Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Tanya Burr lip glosses | Hot or not Wednesday

Hi everyone,
So today I am going to start a new series and it is going to be a hot or not short review on a product that I think has been popular or that gets ignored. I hope you enjoy this new series and I will try to post a new hot or not every Wednesday.

The first hot or not I am going to do is a lip gloss. These came out this time last year and many people love them and I am going to share my thoughts on one shade in particular but if you want I will post a full review on different shades. They are the Tanya Burr lip glosses and the one I am talking about is Just Peachy.

Hot or Not?
Just peachy is this beautiful peachy/pink colour, it is perfect for everyday. I have used this everyday since I got it. I bought this from superdrug and it was on sale for £4.99 but they normally cost £6.99. I was surprised about how pigmented this was. It smells great, long lasting and I can't wait to buy more. This product is definitly worth the hype.

I hope you enjoyed this Hot or Not and leave a comment of what you want me to try out next.
Grace xx

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