Friday, 30 October 2015

Some of my favorite pictures...

Hi everyone,
Right, I know I am not the best at photography, but it is something I really enjoy. These are just a few current pictures I have taken over a few months and have attempted to edit to "perfection". I hope you enjoyed this short post,  as I don't really do many lifestyle posts anymore. Let me know though, if you would like to see more life-related posts from me. Have a great day!
Grace xx

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Dubai Series: Holiday OOTD

Hi Everyone,
Today's post I am going to share with you one of my favorite outfits from my recent holiday to Dubai. I hope you enjoy!

Top - Matalan
Kimono - H&M
Shorts - Primark
Watch - Michael Kors
Shoes - Next
Phone Case - Victoria Secret

I hope you enjoyed this post. Sorry it's a little short, but a more chattier one will be coming your way very soon Have a great day.
Grace xx

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Halloween DIY's: Drinks, Makeup Look and Room Decor

 Hi everyone,
You can probably tell from the images above that this is not my typical beauty post today. Recently, I have noticed that all I seem to share on my blog is beauty and makeup so I want to switch it up a little bit (if you don't mind) starting with this post. Today's post is a colab with the lovely Bobo from Meet Me in Melford (link to blog here). She has a amazing blog and deserves so many more followers. Her DIY's are amazing and personally no one can top her creativity for me. I am not the best at DIY's so I'm sorry if these don't reach your standard but hopefully you get some inspiration from them. I tried to make these DIY's different so different people can use them, whether you are celebrating Halloween by dressing up with others or throwing yourself a pamper night. All of these are super inexpensive and you will probably own all the supplies round your house.

DIY 1: Melting Ghost Hot Chocolate
At this time of year and hot chocolate is the perfect way to top off a pamper night. For Halloween though you can't just do your typical hot chocolate, so a cute melting ghost makes a cute touch while adding a bit of Halloween spirit. For this you will just need your regular hot chocolate of your choice, (my favorite is Cadburys) some squirty cream and two chocolate chips. Create a little swirl of cream on top of your hot chocolate and add the chocolate chips as if it was the ghosts eyes. This would be the perfect treat if you are having a pamper night with the girl or by yourself. I think it would look cute with lots of them gathered together.

DIY 2: Black Cat Makeup Look
This year for Halloween, I am going as a black cat. For clothes I am just wearing all black but for my makeup, I am aiming to go quit bold. If you are stuck as what to dress up for Halloween, I hope you get some inspiration from this makeup look. Here are a few options for eyes, lips and a few extras,
Freedom Pro fixing spray - Sets your makeup and makes it last longer
Freedom Pro Lipsticks in Adorn (purple) and Red Wine (red) - Depending on how bold or dark you want your lips to be.
MUA LUXE Velvet Lip laquer in Potency - Darkest lip colour ever, but still would look amazing with almost any Halloween costume.
Revlon Nail Polish in Black Star - Perfect colour suited to Halloween.
Collection Extreme Liquid Eyeliner - An essential if you are going as a cat like me.
The Body Shop Black Coal Eyeliner - Easier to control or to outline before using liquid.
Collection Divine Waterproof Mascara - Just in case the weather in England gets any worse, but if you live somewhere warm this may not be needed.
Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner - Another inexpensive option, but gives a thicker line.
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Permanent Taupe - The perfect could to exaggerate the cat liner look.
MUA Eyeliner in Snow White - Adds highlights to the eye (inner corner and brow bone).
Sleek Au Natural Eye Shadow Palette - Has lots of neutral colours that would easily match a cat look. Certain grey shades could also work as a contour shade.

DIY 3: Colored Lanterns (aimed to look like pumpkins but failed)
This is a great touch if you are decorating the house for Halloween (or just autumn in general) and don't want to spend loads on decorations. All you need is card (colour of your choice), scissors, ruler, pencil, stapler and a LED light (mine are from Next) all the other supplies you could easily buy from Poundland or Home Bargains but you probably already own them. Each lantern you do can be a different colour and widths. 
1. Cut strips of card of your choice. I found that six strips in total worked best. Don't forget you can change width and colour of card as much as you want, I just went simple as an example.
2. Gather all pieces together around equally in a circle for it to look a bit like a star and staple them so all pieces are included.
3. Do the same to the other side and it should a bit like a oval.
4. Add in the switched on LED light.
5. Turn off all the lights and relax.

I hope you enjoyed this. I do apologize as I am not the best at DIY's but let me know if this has actually helped. Don't forget to read Bobo's post as she is so lovely. Have a great day!
Grace xx

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Dubai Series: What's in my Dubai Makeup Bag

Hi everyone,
I know that I said my Dubai series was going to take part last week but the wifi in my room was not free so I was unable to post. Anyway, I have decided to post every other day until Halloween. These posts might be part of my Dubai series or Halloween themed posts, so I hope there is something for everyone to read this week. My Dubai series might also continue through November depending on whether you want to see it or not. Now moving on to today's post. I am going to share with you the makeup products I took to Dubai. Some of these products I love and were a necessity for a holiday like this, and some products I was testing out for the first time.

Freedom Pro Mattify Primer - Makes my makeup last longer while keeping my oily skin at bay.
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - Includes spf and gives a light coverage.
MUA Pro-base Prime and Conceal Palette - Review here
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Brought two shades in case I get a bit of a tan.
Natural Collection Creamy Concealer - Perfect light coverage concealer.
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer - Hides the jet lag.
Collection Speedy Blush Stick in Cheeky - Quick, easy and looks super natural.

Powder Products:
Freedom Pressed Powder - Use to set my under eye concealer
Collection Bronze Glow - Makes me look even more tanned.
Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder - Sets my whole face in place with out making it look super caked.

Freedom Innocent Collection Eye Shadow Palette - Mainly brought it for it's massive mirror.
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara - Super small and does a great job.
Primark Brow Gel - Sets my brows in place.
Maybelline Colour Tattoos in Permanent Taupe and On and On Bronze - Super fast and last a long time.
MUA Eyeliner in Snow White - Adds a lot of brightness to the inner corner and brow bone.
The Body Shop Black Eyeliner - Gives my eyes a lot more definition.

Victoria Secret Lip Gloss in Totally Hot - Lasts a long time, great colour pay off and looks amazing.
Oriflame Lip Gloss in Sugar Glaze - Works well with any lip products underneath.
Freedom Pro Butters Lip Gloss in Cat Whiskers - I just love the name of this and the colour is gorgeous.
The Body Shop Honeymania Lip Balm - Super thick and moisturizing.
Victoria Secret Lip Scrub in Strawberry Fizz - Does a great job at exfoliating the lips and tastes amazing.
Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm spf 15 - This is the only lip balm I own with spf so I had to bring it.
MUA Paint Box in Beige Nudes & Honey Browns - Comes with five nude colours and a big mirror.
Revlon Lacquer Balm in Demure - Acts like a balm, lipstick and gloss all in one.
MUA Lip Liner in Caramel Nougat - Really good pigmentation and looks great with either lip gloss.
Benefit Bene Tint - Two in one for lips and cheeks with is super natural.

Real Techniques

The Body Shop
Random ones

Primark Eyelash curlers

Freedom Fixing Spray
Home Bargains Beauty Blender
Primark Pocket Mirror

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you are looking forward to the rest of my Dubai series. Feel free to comment any post ideas you might have for Halloween. Have a great day!
Grace xx

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Dubai Series: My Pre-Holiday Preperations

Hi everyone,
I am super excited for this post today, because it is my first post of the Dubai series I am running on this blog. In case you don't follow my instagram (which you really should: Gracexkate) I announced a while ago I was going to Dubai for my brothers birthday. I asked if you wanted a Dubai series and you all said yes, so that is what I am doing. This series is going to start today and finish next Sunday and I will be posting everyday. Feel free to comment and post ideas you would like to see during this series. Enough with all the rambling, today's post is going to be, what I do in preparation for my holiday. This is not in any order, so let's just begin.

Obviously this is self explanatory  because you can't go away without packing a few essentials. As I am going away for five days, I packed my main luggage and my carry on (which I am planning on doing a post on). I just pack everything from clothes to toiletries to accessories.

Paint Nails
I like to do this because in my school you are not allowed to wear nail polish, and since I am quit a heavy collector of them, I like to use them before my holiday so they all don't go to waste. I paint my fingernails and my toe nails because I want a super cute colour to pop out when I wear flip flops and sandals. I might also take a few mini polishes with me if I am going to be in the water a lot.

Download a New Playlist
I always love new music but on my phone, the way I do it takes forever. Right before a holiday, I have to add some new music because if not, I would jut get bored. Especially if I have to get on a plane because all I seem to do is listen to music.

If your going on a colder holiday then this may not be needed, but on a warm holiday this is a must. Obviously you don't want your constant growing winter coat (hairy legs) when your in a gorgeous bikini. I just shave my under arms and my legs the night before the holiday.

Clean Room
When you leave to go on your holiday you don't really want to think about coming back, but it has to happen. When you come back you don't want your room to be a tip, because your probably really tired and you wont want to clean up all the junk you forgot to tidy away before you left. I also find it super welcoming to have a super clean and polished room.

Have Hot Shower
I am not a bath person which is super sad because all the great smelling Lush products just go to waste in my hands. Normally it would be a shower just because I prefer them a lot more. I have a shower normally the morning I go, just so my hair is super fresh and I feel clean. In the shower I would just shave, scrub, wash my body, shampoo, condition my hair and exfoliate my skin to wake me up. I find that this just makes me feel fully prepared for the long day ahead of me.

Face mask
I love to do this before I go away because it gives my skin a treat and I just feel so much more better. I always try to go for a hydrating one or a radiance boosting because my skin will not get as dehydrated on the plane as it would without the face mask. 

 I hope you enjoyed this post and your looking forward to my Dubai series. Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin and all my other social medias to keep on top of my posts. Have a great day!
Grace xx

Friday, 16 October 2015

Autumn GRWM: Outfit, Makeup and Hair

Hi everyone,
As you can probably tell by the title, today's post is going to be another get ready with me. The last time I did one (Concert GRWM Linked here) you all really seemed to enjoy, so I thought I would give another one a go. This one is just going to be a Autumn GRWM as a few new makeup bits have slipped into my makeup bag that I wanted to share with you.

Makeup products I used: (in order)
MUA Skin define hydro primer - £5
MUA Pro-Base prime and conceal palette - £4
Collection Lasting perfection - £4.19
Rimmel Clear complexion powder - £3.99
Benefit Bene tint mini - ???
Asda Eyebrow gel - ???
Primark Eyelash curlers - £1.50 (?)
Revlon Lash potion - £5 (on offer)

Nivea Pearly shine - £1
Tanya Burr Lip gloss in Sparkling dewdrops - £1.99

TREAemme protect heat defence spray
Babyliss Hair strighteners

Checkered shirt - Topshop - £30
White Vest top - Matalan - £6
Jeans - Topshop (Joni Ripped) - £36
Chelsea boots - River Island £40
(I don't have a picture of them but they are in this blog post linked here)

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you want me to do these more often, and if you would like to see a Halloween one. Have a great day!
Grace xx

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Autumn Nudes

Hi everyone,
Today's post is going to be something a little different. If you know me personally, you will know I am a very neutral person, I don't like anything too bold. So today's post I am going to share with you my favorite neutral products for autumn (if that makes sense).

Natural Collection blush in Peach Melba - £1.99 - Great bargain for such amazing quality!
Benefit Bene Tint - (came in gift set) - Such a natural flush to the cheeks, and also looks great on lips.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Permanent Taupe - $4.99 - Amazing, quick, easy and simple way to add a bit of colour on your eyes.
Revlon Eye shadow in Nude Slip - £1.99 - Gorgeous colour for all over the lid, and with a matte brown in the crease gives a amazing finish to the eye.

MUA Lip liner in Caramel Nougat - £1 - Great value for money and lasts along time on the lips.
Collection Cream Puff in Powder Puff - £2.99 - One of my favorite matte lip products, not drying and smells amazing.
Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Iced Caramel - £1.99 - Amazing dark nude shade, super creamy and is very pigmented.
MUA Lip Palette in Beige Nudes and Honey Browns - £4.00 - Super creamy, great for travelling and come with loads of colours for each skin tone.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts on these products if you have them. Have a great day!
Grace xx

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Berries, Baths & Bonfire Tag

Hi everyone,
Today's post was not planned but I really wanted to do it anyway. This is a new tag and both Ellie and Emily tagged me to do it (blogs linked on their names). I really hope you enjoy this post and the people I tag will be linked at the end.

1. Favorite thing about autumn?
Can I say everything? I love the fashion, makeup, hot chocolate, layering, cosy-ness, more baths and the fact it is closer to Christmas and Halloween,

2. Go To Autumn Eye Look?

I like to go quit simple with a nude all over the lid, dark brown in the crease and sometimes a maroon in the outer corner, a bit of black eye liner on the upper lash line and top it off with some mascara.

3. Favorite Autumn Lip Product?
For autumn I go for more darker nudes and berry tones. At the moment it is the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Iced Caramel.

4. Favorite Autumn Sweater?
Probably my cropped one from H&M, it's not really a "sweater" but it is my favorite. I featured it in a recent fashion post (linked here).

5. Favorite Autumn Trend?
Makeup would have to be golden eyes or berry lips. For fashion, checkered anything! or ripped jeans.

6. Favorite Autumn Pamper Product?
Lush Snow Fairy, It's just a classic!

7. Bath Bombs or Bubble Bars?
Little secret... I have never (that's right?) NEVER tried a lush or any other brands bath bombs or bubble bars. I'm sorry to say that but it's true. Anyway, I am hoping to buy some of Lush's Christmas stuff very soon so let me know what you would recommend me buying.

8. Best way to chill in autumn?
Lie in bed, watching youtube, wrapped up in a blanket, while eating chocolate!

9. Favorite Halloween show or movie?
I'm not sure if this counts, but the Pretty Little Liars Halloween specials are amazing!

10. Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate?
I don't like coffee (sorry coffee lovers), and I like both tea and hot chocolate a lot. I would say though, I do drink more hot chocolate in autumn/winter.

I tag...

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great day!
Grace xx

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

My Autumn Pamper Routine

Hi everyone,
Today's post, as you can tell by the title, is a pamper routine. I have never really done a pamper routine before so let me know if I should do more routines. Anyway, this is a colab with Enlightgirl (blog link here). Don't forget to go and read her post once you are done!Let's just begin!

Step 1 - Earn your pamper night!
This might just be me, but I like to earn what I get, (a bit strange... I know). To earn a pamper night, I will either do some homework, chores, take some new blog pictures or even write a new post so I feel like I have something that makes me deserve a pamper night. Occasionally, if I have had a super stressful day or I have something big coming up then I will also do this but might miss out the whole "being productive" part. I like to do this because I feel super productive and it gives me one less this to think about when I am trying to relax.

Step 2 - The treat snack!
Obviously you can't have a pamper night without some unhealthy food! Today I chose to have a hot chocolate as it is now autumn and it is slightly colder outside. For something to eat, again being unhealthy, I went with chocolate pop tarts as they are a super yummy and I honestly think I have an addiction. With the hot chocolate I added some chocolate chips, marshmallow and whipped cream.

Step 3 - Pre-Bath preperation!
Before I have a bath,I like taking my makeup off so the steam from the bath can open my pores and no makeup will get clogged. To take off my makeup, I use the Garnier Micellar water, just so I can get it off as soon as possible. I will then exfoliate my skin, and on a pamper night I like to use a thicker scrub than usual. My current favorite scrub to use on a pamper night, is the Zoella Scrubbing me softly body scrub. I normally just put this all over my legs, arms and feet. I like to scrub my body on dry skin as I feel like it does more.

Step 4 - Bath Time!
On a pamper night, I can't just have a plain old bath, so to make it a bit more exciting I use the Zoella Fizz bar and The Body Shop Honeymania bubble bath melt (review here). They both smell amazing and together they work as the perfect bath combo. Next step, is just to get into the bath, and as soon as I have done that, the scrub starts to wash off, so I just let that do it's thing and then I wash my body. My current favorite shower gel to use in the bath is Lush's Snow Fairy. It's a simple Lush classic and it makes me feel so relax. When the steam has got to my skin a bit, I then put on a face mask to clean my pores. My two current favorites are the Montagne jeunesse chocolate face mask and the Ren Radiance renewal mask. Once they have set I will just wash it off with some warm water. I then might choose to wash my hair but I usually prefer to do that in the shower, so I don't do it very often. Once I have done 

Step 5 - Moisturize!
Obviously, this is a pamper routine so hydrating your skin is a must. For my body I use a super thick body butter and my usual one is the NSPA Clementine rich body butter. For my face I will either use E45 Cream which I use rarely, but is great for a pamper routine as it just adds so much moisture into the skin, or my everyday one, which is the Garnier intense care cream, but sometimes I might even mix the two, all just depending on my mood.

Step 6 - Before you can sleep!
After I have moisturized, I will then put on some really fluffy pj bottoms and just a regular top. The ones in this picture are from Forever 21 and they are so super soft. Before I then get into bed, I will just exfoliate my lips with the Lush mint julips lip scrub. Finally, I will just moisturize them with the Nivea essential care lip balm, which is my all time favorite.

Step 7 - Focus on the feet!
The final step I do before I get into bed, is all focused on my feet. I first file them with the Schol feet file (thing?!?!) an then follow up with The Body Shop grapefruit body butter to moisturize.

Step 8 - The time spent doing nothing!
Now I feel nice and fresh, I will just lie in bed and watch a film, youtube, read a few new blog posts, reply to comments and emails, listen to music or just go onto my phone. Which ever one I am in the mood for.

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Follow me on my social media to find out when I post and don't forget to check out Enlightgirl's post! Have a great day!
Grace xx

Sunday, 4 October 2015

End of Summer/Autumn Haul

Hi everyone,
Welcome to the first post of October *audience screams and claps*. Even though I cannot believe it is October, I thought I would start off this month with a haul. This has been over around a month (don't worry I am not crazy) so this is quit collective. Before I start I also want to say that loads of items I bought, I have already mentioned in some of my posts so this has been over a long period of time.

Clothing,accessories and shoes
Image one - Summer Items - Anti-clockwise (starting from top left corner)

Aztec vest crop top - H&M - £3.99
Honestly, I can't remember when I bought this, all I know is that it was a long time ago. I see everyone my age wearing these and my mum has never liked them. While we were in H&M my mum picked out this one and since I got her approval I bought it. I have not worn this yet but I am planning to wear it on holiday. This is really good quality and for an amazing price too.

Reflective sunglasses - Matalan - Around £2-3 ish??
My mum and I always go in Matalan and the last time we went there was a huge sale! Last year I saw a pair of sunglasses like these in Primark which I never bought, anyway this year I couldn't fine them. In Matalan though there was one pair left and even though they are a bit faulty they were super cheap. I will also be taking these on my holiday to the beach and stuff instead of taking my more expensive pair.

Plain black bikini bottoms - Matalan - £3 (originally £5)
Again the same as the sunglasses, all the summer stuff was on sale and the bikini bottoms were like 30% off. The last time I went before this bikinis were on 3 for 2, I picked up a coral on in top and bottoms and a plain black top. So since coming there again, I decided to pick up the plain black bottoms to match. They were originally £5 and they go with everything!

Grey burnout vest - Primark - £2 (originally £4)
Primark was also having a huge sale on all their left over summer stock so I bought this vest top. I must say it is very see-through but as soon as I looked at the tag it was there at the till ready for me to buy it! I feel like this is very "Zoella" as it looks like something she would wear. The only thing I am not to keen on is the three buttons done the middle, but as I am going to use this as a bikini cover up, it am not that bothered.

Orange flip flops - Primark - £1 (originally £3)
I was in need for some new cheap flip flops to go to the beach in and I wouldn't be worrying about ruining them, so I went to Primark for some. Personally, I don't like the flip flops that stick between your toes as I find them super uncomfortable but a design like these I can handle. I bought these in a size 7-8, no not because I have massive feet! I have size five and a half feet but as my feet are quit wide the 5-6 pair was not very comfortable.

Image 2 - Random Extras - Anti-clockwise (starting from top left corner)

Baby pink quilted coin purse - Primark - £2
I bought this before school started as my everyday purse was too big for my school blazer. I thought a cute coin purse would be the way to go as I don't need much money for school anyway. I love Primark's purses and this one was such a good price and it looks super cute.

Lollipop large makeup bag - Primark - £4
I also really love Primarks makeup bags, they are so cheap and look so cute. I choose this one because I though it would be good for travelling as it is really big. The design of this is really cute with pastel polka dots and lollipops on. This was such a great price and I can tell that this will last me a long time.

Floral two-section makeup bag - Primark - £3
As soon as I saw this, I honestly died for the pattern! The main reason I bought this makeup bag was because I wanted to use it as my pencil case for school this year. I liked how big it was in such a small space, (it that makes sense) anyway I just love everything about this and it makes a great pencil case.

Three pairs of tights - Matalan - £4
As it is getting colder, I wanted some new tights as I don't like re-wearing mine from the previous year because most of them have ladders in anyway. These ones from Matalan were at a good price and I'm sure they will do a great job at keeping my legs warm.

Image 3 - Some Winter Pieces - Left to Right

Eyelash fur crop top - Holister - £6.99 (on sale, not sure on original price)
I never thought I would ever buy this from looking at it on the hanger, but I tried it on and I really liked how it fitted. For Holister this is a really good price, and it is such good quality. If you find this on the sale rack, I really suggest you buy it because I am sure they will sell out quick. They also had a white version which I really wanted, but life lesson of today...
Grace + White Anything = Staining or the item not being white anymore!

Checkered shirt - Topshop - £30
When my parents went on a weekend away to London, they very kindly bought me the next three things. Firstly they bought me this gorgeous thing! I am absolutely in love with this, it looks super cute with anything and it is so autumnal.

Denim A-Line skirt - Topshop - £28
Again my parents bought me this. Sadly this does not fit, even though this is an 8 (my normal size fr my lower half) it doesn't fit round my legs or waist. Next week I should be exchanging this for the size 6 hopefully, if it fits nice, but I still really appreciate this. My mum loves me wearing skirts but I much prefer jeans anyway, these sorts of skirts make me feel super confident as I think they flatter my figure.

Image 3 - Winter Essentials - Left to Right

Chelsea boots - River Island - £40 (sale, not sure on original price)
This was the last thing my parents bought me, and it might be my favorite. I have always wanted a pair of Chelsea boots, I have just never bought them. My parents couldn't have done a better job with picking these out. I love these so much and I can't wait to wear them all this winter.

Black jacket - Primark - £15
I now I needed this coat, as I needed a super thick and warming coat but it wasn't too big. I saw this on the Primark website and I new I wanted it straight away. The price was really reasonable as I thought in other shops it would probably cost a lot more.

Image 4 - The Only Home-related Item

Velvet Ghost Bedding - Primark - £14
As I got my room done a few weeks before this range was being announced, I was on the hunt for some new bedding. Once Gabby had announced her Primark home range and I saw the bedding, I didn't want it... I needed it!!! Now that I have it, I love it so much and it matches my room so well.

Image 5 - Not going to go in huge detail with each product - Clockwise (starting from left to right)

Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Punch - But on get one half price - £2.99 - Superdrug
Maybelline Baby Lips in Melon Mania - But on get one half price - £1.49 - Superdrug
Maybelline Lipstick in Iced Caramel - £1.99 - TJ Huges
Batiste in Cherry - Half price - £1.29 - Superdrug
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - £1 - Home Bargin
PS Love Texturing Spray - £2 - Primark
Simple Face Wipes - Half Price - £1.49 - Asda
Tanya Burr Hollywood eye shadow palette - £6.00 - Superdrug
MUA Lip Liner in Caramel Nougat - £1 - Superdrug

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you would like to see more or less of hauls and I will sure do that for you. Have a great day!
Grace xx