Sunday, 13 August 2017

What's In My Custom Summer Eye Shadow Palette! With Swatches!

At the moment, I have really been trying to grow my single eye shadow collection, especially when they can go into my magnetic palette. Now I have a whole palette full and more, I wanted to share with you the colour selection I have chosen for summer.
I don't want to ramble too much, I sort of want the pictures to do the talking but in terms of the colour scheme I went for. I wanted it to be wearable but still super summery so I have lots of neutrals but then nearing to the bottom of the palette, I have thrown in some pinks, peaches and some reds which I think are super trendy at the moment. If I do say so myself, I think this palette is wearable, especially since I love my warm colours and I am really happy with my selection.
This post might be a little short but I did just want to share with you my little custom palette, the links to all of the eye shadows will be below and the same for the magnetic palette I use. There are also swatches further down just covering each individual colour, the brand, finish and the colour.
Shades, left to right:
Whipped Cream - Nyx - Matte - Ice White
Creme Brulee - Makeup Geek - Matte - Light Warm Brown
Issues - Colourpop - Matte - Milky Peach
Take A Break - Colourpop - Shimmer - Light Peachy Pink
Sweet Life - Freedom - Matte - Medium Peachy Brown
Early Bird - Makeup Geek - Matte - Muted Yellow-Based Orange
Shades, left to right:
Shimma Shimma - Makeup Geek - Shimmer - Icy Champagne
Luna - Makeup Geek - Foiled - Cool Rose
Tuscan Sun - Makeup Geek - Matte - Muted Pinky Mauve
Making Moves - Colourpop - Matte - Berry Pink
Come and Get it - Colourpop - Shimmer - Rose with Gold Shift
Gold Digger - Freedom - Foiled - Copper
Shades, left to right:
Best Coast Scenario - Colourpop Pigment - Matte - True Peach
Centerfold - Colourpop Pigment- Matte - Neon Coral Pink
Slim Fit - Colourpop Pigment - Matte - Muted Red Based Pink
Bad Behaviour - Freedom - Matte - Burnt Orange
Oh Ship! - Colourpop Pigment - Matte - Bright Red
Cocoa Bear - Makeup Geek - Matte - Dark Brown
What colour scheme would you have in your summer eye shadow palette?
Grace xx

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  1. I haven't tried any Colourpop shadows yet, I really want to! Luna is definitely on my MUG wishlist x

    1. Luna is such a beautiful shade and Colourpop eye shadows are my new favourites, so beautiful!xx

  2. I've not tried any ColourPop single shadows, but they look stunning! You have so many gorgeous colours. Great collection xx

    Hannah \ luxuryblush

  3. I really want to create my own palette. Your eyeshadows look lovely x

    1. I would definitely suggest creating your own palette, it is super easy and just so much fun!xx

  4. The swatches are lovely. I also have early bird and a few of the other MUG shades you mentioned I love MUG eye shadows :)

    Sheer Beauty Blog

  5. Oooh so many pretty shades! I have my own customized palette using freedom shadows and mine is just a mix of shades, not as organised as yours hehe! x

    Jasmine ||

  6. I haven't tried any colourpop eyeshadows but I'd love too! I love the bright coral pinks in your palette, they're so summery!

    1. They are so perfect for the season, and surprising easy to work with!xx

  7. beautiful colors, and I recently read a post of beautiful products with bright colors.