Sunday, 4 October 2015

End of Summer/Autumn Haul

Hi everyone,
Welcome to the first post of October *audience screams and claps*. Even though I cannot believe it is October, I thought I would start off this month with a haul. This has been over around a month (don't worry I am not crazy) so this is quit collective. Before I start I also want to say that loads of items I bought, I have already mentioned in some of my posts so this has been over a long period of time.

Clothing,accessories and shoes
Image one - Summer Items - Anti-clockwise (starting from top left corner)

Aztec vest crop top - H&M - £3.99
Honestly, I can't remember when I bought this, all I know is that it was a long time ago. I see everyone my age wearing these and my mum has never liked them. While we were in H&M my mum picked out this one and since I got her approval I bought it. I have not worn this yet but I am planning to wear it on holiday. This is really good quality and for an amazing price too.

Reflective sunglasses - Matalan - Around £2-3 ish??
My mum and I always go in Matalan and the last time we went there was a huge sale! Last year I saw a pair of sunglasses like these in Primark which I never bought, anyway this year I couldn't fine them. In Matalan though there was one pair left and even though they are a bit faulty they were super cheap. I will also be taking these on my holiday to the beach and stuff instead of taking my more expensive pair.

Plain black bikini bottoms - Matalan - £3 (originally £5)
Again the same as the sunglasses, all the summer stuff was on sale and the bikini bottoms were like 30% off. The last time I went before this bikinis were on 3 for 2, I picked up a coral on in top and bottoms and a plain black top. So since coming there again, I decided to pick up the plain black bottoms to match. They were originally £5 and they go with everything!

Grey burnout vest - Primark - £2 (originally £4)
Primark was also having a huge sale on all their left over summer stock so I bought this vest top. I must say it is very see-through but as soon as I looked at the tag it was there at the till ready for me to buy it! I feel like this is very "Zoella" as it looks like something she would wear. The only thing I am not to keen on is the three buttons done the middle, but as I am going to use this as a bikini cover up, it am not that bothered.

Orange flip flops - Primark - £1 (originally £3)
I was in need for some new cheap flip flops to go to the beach in and I wouldn't be worrying about ruining them, so I went to Primark for some. Personally, I don't like the flip flops that stick between your toes as I find them super uncomfortable but a design like these I can handle. I bought these in a size 7-8, no not because I have massive feet! I have size five and a half feet but as my feet are quit wide the 5-6 pair was not very comfortable.

Image 2 - Random Extras - Anti-clockwise (starting from top left corner)

Baby pink quilted coin purse - Primark - £2
I bought this before school started as my everyday purse was too big for my school blazer. I thought a cute coin purse would be the way to go as I don't need much money for school anyway. I love Primark's purses and this one was such a good price and it looks super cute.

Lollipop large makeup bag - Primark - £4
I also really love Primarks makeup bags, they are so cheap and look so cute. I choose this one because I though it would be good for travelling as it is really big. The design of this is really cute with pastel polka dots and lollipops on. This was such a great price and I can tell that this will last me a long time.

Floral two-section makeup bag - Primark - £3
As soon as I saw this, I honestly died for the pattern! The main reason I bought this makeup bag was because I wanted to use it as my pencil case for school this year. I liked how big it was in such a small space, (it that makes sense) anyway I just love everything about this and it makes a great pencil case.

Three pairs of tights - Matalan - £4
As it is getting colder, I wanted some new tights as I don't like re-wearing mine from the previous year because most of them have ladders in anyway. These ones from Matalan were at a good price and I'm sure they will do a great job at keeping my legs warm.

Image 3 - Some Winter Pieces - Left to Right

Eyelash fur crop top - Holister - £6.99 (on sale, not sure on original price)
I never thought I would ever buy this from looking at it on the hanger, but I tried it on and I really liked how it fitted. For Holister this is a really good price, and it is such good quality. If you find this on the sale rack, I really suggest you buy it because I am sure they will sell out quick. They also had a white version which I really wanted, but life lesson of today...
Grace + White Anything = Staining or the item not being white anymore!

Checkered shirt - Topshop - £30
When my parents went on a weekend away to London, they very kindly bought me the next three things. Firstly they bought me this gorgeous thing! I am absolutely in love with this, it looks super cute with anything and it is so autumnal.

Denim A-Line skirt - Topshop - £28
Again my parents bought me this. Sadly this does not fit, even though this is an 8 (my normal size fr my lower half) it doesn't fit round my legs or waist. Next week I should be exchanging this for the size 6 hopefully, if it fits nice, but I still really appreciate this. My mum loves me wearing skirts but I much prefer jeans anyway, these sorts of skirts make me feel super confident as I think they flatter my figure.

Image 3 - Winter Essentials - Left to Right

Chelsea boots - River Island - £40 (sale, not sure on original price)
This was the last thing my parents bought me, and it might be my favorite. I have always wanted a pair of Chelsea boots, I have just never bought them. My parents couldn't have done a better job with picking these out. I love these so much and I can't wait to wear them all this winter.

Black jacket - Primark - £15
I now I needed this coat, as I needed a super thick and warming coat but it wasn't too big. I saw this on the Primark website and I new I wanted it straight away. The price was really reasonable as I thought in other shops it would probably cost a lot more.

Image 4 - The Only Home-related Item

Velvet Ghost Bedding - Primark - £14
As I got my room done a few weeks before this range was being announced, I was on the hunt for some new bedding. Once Gabby had announced her Primark home range and I saw the bedding, I didn't want it... I needed it!!! Now that I have it, I love it so much and it matches my room so well.

Image 5 - Not going to go in huge detail with each product - Clockwise (starting from left to right)

Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Punch - But on get one half price - £2.99 - Superdrug
Maybelline Baby Lips in Melon Mania - But on get one half price - £1.49 - Superdrug
Maybelline Lipstick in Iced Caramel - £1.99 - TJ Huges
Batiste in Cherry - Half price - £1.29 - Superdrug
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - £1 - Home Bargin
PS Love Texturing Spray - £2 - Primark
Simple Face Wipes - Half Price - £1.49 - Asda
Tanya Burr Hollywood eye shadow palette - £6.00 - Superdrug
MUA Lip Liner in Caramel Nougat - £1 - Superdrug

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you would like to see more or less of hauls and I will sure do that for you. Have a great day!
Grace xx


  1. Love the bag! And ah I need that bedding I love gabbys range!! I recently got the Garnier micellar water and its so gentle on my skin I'm glad I joined the bandwagon lol! I have that eyeshadow palette from Tanya Burr it's lovely, it was deffo my fave out of them all! X
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  2. The Hollister cropped jumper is so so cute!!

  3. Everything you bought is soo cute! such an awesome post, I love your blog so much - youre such a talented blogger, keep it up!
    have a great day,
    ~ basicallychloe xx
    Don't forget to smile! :) ~ x ☆

    1. Thank you so much, I love your blog too!
      Grace xx

  4. Definitly need to go have a look for some of these clothes, they are so great! - xx

  5. Gosh, you got some deals going on, Grace! Loving those sunnies, and how adorable is that bedding?!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  6. looks like you got some nice things! really want to try tanya's makeup :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. I have done a review of some of here products in the past, but they are super lovely!
      Grace xx