Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Tanya Burr Hollywood Eye Shadow Palette | Hot or Not Wednesday

Hi everyone,
As requested today I am going to be giving my opinions on Tanya Burr's new eye shadow palette. I have only purchased one so I can't give my take on the others. This palette was best suited to me so, I am giving my take on the Hollywood palette.

I purchased this about a week ago so I am giving my first impressions. I bought this for £6, I don't really buy eye shadow palettes as I just stick to my favorites but this one was screaming to me. For £6, it is a bit steep in my opinion for 4 shadows from the drugstore but with super cute packaging and a cute mirror, I could let it go.

First impression:
After swatching it once I got home I figured out the pigmentation was super good. The were also really creamy and blend nicely across my hand. Also a range of different formulated eye shadows were featured in the palette.

In this case, I do think you pay for presentation for this product but it is sensible. The super cute gold stripped pattern, on the outside, gives it the super glamorous "Hollywood" feel. With the pink scalloped edging around the top and bottom also gives it a super cute girly touch. It is cardboard packaging which I do quit like but It is slightly bulky. To open the palette you just use the baby pink ribbon at the bottom, which is hassle free and super easy. The inside has a heart shaped mirror which is always great. The eye shadows are then in the cardboard (if you know what I mean) with silver edging. Shadows are engraved with stripes like the outside packaging, with the names of each shadow named underneath.

How do you use it?
On the back of the product explains a great look using all shades. I will just explain each shades formula, colour and where I would put it.
Nude delight - a matte yellow toned cream colour, great for inner corner or brow bone
Gold coin - shimmery light gold, could be used for inner lid or all over the lid
Enchantment - Pressed brown pigment with lots of gold glitters, really good for all over the lid
Bookworm - Matte medium brown shade, great for crease and lower lash line

What does it do?
Each color does different things. Eye shadow in general just makes your eyes look a lot more defined. I think this palette would be great for blue eyes, but it would look nice one anyone.

Which are my favorite?
I love Nude delight just for every day and recently I have been using Bookworm as a contour shade and a crease colour.

What are the negatives?
Personally I can't really think of one. The price tag could be improved and so can the packaging but nothing to do with the actual shadows.

What are the positives?
- Blend-ability
- Amount of product
- Really creamy

Would I recommend it? And to who?
I wouldn't recommend it for beginners just because you might struggle trying to apply it but if you know the basics, you could get away with this. I would really recommend this for anyone who is thinking of buying it. It is really good and easy to use.

Hot or Not?
Without a doubt HOT!

I really hope you enjoyed, please let me know if you did and let me know what I should review next.
Grace xx


  1. I love this series and definitely want to take a peek at Tanya's new range! :)

  2. I don't wear eye-shadow but I really want this palette! Great post x

    1. Thank you, if you do want to start wearing eye shadow this is great because it is so easy to apply, blend and use. xx