Sunday, 12 July 2015

13th Birthday Haul

Hi everyone,
In case you didn't know my birthday was last Friday (10th July). I asked on my instagram if you wanted to see a haul, and everyone said yes so that is what I am going to do. I would just like to start by saying a massive thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday or anyone who bought me anything as I am very grateful. This has honestly been one of the best birthdays I have ever had.
Massive disclaimer : Before I show you what I got I just want to say that I am not trying to brag or boast in the slightest. I am extremely grateful for anyone who bought me anything, and I o understand that is a lot but I didn't ask for any of this as it was a big surprise. Now lets begin.

So I am basically going to go in the order of getting them.

On my birthday morning I only got presents off my brother, granddad, brother's girlfriend and my friends because my parents work of a morning and they wanted to be there when I open my presents of them.
First my granddad gave me a card, some money and a really cute teddy bear with a 13 necklace around it's neck. 
Then my brother got me a Outfit voucher and some products from the bran new Zoella range. He got me the 
- Shower cream
- Body scrub
- Body spray
- Bath fizzer
- Lip balm
- Makeup bag
I am aware that he got me the whole range apart from one product and I am hopefully going to be doing a first impressions very soon.
My brother's girlfriend then gave me some little goodies (2nd picture right hand side). I didn't see her but my brother gave me it off her, if that makes sense. So she got me
- 3 glittery pencils (orange,green and purple)
- Chocolate scented ruber
- Lip gloss in the shade NO 3
- The Body Shop Mini pink grapefruit body butter

Moving on to what my friends at school got me. My friend Olivia got me 
- Zoella Soak opera
- Zoella body lotion (newest range)
This wasn't planned but it was very coincidental that the only product I was missing was the body lotion and Olivia got me it. She also got me chocolate but there isn't a lot of it left (oops).
My other friend Penny got me the core collection from real techniques, again she also got me chocolate.  
My friend from dance called Gemma got me a card and some chocolate which she got me Thursday night as that is the only time I see her.

After I came home from school my parents still were not home but my brother was there and in the living room there was a black and white zebra print stiletto shoe. It also had a balloon with 13 on it attached. The imaged I used was off eBay but they are identical. 
Once they came in they convinced me that they were my only presents but right before my dinner my mum brought out a massive bag fill with presents. They got me..
- Next letter pillow (with G as the letter)
- Next 3 fake books
- Next 3 led candles
- Next diffuser (scent New York)
- Nike Personalized huaraches (with my name on the back)
- Fashion designing notebook
- Faber-Castell drawing set
- Metallic coloring pencils
- Topshop white tee with detail around waist and sleeves
- Dorothy Perkins three quarter white jeans
- Miss selfridge denim shorts with embroidery detailing
- Nike reversible jacket 
- Next denim jacket

So I hope you enjoyed this and as I said before I am very grateful for all of this. I also went shopping today so let me know if you want to see another haul or if you have other requests.

Grace xx


  1. Great post! It's my birthday on Saturday, i'm sooo excited! Hope you had a good day :)

    1. Thank you, I really did and I hope you have a great day on Saturday xx