Sunday, 9 August 2015

Pretty Little Liars: My thoughts and theories


Hi everyone so today's post is going to be something a little different. In celebration of A being revealed on Pretty Little Liars, I am going to be sharing my thought and theories on all things A. Don't forget to comment you theories and I hope you enjoy.

My theories:
Wow! Were do I begin. Firstly, I think Wren is A. I know lots of people think that and that is why I am starting to doubt my thoughts, but who else could it be?
Ever since Wren was introduced to Rosewood, I thought he was strange. Obviously it's said that A has blonde hair and blue eyes from the home movies the liars found but everyone changes. I had blonde hair and now I pretty much have brown hair. That could have happened to A.
Also, red coat is back. Personally, I think it is Mona, as the pictures for the season finale, Mona is wearing a red cape - like red coat. I think A forced her to spy on the liars so they wouldn't get hurt.
I know it's said that A is a Dilaurentis, but I have a thought. As you know Mrs Dilaurentis had an affair with Mr Hastings so she could have had another one. I have seen loads of theories saying that A is related to Toby, Sara, Bethany and they all make sense but I don't know what to believe. 

My theories on A and the finale...
Mrs Dilaurentis had an affair with someone (not sure who), and had Charles. I think he is only a couple more years older than Jason. Mrs D didn't want Mr D to find out about the affair so she convinced him that it was either his baby or a cousin. Jason then grew up with Charlie. As Mr D explained in one of the recent episodes, Charlie tried to drown Alison. I think this is because he was jealous of Alison, being the only girl and the youngest in the family he was probably jealous of the attention. I think Charlie wanted to be a girl therefore wanted to take her place so he tried to kill her. After that incident Mr and Mrs D wanted to send him somewhere he could get better, so they sent him to Radely. Living his life in Radely, he must have been angry also wanting to be a girl he discovered his love for dolls. He must have met Bethany at some point and then they both became "friends". But I think Charlie wanted to kill Alison so he made Bethany and Alison the same top all planned for "that night".

My theory on "that night"...
Mrs D got a phone call and told Alison not to go out tonight. I think this was because two Radely patients escaped - Charlie and Bethany. Bethany and Alison were wearing the same top, this is because Bethany would be able to distract the liars from Alison. But it went wrong! Charlie hit Alison, buried her, she got rescued. Bethany was killed by Melissa by being buried alive and Charles believed that Alison was dead.

My theories on the time jump and life after A...
I have seen a few spoilers saying...
- Hanna is the first the have a baby
- Ezra and Aria get married
- Spencer and Toby split up
but I don't really trust them. I think all the couples Ezra and Aria, Caleb and Hanna, Spencer and Toby, Emily and Sara and Alison and Lorenzo all stay together, but obviously go through ups and downs. I think Aria and Hanna will have kids. But when they all met again, I think they will all reconnect after the five years from being apart. I think A will be dead and Mona might be with Mike - I am not too sure. I don't think PLL could go on for another season if there was no A so I think there may be another enemy - Maybe another friend from Radely.

So I hope you enjoyed this post. I apologize if you don't watch Pretty Little Liars but I hope you still found it interesting to read. If you do watch PLL comment your thoughts as I would love to hear them.
Grace xx

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