Friday, 5 January 2018

Products I am giving a Second Chance

I would like to think that I am pretty good at clearing out my makeup collection every once and a while but even sometimes, I have the tendency to cling onto things that I don't like as much as I think I do. Whether that is because it was more expensive than what it's worth or whether it is because it looked great once but every other time after that it looked crap, I'm not really too sure but I am always wanting to give products I don't like another go. Recently I have actually found a lot of those products and so I wanted to share them.
In not order really, I am starting with a loose powder that I am just so on the fence about, that's the LA Girl Pro Powder. This powder works some days and not the next, sometimes I bake with it and I get a super smooth looking under eye but then sometimes I can get a super bright white cast. I do like this powder on the face, it is quite mattifying and makes my skin look so smooth but when I pack this on, it can sometimes look super white. Even though this is a HD powder, I find that it can flashback when I apply too much but at the same time, in daylight, it makes my skin look so airbrushed and beautiful.
I really want to see the best in this product because I think it has potential to be a really good affordable powder but I don't know whether it is just a bad powder. 

A highlighter I am so skeptical about is the Jeffree Star Skin Frost in Crystal Ball. These skin frosts have so many good things said about them but after try two of the limited edition highlighters, I am just not impressed. This shade is a nice whitish highlighter with a pink shift to it. When I have tried to apply this, it can look super chunky and glittery. I think that this could make a nice highlighter topper but it is just so different to what my other highlighters are like.
I do really like the look of this highlighter but I am just not too sure as to how much wear I am going to get out of this. As much as I want to try out some of the other skin frosts, I just can't bring myself to pay another £25 for something that is not worth it.

As much as I love this lip gloss formula the Bare Minerals Lip Gloss in Far Out, is just such an unusual shade. It is like a super pale nude with a strong golden reflects. On the lips, this can kind of come across as metallic and I am not so sure if I like the look. This formula is perfect, it is just the colour, I am just not so sure whether I suit it.
I am going to keep trying it out and experiment with lipsticks underneath but I am just not so sure whether it is for me. We will see though, maybe you will see it in the next few makeup looks, who knows?

I use to love the Barry M Contour Kit at the start of 2017 back but when I pulled it out a few months back it just looked super muddy and patchy. I have no idea why this happened but I have been so scared to use it since. The two contour shades in this palette look good when swatched, but when I apply them with my bronzer brush it just comes off as super patchy. Nothing had changed with the way I applied it so it must be the powder.
I still have a little hope for this contour kit because at one point, it looked amazing on the skin but I just don't know what went wrong the last time I used it and I am just a little too scared to try it out again.
Onto a liquid highlighter which I was suppose to review, but my thought are so muddled I just didn't get around to writing it. The Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Liquid Bronze Glow has been hyped up about since the release but I just don't know how I feel. This shade is a little too dark for me but I bought it because I was so eager to try it and it was the only one left in stock. I have managed to make it work and so the colour is not my issue but the fact that the glitter in it is super chunky, I just don't know whether I can make it work. I have tried to wear this as a illuminator under foundation, mixed in with foundation and as a liquid highlighter and all three times it has just look too chunky. I really want to love this and so I am holding on to it, but I just need to figure out a way that's best to use it.
I think this has potential to be a beautiful liquid highlighter but it can look quite glittery on the skin but still, it has the most beautiful shift to it.

Another lip gloss I am on the fence about is the Stila Lip Glaze, these have mixed reviews and I can understand why. They are quite thick and when you apply too much it can be a little sticky but on the lips the finish is so beautiful. Some of the shades I do have, include a little glitter and some are just a colour. Both kinds of formula have a little bit of pigment but I just love the look of them on the lips. I am also not the biggest fan of the packaging, I hate that you have to twist up the product because sometimes you can twist up too much. 
I am going to keep hold of these because I am so obsessed with this finish of it and some of the shades are so beautiful. If you have tried these out and you like them, then can you please tell me how you wear them because I would love to try out some other ways of pulling these off.

I have just noticed how many highlighters I have in this post but what can I say, I'm fussy. The LA Girl Strobe Lite Powder in 120 Watt is a bright white highlighter that I was so curious to try. I find that the formula is really metallic looking and pigmented but sometimes I find that it can be a little chunky and powdery. I just don't know how wearable this is, I have been  wearing it as a bit of a topper but I just wish that it wasn't so chunky.
I just really need to start using this some more, I don't know why but I don't get enough wear out of it. The shade is a little bold but I really like it once I have worn it, I just need to reach for it more.

So many people love the Nip N Fab Eye Shadow Palette but I just can't seem to make it work for me, but I really want it to because the shades are so beautiful. It seems like every neutral girls' dream but I find the formula to be so chalky. Majority of the shades are mattes, which I love, because I am such a matte girl but these just don't apply as nice as other matte shades I own in other palettes. They don't blend very well, they are not too pigmented and when I do wear them, they just look super patchy. As for the shimmer shades, they are just not as intense as what I would like, they lack pigment and a beautiful metallic finish.
I really want to love this palette but I can't seem to make it work. If you have this palette, I would love to know how you work with it but I just like so many other palettes more. I am so torn with this one but I don't know whether it is just not for me.
I hope you liked this post, it was something a little different for me but do let me know whether you love the products I have chosen to mention in this post.
Grace xx


  1. I have a love/hate thing with my Barry M contour kit. sometimes it applies nicely and sometimes it doesn't. it never used to happen, but at the moment I'm not getting along with it whatsoever. lovely post and happy new year x

    1. Thanks Em, glad I'm not the only one!xx