Sunday, 30 August 2015

August Favorites

Hi everyone,
Now, it's that time of the month (no not "that time!") but it is August Favorites time. I honestly don't even know where August has gone. Like, what happened to summer because in the UK we haven't even had a summer *pulls a sad face from behind the laptop*. But anyway, I have found lots of new discoveries, that I want to share. So here is my August Favorites !

Tanya Burr Lip gloss in Sparkling Dewdrops// I bought this from TJ Huges as just a random purchase but it was £1.99 (Yes!) I just had to buy it but I thought it would be super bold and wouldn't suit me. Once I got home I tried it and loved it. It gives my lips a gorgeous tint of coral and a super glossy finish. I used this almost everyday it August and for £1.99!

Bene tint// I showed this in a haul recently (linked here) and at first I didn't like it, I thought it was just a pointless product. This is a mini as I didn't want to pay full price for the full size but I might have to now. After not liking it, I gave it a second chance and I fell in love with it. It looks great on the lips and cheek, it is not that pigmented but that's what I like. It's super natural. 

Rimmel Clear Complexion powder// I have mentioned this in a favorites before but I just love this powder so much. I have never tried the Stay Matte believe it or not, and it's because I love this far too much. This just sets my makeup without it looking cakey or super matte.

Nivea Hydro care SPF 15 lip balm// I took this off my mum (#rebel) because of the SPF and that is why I have been loving it. In the UK we haven't had much sun but on the less rainy days, I have been wearing this and it just makes my lips feel a lot more nourished.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail paints// I am not going to rave about these for long as I have a whole review about Barry M nail polishes (linked here) but I really do love these nail polishes. They are just my all time favorite, they are long lasting, super glossy and are gorgeous colours. The shades I have been loving are Papaya and Grapefruit, both really summery shades.

Barry M Matte top coat// When I bought this, I never really thought it would work but it really does. I prefer this over the Barry M original top coat and I love the finish of it. It takes a while to dry, which is the only down side, but the top coat makes it last so much longer.

PS Love Sea Salt Spray// This was £2 from primark so I thought I would try it out. My hair is quit short but super thick so sometimes I feel like my hair is being weighted down. This has really helped with that. I am not keen on the scent but I can get past that. This really gives my hair the effortless windswept look. When I apply too much it can go crispy but I only use the smallest amount.

Skincare/ Body Care
Holister Body Spray in Crescent Bay// As you can see this is the old packaging and it's because I bought it a while ago for only £5. This has been my summer staple scent, and it has barely even gone down in product. I can see that this is going to last a super long time and I know I will still be using this throughout winter even though it is not a very autumnal scent. This is really strong and fruity scent, and it's super light as it is only a mist.

The Body Shop Body Milk in Moringa// I got this is the Body Shop advent calendar last year and I just never used it. As it was becoming summer I wanted a really light but moisturizing lotion and this ticked the boxes. The smell is very floral which isn't my favorite but I am hoping to get the full size coconut one. This absorbs super quickly and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and looking super radiant. Really great if you lazy like me.

Freedom Spot Treatment// I have had this for a while but for some reason August just hasn't been loving my skin. I have had a lot of bad spots this month and very painful ones might I add. To calm them down I have been using this and it makes them so much more smaller. This doesn't get rid of them it just calms them down and reduces them. I either apply this focusing it on the spot or mix it in with my moisturizer and it has really helped.

Johnson's Makeup Wipes// I don't use makeup wipes everyday, but because my bathroom was getting redone it men't I didn't have a sink to wash my face in. I had one in the kitchen but I just always forgot. I use these when I am wearing heavy makeup and my micellar water doesn't remove it all. These wipes don't irritate my skin and they take of every last bit of makeup.

Missguided// I have done a massive collective haul (linked here) and it included a lot from Missguided. I made my first ever purchase at the end of July but I love looking at there website. The quality of the clothes are amazing and I have got a lot of wear out of all of them.

Instgram// Recently, I have just been obsessed with Instagram. I honestly can't go one day without posting a picture or stalking people. My Instagram name is Gracexkate and it will be linked in the top part of my side bar.

Andy Grammer - Honey, I'm Good
MKTO - Thank you
- Classic
- American Dream
- Bad Girls
Conor Maynard - Royalty
Sigala - Easy Love
Charlie Puth ft Meghan Trainor - Marvin Gaye

Faking it// I use to watch this a while back now but recently I have just been re-watching season 1 and 2. I can't wait for season 3 to be released. This TV series has a great concept and I love all the characters

Nicole Bickel// Nicole is a youtuber and I really like her because she is so different and incredibly honest. She speaks honestly and proudly. I find her inspiring as she is always herself and she is not ashamed of herself. She can swear quit a bit but I think her sense of humor is very funny.

 I really hope you enjoyed this post. Tell me in the comments what you have been loving this month. Have a nice day.
Grace xx

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