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Colourpop, My Thoughts

Colourpop, a brand us UK people struggle getting their hands on but a brand we are all still so desperate to try. I was super lucky to receive all of this as part of my birthday present from the parents this year so I thought I would share with you my thoughts on all of the products.
My mum did tell me that she got charge £20 customs for letting this parcel come into the country so I am super grateful that she did this for me. Loads of other bloggers have gone into great detail covering shipping and postage etc. so it that is what you are looking then this is not really the post for you. To say everything simply, free international shipping ($50 and over), took around three weeks to come and obviously the £20 custom fee. Anyway I have a lot to be reviewing so I am just going to start.
Starting off with the palette I got, so this is the Blow Me Away Eye Shadow palette, but I will cover formula and everything with the other shadows I bought. In terms of packaging, it came in a magnetic palette in a super cute orange and white stripped sleeve. The magnetic palette suprised me as it was actually quite heavy. On the outside it is matte white with a glossy white Colourpop logo all throughout the front, but a clear Colourpop logo in black on the right side. Inside is all black, no mirror and four spaces, one for each shadow. Sadly, you cannot remove the insert which is a shame really because I thought that with such a great size, you could really maximize the space with taking out the insert. Anyways, the palettes closes with a magnetic fold over part and it is super secure so nothing is going to be moving anywhere. Even the magnetic on the inside is super strong so overall, quite impressed. Will also point out now that with the other four shadows I bought, I actually receive a free empty palette, exactly like that one. I would definitely recommend getting that offer because if you don't have a magnetic palette of your own then you are going to want something that won't damage the shadows.
Shades Left To Right - Take A Break, Issues, Centrefold, Slim Fit

Shades Left To Right - Come And Ge It, Best Coast Scenario, Making Moves, Oh Ship!, Honeydude Eye Liner
Pressed Powder Eye Shadows and Pressed Pigments
I didn't notice this at first but there are actually two kinds of individual eye shadows that Colourpop do but to be quite honest, I don't see a difference but I did just thought I should mention that. Even though some of the shades in individual pans are called pressed pigments, I don't notice them to be any different to the individual eye shadows.
For packaging, I didn't take a picture, but the ones that didn't come in an already made palette, they came in their own individual sleeves so they were all protected and then you can just pop them out of the sleeve and into a magnetic palette like what I have now done, which you should see soon actually.
I am just going to talk about the shades I bought, you might think that some of the shades I picked up were quite bold for me, and to be truthful, they are. Saying that, I know that I will wear them all, even the bright red. I didn't want to pick up my regular golds and warm browns because I already have endless amounts of them in my collection so I wanted to pick up some really unique shades but ones that I know I will wear. I chose the Blow Me Away eye shadow palette because it seemed the most wearable for me with some lighter shades, a shimmer shade and some peachy pink colours. When it came to picking other individual shades, I went for some fun colours, sticking along the peaches and pinks. I am super glad with my colour selection and to report back, I have been wear them all so I do think that I made some great choices. They are also great because I already have shades in my collection that I know will really flatter these other shades so I now have endless fun and colourful combinations.
The formula of these are the best part though. These are actually crazily affordable, obviously ignoring income tax but on the website I think they turn out the be a couple of pounds each. Anyways, formula, I can really only say great things. They are so super creamy when swatched but I was super impressed to find that there is near to no kick back or powdery-ness to them but the pigmentation is there. You can see by the pictures of the swatches, they are crazily pigmented in just one swipe. They are super even as well and one the eyes they apply just like that. I do find that I have to use a super light hand, especially when I am working with brighter shades but they blend like a dream. I find that the shimmers and mattes act in a very similar way, the shimmers are slightly more powdery and the mattes are slightly more pigmented, but nothing is super different between the two finishes which I like. I was really impressed to find that even the lighter shades like Take A Break and Issues were just as pigmented as the darker shades, which you don't always get in other formulations. These last a super long time but do bare in mind that I always prime and set my eyes before working with any eye shadows but yes, these applied amazingly and lasted when I did my usual eye shadow routine.
I did just want to mention this one individual eye shadow that I have recently been obsessed with just a little bit more than the others. This is Come and Get it and it is one of the two shimmers that I got. It is almost like a duochrome in the sense that it is a shimmer pink but with a beautiful gold shift to it, which hopefully you can see in this picture. This looks incredible all over the lid and it is so pigmented on the eyes. I love how unique this shade is as I have never seen anything like this before, so I will say that if you like the look of this, then definitely pick it up.
Also, if you do want to see any tutorials featuring some of these more fun and more colourful shades, then do let me know because I have created a few looks so I might share if that's something you want to see.
Ultra Glossy Lip
You all probably know that I am a huge gloss girl so without a doubt, I knew that I had to pick up one of these ultra glossy lips. I am not really going to talk about the packaging of these lip products just because they are pretty standard and I don't want to bore you but to be brief they are secure, practical and I like the sliver. I don't think that the writing on the tube rubes off but I like that you can see the colour and how the shade name is on the bottom of the product. The packaging goes the same for the UML and the USL.
The shade I picked up was called Fairy Floss and it is a very pale nude shade. I had seen a few people rave about this shade, and looking at the colours they had to offer, I thought that I would wear this one the most so I went for a standard nude which you will see a lot of in this post.
For formula, I was expecting it to be a super thick intense gloss. First application though, it felt super creamy and fairly light. It didn't give my lips a super wet look, which is usually what I want, but it did give my lips a nice natural gloss look. Some people would probably call it intense, but compared to others I have tried, it was quite subtle. In terms of the colour pay off, it did give off a little colour but because it is a lighter shade, it just lightened up my lips a little. A good thing though, is that it was not patchy or streaky, it was just super even and the colour was subtle which was quite nice actually. I was slightly disappointed with the not as intense glossy effect but I have actually found myself using it a lot. I find that I wear this mostly on its own just as a nice and natural glossy lip look. They so just make your lips look super juicey, they are not sticky, just creamy and they are super comfortable as they don't feel too heavy. Since it is a gloss, it doesn't last that long but I don't mind that because I don't wear a gloss for it to last a long time.
Overall I do like this and I know I will use it a lot. I would recommend this to people looking for a nice gloss that is nothing too subtle and nothing too intense, it does make a great in between. Saying that, I don't think I would buy anymore shades but this one because it is the nicest, I think, one the website.
Ultra Matte Lip
I actually bought one of these just because, as trendy as matte lips is, I am not a fan of the trend, never the less, I wanted to test the formula. The shade I bought was Midi and it is a pale pinky nude, the colour is very flattering and something I think would look good on almost every skin tone, especially fair people. The applicator is just like all of the rest, just a super simple doe foot which I find best to apply with when it is a lip product in a tube form.
Formula wise, I like it to say it simply. It is super pigmented, you can get away with one swipe with this product. Even though it is quite a milky shade, it is not patchy or streaky. The applicator does pick up a little too much product for my liking so I do wipe some of it off, but I do tha for most liquid lipsticks, so not a big deal. It takes a few minutes for it to fully dry down, but when it does, it is a very matte shade. They do feel very lightweight on the lips but I will point out that even when it has fully dried, it still feels tacky when you put your lips together, which can make them a little more uncomfortable to wear. Lasting power is very impressive, they can last well through food and drink as long as it is not greasy and if you use a straw to drink out of, it won't fade as much. If I was to not eat and drink though, they would last really well and when they do start to fade, it is evenly so you wouldn't have to worry about patchy-ness.
My preference to application is always with a lip liner first. Even though I haven't found these to bleed, a lip liner just allows me to get a sharper line and so when I do apply a liquid lip like the, I know where to stay in the lines. Sometimes, I will leave it matte and sometimes I will top it off with a gloss, either way, it looks great and I know that I am going to wear this a lot. The shade is a little different for me but I think in winter with a taupe eye look, this will look beautiful.
Ultra Satin Lips
I actually picked up two shades in this formula, just because I couldn't make my mind up on with one so I just got both. They are very similar, but this is a place where we don't judge so yeah. I got the shades Likely and Magic Wand, they are both warm nudes but Likely is a little more orange and Magic Wand is a little darker and more on the pink side. Either way, I have been wearing both a lot so I am just going to let you know my thoughts.
Before I get into formula, I just want to mention that I noticed these two had different applicators. Both were doe foot but but one was a little bigger and a little fluffier. I don't know whether that was a mistake on their behalf or whether that's suppose to be a difference, and even though it doesn't make a difference to me, I did just want to point it out because since they are the same product and formula, I was surprised to see that they have slightly different applicators.
Anyways, the formula is super nice actually. They are super pigmented like the UML but the main difference I found with these is the finish, which I guess is the point. They are not tack at all like the UML and the have a more natural matte finish. With applying these, they go one again, in one swipe, even and opaque. It does take them a minute or so to dry down but it is a more natural finish. I find these more comfortable to wear than the UML as they don't have that powder matte finish. They are still lightweight and they last a long time which is great.
I think that these are just a great day to day products, comfortable, last a long time and come in great shades. At the moment, I am wearing these a lot because they are just super easy to wear and look super subtle and understated.
Lippie Sticks
I actually got two of these, one full size and the other a free mini. The full size I got was in the shade Drop Top in the Creme finish, now I am not really too sure as to how many different finishes they have but this definitely appeals to me.
I really love the packaging of these, they are super compact and handbag friendly. I love how they are twist up and I think they are the best lip crayons I have found. The more visual side of the packaging is very sleek and pretty, which I love just because it is super simple. They are definitely really practical lip products and they have been made really well as they are super sturdy and secure.
I would describe the lippie sticks as an easy glossy lip. For application they are super simple, the curved lip bullet makes it super easy to apply. Both lippie sticks I own are super pigmented in one swipe and they are not patchy which is great. This creme finish is a natural gloss so they don't really set but it just makes your lips look super moisturized and lovely. These are not the most long lasting, as they are quite creamy they slip off quite easily but they are easy to touch up so I don't mind too much, they are definitely great for on the go.
Shades Left To Right - Birdy, Drop Top, Cookie, Midi, Likely, Magic Wand, Fairy Floss
Lippie Pencil
I knew that I had to buy one of these, they just looked super cute and I have heard a lot of people loving these. The shade I chose was Birdy which I would describe as a Mauvey Pink, it is super pretty and something a little different in my lip collection.
For packaging, you do have to sharpen these, which to be honest I don't mind because the quality seems good so hopefully nothing with snap or be difficult to sharpen. The pencil is super secure and even the things like the lid are really well made so everything is super secure and nothing is going to go anywhere when being in your handbag or something.
Straight away, these reminded me of the Mac Pro Longwear Lip Pencils, the packaging is similar but so is the formula. They are super creamy and pigmented, they go on like butter but they don't budge. I find that these last all day and look great under any lip product. I would definitely recommend these and I do want some more shades in this formula as I love lip pencils and this formula is super luxurious for such a small price tag.

Creme Gel Liner
This was definitely up there on my things to try from Colourpop, even though I don't wear pencil liner all of the time, I have been on the hunt for a nude liner to wear in my water line and I am still yet to find the perfect one. That was sort of my reason for picking up on of these creme gel liners and I got the shade Honeydude which is just a light nude colour which is exactly what I wanted.
The applicator of this is a twist up which doesn't wow me too much, it is practical but I like sharpen up pencils too so nothing bothered me too much about this.
For formula, my initial thought was that it is super soft and creamy. When I first swatched it, I actually pressed too hard and it just broke off but I wasn't too powerful, if you know what I mean. I then learnt that I had to be super careful when applying this but one the eyes it is really creamy. There is pigment, but because my eyes are quite watery, it was difficult to get an opaque layer straight away. I find it to be buildable and after a few layers, it is full colour. Truthfully, I was not wowed by this but I will continue to use this and maybe I will like it more but off first impressions, it was nothing special.

Is Colourpop a brand you want to try?
Grace xx

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  1. All the stuff you got looks so gorgeous! I've wanted to try Colourpop for a while but it's just having the money to do it x

    1. That was my issue too but I actually asked for the order as part of my birthday present, so maybe you could do that or for Christmas!xx

  2. You got so many great things and this is such a lovely present too! I love ColourPop, but the customs just makes it too much money xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I have learnt that now after this, it's such a shame!xx

  3. The eyeshadows are gorgeous! The pigmentation is insane. I've never tried anything from them due to shipping and customs but all their products look great xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. The eye shadows, I think, have to be my favourite, so beautiful!xx

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  5. All of the shades in this post I love! Such a nice range of products for you to try!

  6. all of these sound amazing. I wish ColourPop would sell in the UK! the lip products look lovely x

    1. They are, it's such a shame that they are difficult to get!xx