Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Hot or Not Wednesday - Maybelline Master Contour Stick

Hi everyone,
For today's post I wanted to do another review. Recently the drugstore have been stepping up to all of the new summer releases, especially Maybelline. I picked this up a few weeks ago and have been testing it our since. Let's begin!

On Superdrug this costs £6.99 but at the moment all makeup in Superdrug is on 3 for 2. You get 7g, which is quite a lot and you don't use all that much product at a time so I ca see it lasting a long time
First impression:
When I used this product I thought that it was easy to apply and easy to blend. It looked very natural on the skin and definitely lasted a long time.

I am not the biggest fan of this packaging. I like how it is small and compact but once I had used it, I put the lid on and it went too far down and crushed a lot of the product. This was a problem for me as there is now a crack in the lid, which means that the product is going to dry out faster now.

How do you use it?
This product is in stick form, when half of the product is a cream highlight and the other is a cream contour. You apply it straight onto the face and blend it.

What does it do?
With it being a cream highlight and contour stick it is suppose to enhance and refine your natural structure.

Which are my favorites?
I do prefer the cream contour side as I find it matches my skin perfectly. The cream highlight, is okay but it has almost like a matte finish and I would rather have it shimmery. I also don't think that the cream highlight matches me very well.

What are the negatives?
- Packaging
- Small shade range
- Needs building up for a very strong contour
What are the positives?
- Affordable
- Easy to blend
- Easy to use
- Compact
- Pigmented
- Long Lasting

Would I recommend it? And to who?
I would honestly recommend this to anyone, it is great if you are new to sculpting/ contouring. I would recommend this, it is a great product especially for the small price tag. 

Hot or Not?
Hot! Even though I wish that they would change the packaging, the product itself is great. I think I would repurchase it again and again, it is great and compact.

I hope you enjoyed another mini review. Let me know whether there are any new releases that you want me to review. Have a great day!
Grace xx

Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Additions To My Summer Makeup Bag!

Hi everyone,
For today's post I wanted to share with you a few makeup products I have added into my everyday makeup bag. I feel as though, every time the seasons change so does my makeup and so I wanted to share with you a few products that are essential for me in the summer.

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer
Lots of people love this concealer and I can see why, but it is compared to the Collection Lasting Perfection in terms of coverage but I disagree. The formulation of this concealer is very light weight and hydrating but it isn't high coverage like the Collection concealer. Never the less, I love this concealer for summer as I like a more natural and fresh faced look in the warmer seasons so this replaces my more heavy duty concealers.

Freedom Pro Butters Lipgloss in Cat Whiskers
This colour just screams summer to me, it is a beautiful, bright, coral pink shade. I am not the greatest fan on the formulation of this product thought, it can sometimes be a pain to apply as it is a very patchy and sheer formula but I love the shade too much not to use it. It has a satin finish and the shade just really compliments my skin, especially with a tan!

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil
I already have a review of this up on my blog (link is here) if you want more detail but this is just so quick and easy. During summer I just like to let my skin breath and keep my makeup basic. This brow pencil is so quick and easy to use compared to something like my ABH dip brow. It just adds that little bit of definition to my brows but still keeps them natural.

Maybelline Master Contour Stick
Recently I have been loving this and a review of this will be going up soon (keep your eyes peeled). As we go into the hotter seasons, our makeup tends to do this thing were it just melts straight off your face (it's what happens to me anyway) so to prevent this I usually switch my powder products to cream products to help my makeup last longer. This cream contour stick is perfect, it's great for on the go, blends like a dream and when it is set with a face powder, it doesn't move. I am not really a fan of the highlighting side but the contour side is definitely a must for me.

Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme Waterproof Mascara
God isn't that a mouthful! Obviously this product goes without saying, a waterproof mascara is essential for summer. Don't lie, even us girls sweat and the last thing we want is our mascara melting right down our cheek. The Maybelline mascara is one of my all time favorites, it adds length, volume, definition and it does not move one bit.

Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Eye Shadow Palette
I recently picked this up and it is very not me. The shades are very different to what I would usually go for, but as it is summer I wanted to venture out into more golds and pinks on my eyes. I am one to go for a very matte eye look with whites and browns (basic, I know) but this palette is mostly shimmer which is what I was looking for. There are some beautiful shades in this palette and I hope it lets me experiment a little more.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know whether you would like me to turn this into a seasonal thing. Have a great day!
Grace xx

Friday, 17 June 2016

How I Spend My Evenings...

Hi everyone,
As it is a Friday night and all of my exams are over, I thought I would right a new post. This was not really planned so I am sorry if it is a bit all over the place but I like the idea of this post. Now, I am not the most productive person ever, but I thought I would share with you ways I spend my evening. Almost like a evening routine, enjoy!

Let's just get the worst one out of the way first (right?). As much as well all might not like homework, it is impossible to avoid. I struggle to get motivated to do my homework but on an evening where I feel motivated or productive I will do it then. Trust me, I am not that kind of person to do homework as soon as I am set it, just because I do not like the pressure of getting it done that same night, but I still (sometimes) do it.

Binge Watch TV Programmes
This is probably my guilt pleasure, if you know me, you know I am quite a fan over tv shows. I know it's not the best achievement but I am known for watching a season of PLL in two days (OOPS!). Currently I am hooked on Teen Wolf, but it is something new every so often, as it doesn't take me that long to finish. I find that by watching tv really relaxes me and gets my in a calmer state of mind.

Blog Work
This is quite a broad point, but I couldn't leave it out. This probably is one of my favorite things to do as I love reading your feedback. I have said "Blog Work" as I could be replying to comments, taking blog photos, social media updates, writing up posts, editing photos and so on. This always puts me in a happier mood and so I don't treat it like work.

I know a lot of people might not like the sound of this but I love working out in the evenings. Apparently it is better to workout in the morning but I much prefer it at the end of the day. There are endless ways of working out but a few of my favorites are dancing, walking my dogs, sprinting or a five to ten minute workout. By doing this I just feel a lot more energized (but the next morning is a whole other story) and it helps to clear my mind.

 I really hope that you enjoyed this post, sorry that it was a little random but It was something a little different for my blog. Have a great day!
Grace xx 

Monday, 13 June 2016

Starlight Blogger Award!

Hi everyone, recently I was tagger by three other bloggers to do this award post and so that is what I am going to be doing today. I have had a few problems with this post lately and that's why it has taken so long, but I just want to say thank you to Erin (Blog link here), Izzy (Blog link here) and Robyn (Blog link here) for tagging me. Let's get started!

For this tag all you have to do is answer the previous bloggers three questions and you nominate six other bloggers to answer your three questions.

Erin's Questions:
If you could travel to one place, where would you go?
I would go back to Dubai, it was so beautiful and is definitely my favorite place to visit. I love every element of Dubai from the skyscrapers to the beaches.

Who is your role model?
I don;t think I really have one. I get inspired by lots of different people but there is not one name that sticks out.

What songs have you been loving lately?
I have been loving MKTO at the moment, they are a duo and they have some really amazing songs. My favorites are God Only Knows and Superstitious. If you have read my May Favorites (link here, if you haven't read it) then you will now I have also been loving the Dangerous Woman album by Ariana.

Izzy's Questions:
If you could ever change something that you have one in the past, what would you change and why?
I would like to think that everything happens for a reason and so there is nothing I would take back.

If you could create a perfume, what would it smell like and what would you put inside it?
My perfume would have a very sweet and fruity scent, as that is my favorite scent. I would put watermelon and lemon scents in there with maybe a bit of vanilla as they are some of my favorites.

What is your number one brand that you would like to work with in the future?
If it was a beauty brand, I would say L'Oreal or Urban Decay and for a fashion brand I would say Boohoo or Topshop, just because I love there style and the quality of there products.

Robyn's Questions:
Who/What inspired you to start blogging?

Initially I wanted to start Youtube, but I was very shy and so a blog was a little more practical. Lot's of people inspired me to start a blog but mainly I started blogging mainly because I loved makeup and beauty so much.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Like I said before it would have to be Dubai.

What is your dream job?
Honestly, I don't know. There are a lot of jobs I would love to do, like fashion designing, makeup artist, or even a photographer. I haven't managed to find one particular job that sticks out most though.

I nominate:

Your Questions:
What is your favorite beauty and fashion trend this summer?
What is your favorite thing to do when the sun is shinning?
What is one thing that you want to achieve before next year?

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what summer posts you would like to see from me over the next few weeks! Have a great day!
Grace xx

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Review!

Hi everyone,
Today I am going to be talking to you about my thoughts on a very new release this month. If you haven't heard about Benefit's new brow range being re-vamped, then where have you been? I am so excited for this launch and Elle magazine just made it more exciting. In there July edition you get a mini version of there goof proof pencil. Coincidentally this was the product I was most excited for and so it was essential that I bought this. Continue reading if you want to hear my thoughts...

Obviously the first thing you notice in a product is the packaging, even though it is not everything, it is still something that proves it's quality and this did not disappoint. I love the silver geometric lid and I think the pencil itself is very thin and great for travel. Do take into account that this is only the mini but I know that the full size comes with a spoolie on the end and a little more product comes inside it which means it's a little longer. Even the box the pencil comes in is very appropriate, I love the baby pink and silver combination going on.
When you open the product all you do is twist up the bottom of the pencil and the product clicks up, so it is retractable, which I prefer over a regular pencil that you have to sharpen.

Benefit Says...
"Presto…everyone’s an expert with this super easy filling & shaping eyebrow pencil. It features a custom, non-sharpen “goof-proof” tip, soft colour and a glide-on formula for easy & fast brow filling. Comes complete with built-in blending spoolie-brush and signature Tips & Tricks!"
This retails for £18.50 and you get 0.34g which is more than triple of what you get in the tester. It comes in six shades, in my tester I got the shade 6 which is the darkest. The shades are arranged from light to dark with a great selection of warm and cool shades.

First Impressions:
Okay so when it came to my first time using this I went to twist up the product all the way, out of curiosity, just to see how much you get, and... it snapped. That sort of proves the delicacy of the product but I am a little gutted. Apart from that I am quite impressed. The shape of the product makes it really easy to apply as it is angled and has a diamond shape. This product reminds me a lot of the ABH brow wiz and so I think it is a good "dupe".
When I used it for the first time, I didn't have to apply a lot of pressure. It created lots of naturally hair looking strokes and gave a bit more thickness to my brows. The texture was very creamy and it was easy to blend. The product was not drying at all, and it did not drag my skin, it was very soft. After setting it with clear brow gel, it was set to go for the day. It lasted all day and was easy to remove at the end.

Final Thoughts:
Now having tried it a few times, and getting the hang o the way it works, I actually like it a lot. I am very lucky that the shade matches me okay, it is a little dark but I make it work. The texture and formulation is lovely and I love how quick and easy it is. I can create a really quick, easy natural brow look or a super defined and bold look with the same product. The applicator works perfectly at creating natural strokes and I think the full size will be even better as it comes with a spoolie on the end. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. If you are a beginner this will take a bit of practice, but doesn't everything?

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know whether you would like to see more reviews as I might plan some for you. Also let me know whether you have tried this or whether you want to. Have a great day!
Grace xx

Friday, 3 June 2016

May Favorites!

Hi everyone,
I am back!!! You can probably tell that I haven't been very active on my blog for the past two weeks but today I am getting back into the swing of things. With it being exam season and having a bit of bloggers block, I didn't want to force any awful content out on my blog, so I thought I would make June a fresh start. Today I am going to be sharing with you my May favorites! Enjoy!

Mac Lipstick in Shanghai Spice - I bought this while I was in America (haul linked here) and I have not stopped using it since. It is very similar to Velvet Teddy and Kinda Sexy, both of which I own, but this is a creme sheen finish, which I much prefer. This lipstick gives a lovely glossy look to the lips with a bit of colour, very moisturizing and goes with every makeup look. Would definitely recommend this lipstick to anyone!
ABH Dip Brow Pomade - I am a little late to jump on this bandwagon but I love this product. It is a lovely gel formula, that is really easy to apply and lasts the whole day. The shade taupe matches me perfectly and this has definitely been a staple product for me this month. If you are beginner to brows, I would say avoid this just because it is a little tricky at first but if your looking for a new brow product, give this a whirl.
Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in Pink Frosting - This blush has a very wired concept, it feels a little like putty but you use it as a cream blush. It is a beautiful satin formula with great pigmentation, it's easy to blend and lasts longer than a powder blush. I love to use this with my stipple brush and the colour itself is just beautiful for spring/ summer.

Skincare/ Body Care
Lush Tea Tree Toner Water - This is a recent purchase but I have fallen in love with it. I have never tried any lush skincare before this but I think I might have to now, because I love this so much. When I bought this, I did not expect to love it so much but it is so refreshing on the skin once you have cleansed and is now going to be my summer toner.
Simple Protecting Moisture Cream - Since the UK has decided to be a little sunny I have switched my normal moisturizer out for one with spf in. If you have freckles (or not), wearing spf is very important even if the sun isn't beaming, it's still there. This is a lovely moisturizer for summer as it has the spf (30) but it is very cooling. It is a little thick at first but once blended into the skin, you can't feel it.
The Body Shop Luffer - A bit of a weird body product but we all use them. Luffers aren't really something I trial to find the perfect one, but since using this Body Shop one, my skin has started to thank me. I find myself not scrubbing my skin as much because the luffer almost exfoliates for me by just using my shower gel.

Dangerous Woman Album - Not going to lie, I am not the biggest Ariana Grande fan, but my friend Penny is obsessed, so she is to blame for this favorite. She goes on and on about the album so I wanted to see what it was about, and I actually quite like it. It is very mature for Ariana but I love the old school vibe of the album.

Sherlock - Okay, I am so late on this, but it's never too late right? My friend Sophie is obsessed (trust me!) with Sherlock and so I wanted to see what the fuss was about. First episode in, I was hooked. I love the programme so much! The whole concept behind the character Sherlock Homes, fascinates me. I am now all caught up and ready for the next year!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know you how May went for you in the comments. Have a great day!
Grace xx