Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Makeup Palettes Great For Travelling

You may or may not have known this but I am currently in Jamaica with my family for a holiday. As much as I love reading travel posts all year round, I figured now that we are coming into the holiday season, I might as well squeeze a few travel blog post. I did a similar blog post to this last year (linked here) but I wanted to do it again since I have found a few more products that are perfect for travelling with.
I don't know about you, but I always over pack my lip products, I just can't help it. Even though my collection consists of the same shade but in thirty different formulas, I still feel the need to bring them all. Most of you know this, I have always been a nude lip girl, and I am still not brave enough to wear a bold lip out. The MUA Paintbox Lip Palettes are incredible, they come in three shade, a nude, a red and a purple. They all come with a mirror and two mini lip brushes, but most importantly, they come in a super slim and compact palette. I have all three shade, but obviously I use the nude one the most. The shades range is from pale to dark so you can mix shades to get your perfect shade. They also come in some different formulas, some are more sheer, which can act like a gloss, some have glitter, which you can use as a topper, and some are super pigmented, which will act like a lipstick. The more pigmented shades have a more satin finish but you can blot your lips with a tissue and it will make it look more matte. The mirror is so useful in this palette as you can use it to touch up on the go, with the brushes included.
There seem to be loads of brands who now have this sort of, face in a palette, thing going on but I only have a few and this is still one of my favourites. The Urban Decay Naked Flushed palettes are incredible for travel. You get a shade for bronzing, highlighting and blush. Depending on your skin tone, you can get this in a few different shades, silly me got the wrong one for me, but I still love it. I wear the shade Native and the bronzer in it, makes the whole palette. The highlighter and blusher are good but not as amazing as the bronzer. The bronzer is so warm and beautiful, it is perfect for a holdiay as it just gives you that natural sun kissed glow. This palette is also super compact and comes with a great mirror.
When it comes to eye shadow, I am such a matte gal. The MUA Six Shade Matte Eye Shadow Palette is a firm favourite for travelling. It has every single basic matte shade that you could ever need. I love pairing this with a cream shadow with a little shimmer or keeping it all matte with some kohl liner for a smokey eye. These palettes come in loads of shades so you are bound to find something that suits you. I did review this earlier this year (linked here) and it is safe to say I still love it. The matte black in this palette is one of the best I have ever used and the other shades are just as lovely. Sadly this palette does not come with a mirror but it is still compact and is secure when you close it.
The next palette is just one I think everyone should have and that is a Z Palette. Now, I know Z Palettes are actually quite expensive so any empty magnetic palette will do but they are all just so useful. I love them because you can customize them exactly how you like it with anything from eye shadows to face powders to lip pans. I have the small Z Palette but I also have the Freedom Empty Magnetic palette, so depending on how much I need to bring, I can range in size for the palette.

What is your favourite palette for travelling?
Grace xx


  1. I always over pack lip products too, and I never end up wearing half of them haha! There are some gorgeous palettes here, I love your Z Palette xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush