Saturday, 11 June 2016

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Review!

Hi everyone,
Today I am going to be talking to you about my thoughts on a very new release this month. If you haven't heard about Benefit's new brow range being re-vamped, then where have you been? I am so excited for this launch and Elle magazine just made it more exciting. In there July edition you get a mini version of there goof proof pencil. Coincidentally this was the product I was most excited for and so it was essential that I bought this. Continue reading if you want to hear my thoughts...

Obviously the first thing you notice in a product is the packaging, even though it is not everything, it is still something that proves it's quality and this did not disappoint. I love the silver geometric lid and I think the pencil itself is very thin and great for travel. Do take into account that this is only the mini but I know that the full size comes with a spoolie on the end and a little more product comes inside it which means it's a little longer. Even the box the pencil comes in is very appropriate, I love the baby pink and silver combination going on.
When you open the product all you do is twist up the bottom of the pencil and the product clicks up, so it is retractable, which I prefer over a regular pencil that you have to sharpen.

Benefit Says...
"Presto…everyone’s an expert with this super easy filling & shaping eyebrow pencil. It features a custom, non-sharpen “goof-proof” tip, soft colour and a glide-on formula for easy & fast brow filling. Comes complete with built-in blending spoolie-brush and signature Tips & Tricks!"
This retails for £18.50 and you get 0.34g which is more than triple of what you get in the tester. It comes in six shades, in my tester I got the shade 6 which is the darkest. The shades are arranged from light to dark with a great selection of warm and cool shades.

First Impressions:
Okay so when it came to my first time using this I went to twist up the product all the way, out of curiosity, just to see how much you get, and... it snapped. That sort of proves the delicacy of the product but I am a little gutted. Apart from that I am quite impressed. The shape of the product makes it really easy to apply as it is angled and has a diamond shape. This product reminds me a lot of the ABH brow wiz and so I think it is a good "dupe".
When I used it for the first time, I didn't have to apply a lot of pressure. It created lots of naturally hair looking strokes and gave a bit more thickness to my brows. The texture was very creamy and it was easy to blend. The product was not drying at all, and it did not drag my skin, it was very soft. After setting it with clear brow gel, it was set to go for the day. It lasted all day and was easy to remove at the end.

Final Thoughts:
Now having tried it a few times, and getting the hang o the way it works, I actually like it a lot. I am very lucky that the shade matches me okay, it is a little dark but I make it work. The texture and formulation is lovely and I love how quick and easy it is. I can create a really quick, easy natural brow look or a super defined and bold look with the same product. The applicator works perfectly at creating natural strokes and I think the full size will be even better as it comes with a spoolie on the end. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. If you are a beginner this will take a bit of practice, but doesn't everything?

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know whether you would like to see more reviews as I might plan some for you. Also let me know whether you have tried this or whether you want to. Have a great day!
Grace xx


  1. Great review! I love how you included your first impression and your final thoughts! I am so jealous you got the darkest shade because that would be perfect for me and I ended up with the 2nd lightest! X

    Erin // Everything Erin

  2. I have never tried anything from benefit because they don't sell it where I am from. This brow product looks so good I really wnna try and the packaging is adorable!
    Nice post :)x

  3. Thanks for the review, I would love to see more of them!I will have to check out this brow pencil! X


  4. lovely review and i enjoy reading it:)

    jess x |

  5. I got the 2nd lightest! Completely agree with your review, its such a great product xx

    Phoebe & Abida |

  6. The packaging for this is so pretty and I might have to pick up a tester for this! xx

  7. Ah I've heard loads about this, I really want to try it out! x

  8. The packaging of this product is stunning! The range looks amazing but I wont be buying any of it because they test on animals, thanks for sharing x

  9. I love benefit and their packaging is always gorgeous :) I really can't wait to try this !!

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

  10. I love Benefit packaging, and your photos really capture how beautiful the are! Great review, Gracie