Wednesday, 7 October 2015

My Autumn Pamper Routine

Hi everyone,
Today's post, as you can tell by the title, is a pamper routine. I have never really done a pamper routine before so let me know if I should do more routines. Anyway, this is a colab with Enlightgirl (blog link here). Don't forget to go and read her post once you are done!Let's just begin!

Step 1 - Earn your pamper night!
This might just be me, but I like to earn what I get, (a bit strange... I know). To earn a pamper night, I will either do some homework, chores, take some new blog pictures or even write a new post so I feel like I have something that makes me deserve a pamper night. Occasionally, if I have had a super stressful day or I have something big coming up then I will also do this but might miss out the whole "being productive" part. I like to do this because I feel super productive and it gives me one less this to think about when I am trying to relax.

Step 2 - The treat snack!
Obviously you can't have a pamper night without some unhealthy food! Today I chose to have a hot chocolate as it is now autumn and it is slightly colder outside. For something to eat, again being unhealthy, I went with chocolate pop tarts as they are a super yummy and I honestly think I have an addiction. With the hot chocolate I added some chocolate chips, marshmallow and whipped cream.

Step 3 - Pre-Bath preperation!
Before I have a bath,I like taking my makeup off so the steam from the bath can open my pores and no makeup will get clogged. To take off my makeup, I use the Garnier Micellar water, just so I can get it off as soon as possible. I will then exfoliate my skin, and on a pamper night I like to use a thicker scrub than usual. My current favorite scrub to use on a pamper night, is the Zoella Scrubbing me softly body scrub. I normally just put this all over my legs, arms and feet. I like to scrub my body on dry skin as I feel like it does more.

Step 4 - Bath Time!
On a pamper night, I can't just have a plain old bath, so to make it a bit more exciting I use the Zoella Fizz bar and The Body Shop Honeymania bubble bath melt (review here). They both smell amazing and together they work as the perfect bath combo. Next step, is just to get into the bath, and as soon as I have done that, the scrub starts to wash off, so I just let that do it's thing and then I wash my body. My current favorite shower gel to use in the bath is Lush's Snow Fairy. It's a simple Lush classic and it makes me feel so relax. When the steam has got to my skin a bit, I then put on a face mask to clean my pores. My two current favorites are the Montagne jeunesse chocolate face mask and the Ren Radiance renewal mask. Once they have set I will just wash it off with some warm water. I then might choose to wash my hair but I usually prefer to do that in the shower, so I don't do it very often. Once I have done 

Step 5 - Moisturize!
Obviously, this is a pamper routine so hydrating your skin is a must. For my body I use a super thick body butter and my usual one is the NSPA Clementine rich body butter. For my face I will either use E45 Cream which I use rarely, but is great for a pamper routine as it just adds so much moisture into the skin, or my everyday one, which is the Garnier intense care cream, but sometimes I might even mix the two, all just depending on my mood.

Step 6 - Before you can sleep!
After I have moisturized, I will then put on some really fluffy pj bottoms and just a regular top. The ones in this picture are from Forever 21 and they are so super soft. Before I then get into bed, I will just exfoliate my lips with the Lush mint julips lip scrub. Finally, I will just moisturize them with the Nivea essential care lip balm, which is my all time favorite.

Step 7 - Focus on the feet!
The final step I do before I get into bed, is all focused on my feet. I first file them with the Schol feet file (thing?!?!) an then follow up with The Body Shop grapefruit body butter to moisturize.

Step 8 - The time spent doing nothing!
Now I feel nice and fresh, I will just lie in bed and watch a film, youtube, read a few new blog posts, reply to comments and emails, listen to music or just go onto my phone. Which ever one I am in the mood for.

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Follow me on my social media to find out when I post and don't forget to check out Enlightgirl's post! Have a great day!
Grace xx


  1. I so need to have a pamper night soon, I didn't realise how good they look! lovely post xx

  2. This looks so lovely! I wish I had time to do a pamper night x :)

  3. I LOVE pampering!! The hot chocolate looks amazing... craving one now!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  4. Although I like to have a bit of time to myself each week I feel like I haven't had a proper pamper night and this has inspired me!! XO

  5. Loved this! I so need to add step7 into my pamper routine! X