeup item I have tried so I can't vouch for the whole line but this is amazing. Primer waters are so easy but the most well-known one is the Smashbox one, which is not cruelty free and not inexpensive which is what you want if you are paying for something near enough to regular tap water. Anyway, this was a great purchase fr me because it gave me a chance to see whether I would actually use and get along with a primer water, and I do, especially this one. I love using it to prep my face, give myself a little more hydration before foundation and sometimes I even double primer with this. It is just a great step in my makeup routine and I can't go without it now.

I cannot stop speaking about these, they must be one of the best releases all year from the drugstore and I am just obsessed to say the least. These are obviously the Freedom Single Pans which I don't think I can live without anymore since discovering them. I have done plenty of posts featuring them so I will link the review I did at the end of this post because I go in way more detail there. You can basically get these single pan sets and they are either highlighters or eye shadows. Both are amazing and I use both sets I got. I love the highlighters because all of the shades are flattering on my skin tone but I love how each highlighter is a different finish so you really have a range of effects you can get. For the eye shadows, I love them because you get a range of mattes and shimmer, sometimes an odd satin too and they are all super pigmented, blend well and the colours in each set all really complement each other. These honestly deserve way more hype as they are so affordable and they are not far off the quality of Makeup Geek or Colourpop shadows.
An oldie but a goodie that I still love is the Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit. It has been a while since I have spoken about this on my blog but that is not to say that I still don't use it. Back when I started getting into the whole full-face glam makeup this became super handy. I love how you get a matte highlight shade and a matte "contour" shade but I would say it is a more appropriate for bronzer. As you can probably tell by the photos, I have very badly hit pan on the matte highlight shade because I use to use it all of the time to set my under eyes and it worked like a dream. It would set my concealer, brighten up my under eyes and I would even sometimes use it the clean up my contour. For the bronzer shade, I am still surprised that I haven't hit pan on that. It works great as a bronzer but I use to use it all of time as an eye shadow. I think a lot of people forget about matte highlights to brighten up parts of their face but this kit is incredible. From the packaging being super compact and featuring a mirror to the actual powders being super pigmented, blendable and creamy this little kit deserves so much more hype.

I think a lot of people actually avoid the Natural Collection counter because they have this idea that their products are rubbish and bad because they are so affordable but actually the Natural Collection Blushes are amazing. They are super affordable but the quality and formula or the powder is great. Their blushes come in a sensible range of shades, all very wearable and the formula is pigmented, it's blendable and they look great on the skin. I use my blush from Natural Collection all of the time as it is just a super quick and easy way to add a flush to the cheeks. With it being so affordable, the packaging is not great but again, I don't hate it, it does the job.
Back to some more eye shadows, ones I love and don't see mention enough are the Kiko Wet and Dry Eye Shadows. Kiko as a brand has really impressed me so far, everything I have tried from them, I have loved and I definitely want to try more from them in the future but these eye shadows are just incredible. Not very often do I buy the same product in more than one shade so this just shows how good they are because I actually own two of them now and I am definitely looking into getting some more. I love these because they are the perfect metallic eye shadows for all over the lid and to highlighter the inner corner with. Sometimes, I also use the golden shade as a highlighter on my face because it is so pigmented and stunning on the skin. I love how you can use them both wet and dry, they come in a great range of shades and they are just incredible. They are about £8 each which is not too bad considering how much product you get, how great they are and how sleek the packaging is.

For brows, I tend to use what is popular since I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to my brows but this powder is such a bargain and it is so good. You can probably guess but I am talking about the Freedom Duo Brow Powder. This is incredible, you get a light and dark shade in a little compact with a mirror. The powders are super pigmented, easy to work with and easy to blend which I think makes it great for both newbies and experts to brows. I am pretty sure that this is only a couple of pounds so definitely look into getting one of these, especially since there are so many shades to choose from.

For lips I am going to start with the Misslyn Lip Liners. This is a very new brand to me but you can get it from Beauty Bay so it is easy to get hold of I just think not enough people know this brand exist. I have only tried their lip liners but I really like them, they are a good in between of pigmented and creamy. They are not super creamy to the point where they bleed and they are not so dry that they tug at your lips, just that really good middle. Sadly, they don't offer that many shades but enough to choose from and the best part is that they are so affordable, a lot like most things in this post, but the definitely do deserve a bit more love. 
I have two glosses to mention but the first one is the Too Faced Sweat Peach Lip Oils. These just seemed to be released and then ignored, I don't know about you, but I didn't think that many people were too excited about this, saying that, I definitely was. Glosses are one of my favourite makeup products and this formula is incredible. Firstly, the scent is incredible but the formula is even better. The gloss is pigmented, but not too pigmented and the gloss is not sticky but it is creamy and wet looking. I definitely do need to get more shades in this but they are a little pricey but they are really good for a highend gloss.

For my other glosses, an old favourite, the Artdeco Hydro Lip Boosters. Once again, you can get these off Beauty Bay but I got these particular three shades in Germany. For a gloss though, these are the perfect for day to day, they are not super intense but they make your lips looking glossy, slightly wet while giving off a little colour and being super comfortable. These have to be an all time favourite and just a go to because they are so easy to use, apply and perfect for on the go. I can't recommend these enough and I feel like if people tried them, then they would know exactly what I mean.

Finally, a makeup brush brand that is so good but so undermined are the Seventeen Makeup Brushes. These brushes are insanely affordable and so good. They don't offer a lot of brushes but my two favourites are the eye brush and the cheeks brush, both super soft and well made. I find that they pick up and apply product really well, while washing easily. I have had mine for about two years and I use them almost every time I do my makeup and they have only just started shedding when I wash them so that is something to bare in mind but considering how cheap they are, definitely worth picking up.
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  1. I've definitely heard that the Freedom eyebrow products are comparable to Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products.
    Amber x

  2. this is such a great post!

  3. I picked up a Seventeen brush once and I was soo amazed at the quality of it! I really should pick up more. I need to explore their makeup line as well. The lip oils by Too Faced have been ones I've been eyeing up for a while now
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. You should definitely try the lip oils, they are so lovely!xx