Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Halloween DIY's: Drinks, Makeup Look and Room Decor

 Hi everyone,
You can probably tell from the images above that this is not my typical beauty post today. Recently, I have noticed that all I seem to share on my blog is beauty and makeup so I want to switch it up a little bit (if you don't mind) starting with this post. Today's post is a colab with the lovely Bobo from Meet Me in Melford (link to blog here). She has a amazing blog and deserves so many more followers. Her DIY's are amazing and personally no one can top her creativity for me. I am not the best at DIY's so I'm sorry if these don't reach your standard but hopefully you get some inspiration from them. I tried to make these DIY's different so different people can use them, whether you are celebrating Halloween by dressing up with others or throwing yourself a pamper night. All of these are super inexpensive and you will probably own all the supplies round your house.

DIY 1: Melting Ghost Hot Chocolate
At this time of year and hot chocolate is the perfect way to top off a pamper night. For Halloween though you can't just do your typical hot chocolate, so a cute melting ghost makes a cute touch while adding a bit of Halloween spirit. For this you will just need your regular hot chocolate of your choice, (my favorite is Cadburys) some squirty cream and two chocolate chips. Create a little swirl of cream on top of your hot chocolate and add the chocolate chips as if it was the ghosts eyes. This would be the perfect treat if you are having a pamper night with the girl or by yourself. I think it would look cute with lots of them gathered together.

DIY 2: Black Cat Makeup Look
This year for Halloween, I am going as a black cat. For clothes I am just wearing all black but for my makeup, I am aiming to go quit bold. If you are stuck as what to dress up for Halloween, I hope you get some inspiration from this makeup look. Here are a few options for eyes, lips and a few extras,
Freedom Pro fixing spray - Sets your makeup and makes it last longer
Freedom Pro Lipsticks in Adorn (purple) and Red Wine (red) - Depending on how bold or dark you want your lips to be.
MUA LUXE Velvet Lip laquer in Potency - Darkest lip colour ever, but still would look amazing with almost any Halloween costume.
Revlon Nail Polish in Black Star - Perfect colour suited to Halloween.
Collection Extreme Liquid Eyeliner - An essential if you are going as a cat like me.
The Body Shop Black Coal Eyeliner - Easier to control or to outline before using liquid.
Collection Divine Waterproof Mascara - Just in case the weather in England gets any worse, but if you live somewhere warm this may not be needed.
Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner - Another inexpensive option, but gives a thicker line.
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Permanent Taupe - The perfect could to exaggerate the cat liner look.
MUA Eyeliner in Snow White - Adds highlights to the eye (inner corner and brow bone).
Sleek Au Natural Eye Shadow Palette - Has lots of neutral colours that would easily match a cat look. Certain grey shades could also work as a contour shade.

DIY 3: Colored Lanterns (aimed to look like pumpkins but failed)
This is a great touch if you are decorating the house for Halloween (or just autumn in general) and don't want to spend loads on decorations. All you need is card (colour of your choice), scissors, ruler, pencil, stapler and a LED light (mine are from Next) all the other supplies you could easily buy from Poundland or Home Bargains but you probably already own them. Each lantern you do can be a different colour and widths. 
1. Cut strips of card of your choice. I found that six strips in total worked best. Don't forget you can change width and colour of card as much as you want, I just went simple as an example.
2. Gather all pieces together around equally in a circle for it to look a bit like a star and staple them so all pieces are included.
3. Do the same to the other side and it should a bit like a oval.
4. Add in the switched on LED light.
5. Turn off all the lights and relax.

I hope you enjoyed this. I do apologize as I am not the best at DIY's but let me know if this has actually helped. Don't forget to read Bobo's post as she is so lovely. Have a great day!
Grace xx


  1. I love the ghost hot chocolate! I love reading DIY posts, and this one was really good! I love your blog!x
    ~ basicallychloe x
    Don't forget to smile! :) ~ x
    have a truly great day!

  2. The hot chocolate looks so tasty!! I will defo do the diy, and it looks amazing. Your blogs keep getting better and better xx


  3. You've made me want a hot chocolate right now and I'm not even that keen on hot chocolate haha! X