Thursday, 17 December 2015

Blogmas Day 17 - Top Five Christmas Films

Hi everyone,
Today I was sort of stuck for ideas, so make sure you comment what you want to see. Anyways I thought today I would share with you my favorite Christmas films. Most people who are also doing blogmas has already done this post, but I am going to do it today. The films will be in no order as I love them all the same!

I also just wanted to say that this is my 100th blog post (Whatttttttt!!!!) so thank you so much everyone for sticking by me!

1. Home Alone
This has to be an all time favorite for me. It is funny, sad and most of all festive!

2. Jingle All The Way
Again this is another classic for me. This is a super christmassy film and it is also a feel good film. 

3. Jack Frost
Not a lot of people I know have seen this film but I love it. It is a very emotional film but it is christmassy and it has a very good story line.

4. Miracle on 34th Street
I have only seen this film a few times but I love it, it has a great story line and is a great family film.

5. Elf
How could I forget Elf? This is a great film, it is most peoples favorite and I can totally see why. It is so funny and it always put me straight in the Christmas spirit.

I hope you enjoyed this short post. Hopefully I will be a little more inspired tomorrow. Have a great day!
Grace xx


  1. Home alone is definitely an all time favourite of mine too x

  2. I agree home alone is definitely a fave! But what about The Nightmare Before Christmas?? xxx


    1. I have actually never seen that film!

  3. I love elf! x

  4. I also did a post on my top five Christmas films, great minds think alike haha! I love Home Alone too, it made it to my top five!

    Aim | x x