Sunday, 28 December 2014

New year = New style

It's a new year, maybe you want to change your style a bit. I love doing this, it gives you a chance to find a great trend that you look great in.
Today I am just going to show you some trends this year that you might be interested in following. Just remember it's not bad to want to change your style.
Clothing Pieces
Capes - These have been seen in most high streets, they are super cut and come in tones of colours.
Polo-necks - It had been a huge trend especially if it is cropped and sleeveless.
Masculine influence - I have seen it very recently in New Look, it is always good to have a shirt and a blazer in your wardrobe.
Knitted jumpers - Great for the cold days.

Patterns & Colours
Detailed patterns - This is a huge trend that everyone has been wearing this season.
Monochrome - It has been one off the biggest trends I have seen this year and it will continue for 2015.
Plaid - I have seen this print everywhere and you just have to love it.
Tartan - This pattern looks super cute on dresses and almost every shop has one.
Pastel - Even in winter you can never go wrong with a cute pastel jumper.
Leather - A perfect staple piece is a leather jacket and it never gets old.
Stripes - The perfect way to bring back the 60's
Bright colours - Makes your outfit stand-out.

I hope you enjoyed finding out about the latest trends and don't be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone. Hope you all have a lovely day.

Grace xx

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