Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Just A Bunch Of First Impressions! ft. Urban Decay, Ofra and More

I have came to the conclusion that I have way too many products to review for you guys and so little time to get my final thoughts on them for you. To solve such a dilemma, I have decided to just share a bunch of mini reviews for six products in this one post! I hope you don't mind this and if you want a more in depth review of any of these products then do let me know, but I was just so overwhelmed with products to try that I couldn't really try them all out. This post is going to just cover my first impressions of all of these products but don't worry, I have still included swatches and links so do let me know whether you like this style of post and I will do it more often.
I have been wanting to try this primer for a while now so I am super happy that I have finally tried it. For packaging, keeping it simple, I really love it. It is super sleek and compact, I also love how it is very thin and long. I like that you can see the product so you know just how much you have left. The lid is secure and the weight is just nice, it looks luxurious with the reflective detailing and is is just a very beautiful product. This product does have a pump but to be honest, I am not that impressed by it. It is super sturdy and good quality but it doesn't dispense that much product so I find myself using at least two pumps so I just wish that the pumps could disperse more product.
For the formula, quite honestly, it is the weirdest things. Pumping it into my fingers, it is white with hints of grey specks and it feels like a gel so it is not watery. When rubbing it into the skin, it honestly feels like a scrub so my guess is that there are little beads in the product that causes it to adapt to your skin, anyway, it was just a weird feeling, nothing I have ever experienced before in a primer. The product blends in easily and the colour fades super easily. After a couple of seconds of the product settling into the skin, you can definitely tell that your skin is a little more even and a little brighter. It is not hugely mattifying but it does give your skin a satin base. I also noticed that my skin felt super smooth afterwards and foundation on top, went on amazingly.
Overall I am super impressed with this, even though it is a weird texture, the affect it gives is beautiful and I know I will be using all of this until it all runs out.
I have heard so many good things about this foundation and I am so happy to finally be testing it out. For packaging, it is super simple but very sophisticated, it comes with a pump and the lid and all is super secure so great for travel. Just in case you do want to know, it is a plastic bottle which I think makes it a lot more travel friendly. I am pretty sure that this retails for about £11 which is fairly affordable so onto the formula.
I got this foundation in the shade Fair, which is a pretty good match for me and I particularly like this shade because it has a great yellow undertone to it which I sometimes struggle to find in foundations. This foundation is definitely high coverage as the name suggests and the finish is very dewy so great for people with dry skin. The texture is quite thick so I have been mixing it in with a lighter foundation just for something more wearable for day to day. I have been wearing this a lot recently though and I would definitely recommend it for someone who is looking for a high coverage foundation. This is still a first impression so I still need to test it out some more but those were a few of my initial thoughts.
This powder has been so hyped up on the media recently, everyone just seems to love it. Baking has never been something that has worked well for me but I have tried out a few loose powders, but none of them had wowed me so I was hopeful to give this one a shot.
I know the worst thing that is said to be about this product is the packaging, but quite truthfully, it is not the worst I could have imagined. Like the picture above, I found that the best way to use it, was just to tap a bit on the pack of a black product and use it like that, it worked fine but yes I have moved it into a proper loose powder container.
For formula, which I think is all you really care about, but yes, this is fantastic! The powder does come out very white on both a brush and a sponge but after working it in, it totally disappears and doesn't leave any sort of cast. I love this for under the eyes in particular because it makes them look so smooth and airbrushes which is something I have never been able to create before. I have found that my favourite way of applying this is on a damp mini sponge but do let me know whether you want a new base routine explaining how I bake, and I can do that for you. Anyway, this powder is great because it takes away all of the oil on your skin but I find that it doesn't leave my skin gasping for moisture, it sets everything in place for a super long time but does dry my skin out, which is a miracle!
Anyways, super impressed with this, I will continue to use it and I can say for sure that it has became a quick favourite and an essential in my daily makeup routine now.
This highlighter has stolen my heart I swear. When I saw Nikkie announce this on her Youtube, I freaked out and very luckily my bestest Penny got me this for my birthday. Ofra is a brand that I have always wanted to try and this was my first product from them but I am sure it will become a growing collection.
For packaging, it is super simple, it's in this black and clear plastic with Ofra's logo on the front. On the back it just says NikkieTutorials collaboration and Everglow which is its shade name. The packaging is not the most appealing to the eye but the quality is good but I don't think it represents the luxury of it very well, saying that, it is the product that counts.
For formula, swatching it, it is super creamy and not powdery which really suprised me. Every highlighter I have ever used it does kick back when I swatch it but this one just doesn't. Even touching it lightly, the pigment is unreal, it is very metallic and reflective. As you can see you get three shades which I think gives the perfect variety for every skintone but my favourites are the lightest two since I am on the light spectrum of skintones. 
On the face, I apply this with a small fluffy face brush and it picks up the product super easily and the pigment is just wow. This highlighter is very intense at first but for a more natural look, I like to just go over it with a damp beauty sponge and it just helps make it more natural. You can definitely get a range of effects with this product and I think that she did an amazing job. I use this everywhere from my nose to my inner corner to my cheekbones and it is just so beautiful. I would recommend this to everyone as I think it would appeal to everyone considering the shade range and intensity of the product.
These glosses are fairly new to me but I have been really curious to try them. I love the packaging actually of these, super sleek and I just love the clear and black, it makes them super easy to see the shade and it just looks super sophisticated. The packaging is all secure and that but I did just want to mention the applicator actually. Stupid me forgot to take a photo but it is a little different from your regular doe foot applicator. The doe foot applicator on this is a lot longer and on and angle, which I didn't think I would like, but actually it makes it super easy to apply. 
shades top to bottom, Far Out, Groovy
I obviously picked out the nude shades just because I know what I like and what I will wear the most. The shade Far Out is a very pale pinky nude but it has this gold reflect to it which looks super beautiful on. I especially love this just in the centre of the lips but I will get into the formula in a minute. The shade Groovy is a pinky mauve which I have really been loving at the moment.
For formula, first application, they are very thick but super wet and glossy looking. I have been looking for a wet look gloss forever but they are actually so hard to find, but this one is perfect. The colour pay off is sheer but they look great layered and on their own so that's a plus. Pigmentation isn't something I look for in a gloss but I am quite content with the amount of colour these glosses give. They are not sticky, they just feel very creamy and thick but not uncomfortable if that makes sense. Since they are thick, they actually last quite a while which I love but they obviously won't last through food and drink so just bare that in mind.
I do actually really like these so I would definitely look into getting more shades and if you are a gloss girl looking for a really intense glossy lip then this is the perfect product for you.
Before I get into the formula of this, can we appreciate how beautiful this packaging is? I am totally in love with the frosted glass bottle and the silver reflective lettering. You can also tell that it is very luxurious because it is quite heavy, which I like because it just proves the quality being put into it. In terms of how it opens and closes, it is pretty secure,  the grip on the tube is strong so all is good.
The product itself is a gloss believe it or not, which I think is a bit fooling because the name is a lip creme which you would expect it to be more like a liquid lipstick. Anyways, I got the shade White Russian which is a beautiful like pink glass, perfect for everyday.
For formula, it goes on smoothly and is a little thick. It is definitely very minty so bare that in mind and it does give your lips that little tingling affect, it is not too much but it is enough. The gloss itself is super intense, it makes your lips look super wet and amazing. I love this gloss because it actually feels super creamy and not sticky at all so it is super comfortable to wear. For a gloss, it lasts a long time and when it does fade, it fades evenly so it is not patchy or everything.
As you can see by the photo, the pigmentation is very sheer, but that is what I like in a gloss since I like to layer them over lipsticks. This is great because it looks great with or without something underneath it. I am definitely super impressed with this, and I would like to expand my collection.

Did you like this style of post?
Grace xx


  1. The Buxom lipgloss has the most beautiful packaging ever! I might just buy it for that! I've heard great things about the LA Girl Foundation but I'm not into full coverage foundations. The RCMA powder sounds amazing! Definitely need to give it a try x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

  2. There are so many gorgeous products here! I love the packaging on the Buxom gloss and the colour of it is so pretty too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. OH. That gloss is glossy. LOVE.

  4. I've been really tempted to try the LA Girl foundation, but since you mentioned that it's quite thick, I may just skip out on it. That Ofra highlighter though....gorgeous!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. I know right! That is the one thing I would say about the foundation though, it would be heavy on it's own but I love to mix it!