Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Current Base Routine - UPDATED!

I feel like the most crucial part of my makeup is my base, with a good base I feel like it is only up from there. Saying that, it doesn't always go to plan but recently I have switched up my base routine and really wanted to share it with you. Even though this probably isn't what I would wear daily, and most times I probably would switch out a few of these products, this is more or less my go-to base routine that I can rely on and I know will look good.
I chose not to include a primer in this because I am just constantly switching it up and I am pretty sure you all know some of my favourites anyway, but do bare in mind that I still prep and prime my skin before going in with any foundation.
Speaking of which I think I might have found my favourite foundation combo for everyday which is TheOrdinary Serum Foundation mixed with the LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation in White because I am a little too ambitious when it comes to predicting my foundation shade online. Anyway, I love this foundation combo because it is the perfect shade because of the white foundation shade but it is also the right coverage for me. TheOrdinary foundation is quite light and light to medium coverage but with that white foundation mixer, it makes the texture a little thicker which I like because I think it sits on the skin nice. The finish is also very fresh look and is like a natural dewy finish which just looks so natural and skin like. I use a pump of each and mix, apply it directly onto the face, distribute the product evenly with a small face brush but then blend it out properly with a damp sponge. I find applying it with a brush first will mean that not as much product will be absorbed by the sponge at first but then going over it with the sponge will just prevent the skin from looking cakey and just like skin.
For concealer, it is probably no surprise, it's the LA Girl Pro Conceal Concealer in Porcelain. I just love this concealer because it is so light on the skin but still great coverage. The coverage is also really nice because it is not super full coverage to the point where it will crease but it is still a medium coverage that conceals my under eyes and brightens them. I like to apply this under the eyes, bridge of the nose, cupid's bow and the centre of the forehead, I will then blend it out with a damp sponge because I just love the finish it gives.
Finally for creams, is a liquid highlighter that is new in my base routine but I have been liking. This is the Iconic London Liquid Illuminator in Original which is just a beautiful light golden shade. I apply this on my Cupid's bow, tip of the nose and on the cheekbones. To initially blend this out, I use a small duo fibre face brush but I then go over it with a sponge just to help it to sink into the skin more. This product just gives a really nice glow to the skin and also something for the powder highlight to stick to.
I have to set the oiler parts of my face because otherwise the makeup will just slide right off my face which would not be cute. My favourite powder to set with is the RCMA No Colour Powder, I just find that this powder does the job, it makes my under eyes look so smooth and prevents any concealer from creasing. I apply this on my t-zone, under my eyes, around my nose and chin, I tend to do this with a small, dense face brush but it is just whatever is on hand really. I wouldn't say that I really bake with this but I am generous with how much I apply, but I wipe it off and press it into the skin almost straight after applying this because sometimes this powder can leave a whiteish cast.
Usually, I will bronze next and for that I am using the Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze Bronzer because it is my current favourite and I'm sure you are all sick of me talking about it but I just love it. On a fluffy, big face brush I will just apply it on the perimeter of my face, not being super neat but just giving my skin a bit of a skin kissed look. I also find with this being a matte bronzer, it just looks like skin and it not super noticeable or anything.
I don't always contour but sometimes I just fancy it a little so I thought I would include it. There has only ever been one contour powder that I have ever used because it just works for me so I don't feel the need to try anything new. It is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder in Fawn. This is a very cool, ashy brown but I find that with a light hand and gradually building it up, it gives a very natural, shadow effect to the skin. I tend to apply this with a small, angled face brush and just blending it along my cheekbones and my temples, not with a super heavy hand and just blending it out as I go along until I am happy with it.
For highlighting powder that will go on top of that liquid we first applied is from the NYX Strobe Of Genius Illuminating Palette and I am using the two outer shades on the bottom row mixed on a small, tapered face brush. This way I can be light handed and also fairly specific as to where I want to apply it. These shades have a little glitter in them and can be built up to be really intense but I like to use a light hand with this when I am going for more of a day to day look. This highlighting palette is actually really pretty and I have been reaching for it loads recently.
Finally for this base, I am using a little blush and recently I haven't been about the matte blush, I have actually been reaching for Luminoso by Milani which is a baked blush. This is such a beautiful coral orange shade and on the skin it looks so pretty. This product is crazy pigmented, so I apply it with a fluffy, duo fibre, small face brush and slowly build up the colour on the cheeks because it is easier to add more than to take away which I feel like is what everyone should take away from this post.
That's it, I understand how this might be a lot for some people and not a lot for others but I just wanted to give a little updated base routine as you all really seemed to like my last one.
Grace xx