Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Nobody is perfect

Hi everyone,

Today I thought I would write about something more serious. As you all know it’s coming to the end of 2014 and 2015 is soon coming. Loads of people like to look back on the year and make New Year’s resolutions for the following year. Many people like to set themselves targets to achieve within that year.

Today I thought I would talk about pressure and self-esteem and stuff like that. The most popular New Year’s resolution I know is to lose weight. You might not know this but I am very insecure about my body, I constantly feel overweight and depressed about the way I look. I see all my friends wearing gorgeous clothes and they all look so nice and when I wear something like them I just feel really upset because I don’t have a great figure like them. Over the past couple months I have started to feel a lot more comfortable within my skin. If you are unhappy with your body and you want to lose weight or you might want to put on weight only you can make that change. Your life was built for you to enjoy not for someone to ruin it. If someone is making you feel depressed and insecure about the way you look, you shouldn’t be changing for them. You do what you want to do, it’s your life, and you can make your own rules. If you want to change the way you look that is fine, let no one stop you.  Conference comes with time, you need to learn to accept who you are and what you are. I can tell you all right now that you are all beautiful in your own way. 

Nobody is perfect. If someone is trying to change you just look at them and realize that they are not perfect and you don’t need them to make you happy. The only thing that matters in life is that you’re happy. No one can change you, so if they can’t accept who you are, it’s them that need to change. You need to put yourself first and think about what you want to achieve in life.

Over the last couple of years I have tried to be changed by many people and at first I did, I changed for them and I wasn't happy. They wanted me to act like them, to wear what they wore and to be who they were, and in the end I just walked away.

No one should ever feel pressured into changing themselves, you are unique, special and important. People should accept you for who you are, not change you. The people that accept your flaws and and show their own are the people that care about you.

This is something very close to my heart. There are so many people in the world including me that can’t even look at themselves without thinking negative. If this helped at least one off you than it is all worth it. Just remember that it’s your life only you can make the changes.

I’m sorry that this wasn't a normal blog post and it was a bit depressing but I hope that it helps someone who needs it.
Grace xx

Monday, 29 December 2014

Review: The Body Shop, Honeymania bubble bath melt

HI everyone.
Today I am going to do my first review, and it's going to be on the body shops, Honeymania bubble bath melt.
It claims to be an indulgent bubble bath melt. Drizzle into the bath to create creamy bubbles with a rich, floral scent. Then you just relax for skin that feels silky soft.

 I have used this a couple of times and I love it! All you have to do is pour an amount of your choice into the bath and give it a couple of minutes to mix in with the water and as you get in you are surrounded in beautiful bubbles. 
When I come out it makes my skin feel super soft and smooth. I also really like the smell is is very sweet. If you put a lot in like me your water turns this pastel yellow colour. 
It retails for £8 and it is so worth is since you get 300ml in it and if you use a reasonable amount then it will last you along time and most of the time the body shop products are on offer so keep an eye out for them.
The only thing I wish they did was more scent.
I really hope you liked this short review and let me know what you want me to try next.
Grace xx

Sunday, 28 December 2014

New year = New style

It's a new year, maybe you want to change your style a bit. I love doing this, it gives you a chance to find a great trend that you look great in.
Today I am just going to show you some trends this year that you might be interested in following. Just remember it's not bad to want to change your style.
Clothing Pieces
Capes - These have been seen in most high streets, they are super cut and come in tones of colours.
Polo-necks - It had been a huge trend especially if it is cropped and sleeveless.
Masculine influence - I have seen it very recently in New Look, it is always good to have a shirt and a blazer in your wardrobe.
Knitted jumpers - Great for the cold days.

Patterns & Colours
Detailed patterns - This is a huge trend that everyone has been wearing this season.
Monochrome - It has been one off the biggest trends I have seen this year and it will continue for 2015.
Plaid - I have seen this print everywhere and you just have to love it.
Tartan - This pattern looks super cute on dresses and almost every shop has one.
Pastel - Even in winter you can never go wrong with a cute pastel jumper.
Leather - A perfect staple piece is a leather jacket and it never gets old.
Stripes - The perfect way to bring back the 60's
Bright colours - Makes your outfit stand-out.

I hope you enjoyed finding out about the latest trends and don't be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone. Hope you all have a lovely day.

Grace xx

Friday, 26 December 2014

The Body Shop Advent Calender review & favorites

So today I am going to talk about my favorite products that came in the body shop Advent calendar. I found this to be a really hard decision since I loved so many products.

Favorite Skincare Product:
Vitamin E night cream. This one was my favorite because I had never used a night cream before and I have noticed such a different with this cream. I makes my skin so soft and moisturized.

Favorite Body moisturizer Products
I had to choose 2 and they are the body butters and the body milks. I love both of these because they are so different, the body butter is really thick, creamy and luxurious but the body milk is just quick, easy and great for on the go.

Favorite bath and shower product
For me it has to be there shower gels. To me nothing can beat them, they lather up nicely, and Smell amazing and they are just brilliant. I have to say I do also really like the soap but I didn't love it as much as the shower gels.

Favorite hand care product
My favorite was deferentially the almond hand and nail cream. It is just so luxurious and creamy. I have seen a really big difference since using this.

Favorite beauty product
This was probably the hardest one to choose but I have to say the colour crush nail polish. They are so opaque and glossy, I really love them and I want all the shades! But I do love the eyeliner and lip balm.

Favorite accessory
It has to be the eye shadow brush. I am so impressed with it. It is very versatile so you can use it for lots of things and it picks up the pigmentation of the product really nicely and it’s easy to apply.

Top 3 scents
>Frosted cranberry
>Glazed apple
This was really hard since I love most of the body shops scents but I managed to choose 3 and I love all 3 equally for their own different reasons.

Top 3 Products
>Almond hand cream
>Night cream
>Shower gel
I have chosen these three because I have used them none-stop since I got them.

Disappointing products

>Shimmer body lotion
>Strawberry lip balm
I didn't like either of these. The shimmer body lotion even though it smelled amazing the product wasn't that nice. The strawberry lip balm just d
didn't do anything it was very thin and it didn't moisturize my lips very well.

Overall I think that the body shop Advent calendar is great for anyone who wants to try out a mixture of products. The quality of most products are great. It’s a great value for money.

I hope you enjoyed finding out what I got in my advent calendar and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Body Shop Advent calendar: Week 4

Today I am going to tell you the final three products I received in my advent calendar 2014.

 22nd December
So today I got my first ever shower cream. I have tried their shower gels and they are one of my favourite products they do but I have not tried their shower cream. Mine was in Shea which is a lovely nutty and light scent. I am really excited to try this out and I will let you know which shower product I prefer.

23rd December
I received one of their famous body butters. Mine was is Shea to go with the shower cream and they smell the same, nutty and light. I got the mini body butter which comes in really cute packaging and has a lot of product. I have only ever own one other body butter from The Body Shop and it was also a mini one, But it was in mango. They might be the same product but different formulas. The Shea butter is very think and rich and nourishes the skin, the mango one is light, creamy and thin compared to the shea butter one. I cannot wait to compare the two together so I will let you know how that goes.

24th December
The final product I got in my 2014 Advent calendar was a mini size White Musk perfume. I was so excited to try this out since I have wanted to try it for ages. It is small so I might save it for when I next travel. The scent is very strong and masculine, it is not my favourite but I will use it. I am not the biggest fan of the scent but it does last a long time on the skin. I might by another on of their perfumes but not in that scent.

So I hope you have enjoyed finding out what I got in my advent calendar of 2014. At the end of the week I will be posting my favourites from this advent calendar.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Last minute Christmas gift ideas

It’s getting to that time off year where you are trying to find everyone the perfect Christmas present. I have been in some very bad situations, when you don’t know what to get someone. It is the worst thing about shopping. So here are some last minute gift ideas which I hope help you. Most of these are for girls since I think they are the most difficult.

Makeup Bag - Primark  
Freddo Faces - Any Supermarket
The fault in our start - WHSmith
So. Shop til you drop - Not sure where it's from
Made with love, bath salts - Not sure where it's from
Zoella, creamy madly dreamy body lotion - Superdrug
real fruit goodness, Pick me - Asda
Purse - New look
Revlon nail polishes, Vintage, Golden - Superdrug
Soap and glory, Sexy Mother Pucker,Punch bowl - Boots
Revlon lip butter, Peach parfait - Superdrug
Cream Beanie - Primark
Sleek, Au natural palette - Superdrug

As you can see, I have missed one out. The one I have missed out is a quick and easy DIY Lip scrub.
All you will need:
Lip balm of your choice
Caster sugar
Small container
All you need to do is mix an equal amount of caster sugar and lip balm and disply in a small container.

I hope some of you have found this useful. Hopefully I will be post my final Advent of 2014. I hope you have all had a lovely day.
Grace x

Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Body Shop Advent Calender: Week 2&3

8th December:
I received a strawberry lip balm from the body shop. I was super excited about this because I wanted to try it. It is just a clear lip balm, it moisturizes really well and smells great! I really love this product and now I want to try more of their lip balms now.

9th December:
I got another hand cream but this time it was in strawberry. This smells so nice I could eat it (but I wouldn’t) It absorbs really quickly and it makes my hands feel so soft. I love their hand creams now, I will be really sad when I run out of both of my hand creams. I will have to go and get more. (In case you haven’t noticed I’m kind off obsessed)

10th December
Today I got one of their colour crush nail polishes. I have been wanting to try these for ages but have never had the time to but one. Mine is in the shade 120 relish the moment. It is the perfect red, great for this time of year. I was so impressed with this. With one coat, it was the same colour as what was in the bottle and it was really shiny and it didn’t take that long to dry. I could compare them to Barry M, but they are thicker, I feel like. You would only need about 2 coats and it would look very bold. I am very impressed with this product.

11th December

I received my third and final soap. This one is by far my favourite, it is the glazed apple one. It is the bet smelling one to me by far, since I love sweet smells. This is exactly like the rest but different scents. They all lather up well, they make your hands smell really nice and they are a perfect size for travelling. I am so happy I have a third soap and in the perfect scent.

12th December
I got another shimmer body lotion which I wasn’t that happy about :( Since I didn’t like the other one. This one is in the scent glazed apple again and it is one of my favourite scents but it isn’t one of my favourite products. Like the other one it was a lovely texture and nice and smooth on the skin but as soon as a rubbed it in all I could see was glitter. And after that, everything I touched had glitter. I did not like this. I wouldn’t repurchase it but it was nice to try.
13th December:

I received my first skincare product which was the vitamin E moisture cream. For some weird reason I really like the smell but the quality of the product is even better. I use this as my daily moisturizer today and WOW! I love it so much.It is so light on the skin but is so moisturizing.it came in a small pot which is great for traveling and it has a lot of product in it for a tester. As soon as I applied it to my face it absorbed very quickly and left my skin feeling so soft. It kept my skin hydrated for the whole day. I really like this product and I will certainly be repurchasing the full size.

14th December:
I got my second skincare product and it is one I have wanted for ages. It is there vitamin E moisture mask. I haven't used this yet since it is only a small sachet and it will only last me one mask. But I cannot wait to try it out. I am really excited to try out there skincare line and the vitamin E range is men't to be really good, so I hope it lives up to that.

15th December
Today I got my final skincare product and it is their vitamin e night cream. This is very similar to the moisture cream just a lot more intense for moisture. I have used this every night since I got it and I love it so much it is really think but doesn’t feel heavy. As this is my first ever night cream I might have to repurchase it. It comes in a small tub which has a lot of product in it and it will last me a long time. Also all of the skincare products I have received have been the body shops best sellers.

16th December
I received another shower gel but this time it is in moringa scent. This is a very floral and girly scent which isn’t my favourite, but it is very light and smells really nice. As you will already know I am a massive fan of the body shop shower gels and the mini ones are the cutest and are great for traveling. I am a really big fan of the scent so I would repurchase this product.

17th December
Today I had another product in the scent moringa but this time it was the body milk. This is the first body milk I had ever tried from the body shop. To me this is like a body lotion for on the go. It has a thin consistency and is easy to apply. It absorbs within seconds and leaves my skin feeling so soft. This product is so good for traveling or even for school or just to put in your handbag. It smells like the shower gel. I think I will have to buy another body milk when I run out of this.
18th December
I was really excited to open this since it was one of the biggest and inside was one of their shower lilies and it was in this lovely cream/white colour. It was really dense and small and it is an essential for most people. I have heard that the shower lilies from the body shop are really good, so I will let you know what I think of them.

19th December
Today I received my 2nd lip product and it was the honey mania lip balm.To start off with this smalls so nice it is so sweet and I love it. It is just clear and comes in a little pot with a lot of product in it. I have used this a few times and every time I have used it I have just feel in love with it. It is just a nice lip balm to carry round with you for the day. It is very light and it is really moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling so soft.

20th December
I received the wild argon body lotion. I was really pleased when I found out it didn't have any shimmer in it since I don’t like how it leaves my skin. This body lotion is really nice and moisturizing and great for the colder months. It has a very nutty scent which I quit like. I have tried the body lotions before and I did really enjoy them so I am excited to try this out.

21st December
I really wasn’t expecting this but I got one of their makeup brushes. Mine was labelled for eye shadow put to me you could use it for a lot of things. This brush is very dense and soft. I cannot wait to try this out since I have never tried any of their makeup brushes.

I am really sorry that I haven't been uploading as often as I should be but now I have finished school for a while you will be seeing a lot more blog posts so please keep an eye on my blog. There should be some Christmas posts coming up. I hope you all had a lovely day and that you are just as excited for Christmas as I am.
Grace xx

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide

Hi everyone

I have decided to upload every Wednesday and Sunday. On Wednesdays I will upload a Christmas themed post and on Sundays I will show you what I get in my advent calendar. So today I am going to write a gift guide for a couple of different types of girls. If you want me to do more gift guides let me know but today I am just going to do a….
  • Girls need pampering or like to relax
  • A beauty lover

I am going to start off with the, pampering kit. Everyone has that one person who gets stressed and doesn’t have the time to pamper themselves but your pamper kit should help them.
You will need:
Products I used: 
Knitted pillow - Sainsburys
Hand and nail cream -  The Body Shop
Nail File - The Body Shop
Honey Mania Bubble Bath Melt - The Body Shop
Pink Candle - Sainsburys
Topshop nail polish in lost for words - Topshop
Born lippy, lip balm in Passion berry - The Body Shop
Hot chocolate mug - New look
Products you could include: 
  • Bath products (bath bombs, melts anything you can find)
  • Body wash and lotion
  • Candle
  • Headphones
  • Facemask
  • Slippers
  • Favourite sweets
  • Blanket or pillow
  • Cute basket or Christmas bag

You don’t have to use all of these products this is your gift so you can customize it to how you like it, these are just my suggestions. Now all you have to do is present them nicely in a baskets or box with some decoration if you like.

The last one I am showing you today is for the beauty lover. We all know that 1 person who has an obsession with all beauty products. Depending on what they like you or what they are into, you could get them.
General Beauty Stash
Products I used:
Made with love gift set - Asda
Nail Block - Poundland
Maybelline nail polish in Purple dazzle - Boots
Nivea lip butter set - Asda
Honey Mania Bubble bath melt - The Body Shop

Other Ideas:
  • Nail - Polish, file or nail wraps
  • Eyes - Palettes, mascara or eye crayons
  • Face – blush palette, bronzer or highlight
  • Lips - Lipstick, lip balm or lip gloss
  • Skincare - face mask or skincare gift sets
  • Body - Gift sets or bath bombs

You could use a bit off everything or chose a theme and display it in a nice Christmas bag or box.

If your friend only likes lip products here is an example off what you could get them.
Products Used:
Mint Julips lip scrub - Lush
Born lippy, Lip balm - The Body Shop
Baby lips in Pink Shock - Superdrug
Soap & glory Sexy mother pucker in Punch Bowl - Boots
Gosh lip gloss in 02 - Superdrug
Revlon Lip butter in Peach Parfait - Boots
Kate Moss lipstick in 17 - TJ huges

Or if your friends enjoy painting and looking after their nails, you could get them.
Products used:
Hand and nail cream - The Body Shop
Nail file - The Body Shop
Maybelline nail polish remover - Superdrug
3 Revlon nail polishes in Vintage,Black star and Grape - Superdrug
Cuticle oil and top coat - Not Sure (sorry x)
Nail block - Poundland
False nails - Primark 

I hope you found this gift guide, and stay tuned for the 2nd weeks advent calender reviews.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Body Shop Advent calender : Week 1

Hi Everyone

I hope you all have enjoyed the first week of December. This year my mum bought me the body shop advent calendar which I am so grateful for. It retails for £50 and comes with mini products some Christmas edition and some off their best sellers available all year round. Since I have started getting into looking after my body I have decided to try out the body shops products since it is a well-known shop great for beauty. So every Sunday I have decided to upload a blog post on everything I get in my advent calendar that week. They will be short reviews on each product and at the end of December I will share my favorite products.

December 1st
The first product I got was, the almond hand and nail cream. This claims to moisturize hands and condition nails, with a sweet almond oil. First off all it smells AMAZING! The scent is very light and it is slightly sweet. This product is a thick, smooth texture it absorbs quickly and keeps hands soft for the rest of the day. I have always wanted to try this product and it is my first hand cream and so far I am impressed. I might have to pick another one up. I didn't really notice a difference in my nails but I have noticed a difference in my hands. This product is great for the winter, when your hands get really dry. I also think the packaging is really cute for some reason J.

December 2nd
The second product I got was a nail file from the body shop. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed but not every product will be great. But I was surprised with the texture off the nail file. It was very gritty which is good for a nail file. It was nice to receive but I was expecting better, but not every day will be a great product, so it was nice to try. It will get good use.

December 3rd
I received the strawberry soap. It was quite small and it was in the shape of a heart (I thought it was very cute). It claims to give a rich lather and to leave skin cleansed and refreshed. It deferentially does that. This is a very cute soap, and it smells so GOOD! It does lather up nicely but after it does leave my hands feeling a bit tight but apart from that, it is a great product. When I put it in the water for about 5 minutes it turned the water a very light pink colour.

December 4th
I finally got one of the limited edition scents, this one was the frosted cranberry shower gel. To start off with, I love the body shop shower gels but the frosted cranberry is one off my favorite scents that they do. The scent is very sweet. This shower gel lathers up great and is nice to use around this time off year. I’m really happy I received the limited edition scent and I might pick up the full size if I use it all before Christmas.

December 5th
This was another frosted cranberry product but this was their shimmer body lotion. As soon as I heard that it had shimmer I was a bit sad. As soon as I applied this my hands and arms were covered it glitter. Everything I touched after that had glitter on. If it wasn't shimmery I probably would off liked it. It was nice to try but I probably wouldn't purchase it again.

December 6th
This was the first makeup product I received and it was there carbon eyeliner in black. This claims to be an intense, ultra colour eye definer with line smudger incorporated on to the end of the pencil. The formulation is water- resistant, with a smooth texture for blend-able and smudgable effect. The pigments give high coverage and the formulation is long wearing. I haven’t had the chance to try this out since I like natural make up but it should be nice for a Christmas party or more of a dramatic look. Even though I haven’t gave it a proper try, I have still managed to swatch it and….
WOW! It is pigmented and the smudger on the end blends it nicely. You could even blend it out to make it look like an eye shadow.  As you can see it is double sided with a kohl pencil one end and the smudger on the other end. This would normally cost £9.00 and with it being in the advent calendar it would have worked out a lot cheaper. I have always wanted to try this out but I didn't want to pay £9.00 so I am happy I received it in this advent calendar.

December 7th

The final product I got for this week, is another soap but this time, it was in the scent frosted cranberry. I was very happy with this since I know how good the strawberry one is so I was excited to get the frosted cranberry scent since I love the way it smells. This is the exact same as the other one just a different scent. They both lather up well and leave my hands feeling very soft. Very happy with this product.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and stay tuned for another post on Wednesday which is a gift guide.