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Last year, honestly, makeup and beauty was not a priority. As much as I loved it, I couldn't be spending my time constantly testing and reviewing new products as I had other things to be getting on with. Just to add to that, I also started wearing makeup a lot less. With exams between late spring and early summer, I barely even moisturized, never mind putting on makeup and so when I did put on makeup, it was my essentials that I know I love. Saying that I did manage to try out a few new products and although they weren't all successful, I did find some new staples for my collection. 
The Revolution Pro Foundation Drops must be my favourite foundation I think I have ever worn and as much as it is a commitment saying that, it's so true. I tried these at around summer time and I have never looked back. The main thing I love about this foundation is how natural it is. You still get medium coverage but the finish is a natural dewy look and you don't feel it on the skin whatsoever. I have worn this foundation to death in 2018 and I definitely think it is about time I repurchase it. 
This has also been a good concealer year for me as I have found two new favourites and combined, they make the most beautiful highlighted undereye. Starting with the first one though, I think everyone fell head over heels in love with the Revolution Conceal and Define when it first came out but it took me a few months after it was released for me to finally try it. I am so glad I tried this concealer because it is definitely one of the best, most affordable ones available. The shade range is what makes this concealer so great, I think because it is affordable so anyone could buy it but the shade range is also so generous that anyone, of any skin colour, could wear it. I find the formula of this concealer to be very hydrating and for the coverage to high but not cakey looking. This concealer is so versatile as I find that I can prime my eyes with it, carve out my eyebrows with it, use it as a foundation and obviously, conceal with it. I definitely want to play around with it in a contour shade in 2019, but for now, it is a solid favourite of 2018. 
As for the second concealer, the Barry M All Night Long Concealer was well loved by me for nearly all of last year. I haven't heard so much about this concealer as I think that it could intimidate some people. This concealer definitely is very thick and full coverage, which I think can scare people sometimes in case it makes you look cakey. I, however, have actually never worn this concealer on its own because it is very likely that it will crease on me, but mixed with another concealer in my collection, it makes the perfect addition. I love this as a mixing concealer because the shade of it allows me to really brighten the undereye and combined with the coverage it gives, it just makes your skin look flawless. 
It seems like a bit of a cheat that I have included this product, just because I have only had it the last half of the year, but it is that good, it needs a mention. The Natasha Denona Duo Glow Mini was an impulse purchase for me while I was in America over summer but I am so glad that this is now mine. There is something so beautiful about this formula that just makes you look so ethereal but in a way that is natural. You get both a blush and a highlighter in this duo and I love both, which can sometimes not be the case. I love wearing the blush when I don't want to wear and highlighter as it kind of acts like a two in one, as for the highlighter, I wear it when I want some more natural and more like a 'glow from within' appearance. Both of these powders are just so beautiful and they were such a game changer in my makeup. 
The Revolution Pro Pigment in Saint has got to be one of the most versatile products in my collection and I love it for that. I mainly love this pigment because of how blinding it is on the inner corner. One of my favourite parts of doing my makeup in my inner corner highlight, I just feel like it can change the whole look. Anyway, this pigment is so bright and when it's on the inner corner, it draws all of the attention to your eyes, which I love, as I tend to play around with my eyeshadow the most. These pigments are so affordable and I don't think I will ever buy any other pigments because these ones are just so good. 
I sort of struggled picking an eyeshadow palette just because I love and use so many but as for a palette I have discovered this year that I have loved, well, that had to go to Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions Palette. This colour selection is so dreamy to me and the formula is even more amazing. The pigmentation of these matte shades is just unlike anything else I have ever tried and they blend beautifully too. To be honest, the shimmer gold shade in the middle, I don't think too much of, just because I find it awkward to apply but the mattes are just insane. This was definitely my travel buddy for 2018 because it has every shade I would want to create any look whether it'd be natural, smokey or colourful. 
Eyeliner has always been a weird product for me, as much as I love the way they look, I find that some of them just get on my nervous whether that be because of their formula or their packaging but I think I have found my new favourite. The Lottie London Am to Pm Eye Liner in Smoke is well loved by many and I totally understand why. This formula is so creamy and soft which just makes it so easy to apply but it also sets and doesn't budge so you get the best of two worlds. Although this shade would not have been my first choice, because it is a dark grey, I don't actually mind it that much because it is borderline black, but that makes it not super intense. 
Lip products will always be my hardest decision to choose between but I think I have narrowed it down to my two favourite liquid lipsticks from last year. The Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Wifey was another impulse buy but this shade was just right up my street. It is such a perfect, neutral, nude shade and the formula is what tops it off for me. I find this liquid lipstick for easy to apply, it is comfortable as well because of how creamy it applies and it also lasts a super generous amount of time. 
I mainly love this liquid lipstick because of the colour it's in and that's the NYX Matte Liquid Lip Cream in Cairo. I love this colour so much because it is the palest nude I have ever seen and when this is paired with a dark lip liner, wow, it's just stunning. The formula of this, I won't lie, it not my favourite but it is super comfortable and almost has a moisturizing feel to it. I also love how travel-friendly this packaging is because I took this travelling with me all year, in my handbag or in my suitcase and it was just so handy to have at all times. 
I love moisturizers but at the same time, I find it really hard to find a formula that is flawless. Even though I don't think I have made it there yet, this one is not far off. The Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk was a discovery for me in 2018 and I was mainly attracted to it because of just how good it smells. I love the scent of this so much because it is so sweet but it is not overwhelming, plus I think it is really unique as it is not sugary sweet smelling, it just smells like cookie dough or something along those lines. The formula does not disappoint though, it is super hydrating but it also absorbs so quickly which I always think is hard to find in body lotions. I have used this a hell of a lot in 2018 and I think I am going to end up repurchasing it in 2019. 
Another Soap and Glory product I have loved is the Soap and Glory Scrub Of Your Life. This has been a staple for me for so long but during last year I had just found myself depending on it much more which is why I have put it into this post. This scrub paired with an exfoliating glove is the perfect combination. I am really bad when it comes to exfoliating on a regular basis, but when I do get round to it, I always reach for this one because I know that it won't let me down. I can't even explain why I love it so much, it is just amazing. 
As for skincare, the Superdrug Vitamin E Face Scrub stands out to me just because it had replaced my previous scrub that was not cruelty free. I love Superdrug's Vitamin E skincare range because it is cruelty free, affordable and amazing quality and this scrub did not let me down. Scrubs like this, I only tend to use once or twice a week because they can be intense, however, they do the job perfectly. I won't lie, the smell is not my favourite but it does the job and it has been the perfect replacement of my previous favourite face scrub
The final product I am going to talk about in this post is The Body Shop Himilayn Face Mask which has been well loved by me over 2018. This face mask is so good at just making your skin feel super clean. It is definitely very intense so if you have sensitive skin, I would give this a skip, but if you wear a lot of makeup or you just want to give your skin a good cleanse every once in a while, then this is the best way to do it. I love this face mask because of how fresh it makes my skin feel, it also has exfoliating pieces in it which you scrub as you wash off the mask and it just helps to make your skin feel so super soft. This is definitely more of a luxury face mask to me, but it is definitely worth the price as I still have it now, after having it over a year now, and it is still going strong. 

Comment below your favourite beauty product of 2018!
Grace xx

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