Thursday, 24 December 2015

Blogmas Day 24 - W7 Advent Calendar First Impressions

Hi everyone, 
Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas, I certainly can't! If you have read my Q&A (linked here) you would know that I had a W7 advent calendar this year and a few of you are curious to what I got in it. As today was the last day of advent I thought I would share with you all the lovely products I received from this advent calendar. I hope you enjoy this post, comment what your advent calendar is this year and what you would rate it out of ten. I don't remember what I got on each day so I am just going to go through the products and shades.

I really love the packaging of this product, it is red (very festive) and it has a London theme to it. I don't have a picture of the inside but when you open it, the doors are in order going from left to right and then the same on the other side. The advent calendar is not massive which I like because then it doesn't take up a lot of space.

Eye Shadows
If you have been keeping up with my blogmas (round of applause if you have) then you will know that I have already done a post dedicated to these, so the link for that post is here. Without going on about them for too long, I received three which I really like the colours of, and just really like them. Again to find out shades and more detail your best reading my other post.

Nail Polish
Shades - Left to right:
Top row - Multi Dazzle, Silver Dazzle, Gold Dazzle, Red Dazzle and Pink Dazzle
Bottom row - Tinkerbell, It's Pink, Fuchsia, Fluorescent Pink and Pillar Box Red
As you can see from the third image I received ten nail polishes in total. I honestly wasn't expecting great things but they are actually super nice. All ten polishes are minis so they are more precise when it comes to applying them, which I would rather not have, but apart from that the formula is brilliant. They are super long lasting and only need two layers. My favorite shades are Multi Dazzle, Tinkerbell and Pillar Box Red.

Shades - Left to right:
Perfect Pink, Party Pink and Spending Spree
Personally the two pink shades are not shades I would wear but I really like the shade spending spree. These lipsticks are pigmented and leave a glossy finish on the lips. The packaging of these are quite cheap looking but they are only minis and are good for traveling. 

Lip glosses/ Foundation
Shades - Clockwise, starting with top left:
Pink, Clear, Natural Beige (Foundation) and Red
I haven't tried the colored glosses but I have tried the clear one and the foundation. I have tried the foundation and the shade is actually a nice shade for me. It is a little dark so I am saving it until I get a bit of colour in summer, but usually foundation samples are always too dark for me. The foundation is light to medium coverage and it leaves a satin finish on my skin. For the lip glosses they are very thick and feel very oily on the lips. It's not a bad thing that they are oily but the do feel super smooth and they do look super glossy on the lips. For the colour lip glosses they look really nice shades but I though it was a bit strange that the lip gloss called red is actually a berry pink, which is very misleading.

Shades - left to right
Pink, Silver and White
I am honestly not sure what these are meant to be used for so please comment if you know. I assumed they would be used for super dramatic makeup or for nails. Currently I haven't tried any of the glitters but from looking at them in the containers they are small and circular with a holographic look to them. I am sorry I an't really give you a full review on these but please let me know if you want a hot or not on them.

You can probably all tell that all other products apart from the mascara are all minis. I received the Mascara today (24th) as n some advent calendars you get a bigger door on the final day. Since I received it today, I haven't managed to use it but I can tell a few things from the wand. Firstly, it's in matte yellow packaging which I quite like with very plain and simple writing on it. The wand itself is a plastic applicator with a thick base and lots of little bristles coming off it from all around. To me it looks a lot like the They're Real by Benefit so a possible dupe there, but apart from that there is nothing else I can say about it.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you like these first impressions posts. I hope you have enjoyed Blogmas, I might consider doing it next year as I really did enjoy doing it this year. Have a great day!
Grace xx

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