Wednesday, 19 August 2015

MUA Prime and Conceal Palette | Hot or Not Wednesday

Hi everyone,
Today I am bringing back one of my oldest series. Hot or Not Wednesday! Please let me know if you actually read them (you probably didn't). They are basically a mini review of a beauty range or a specific product. Let me know if you enjoy and what you want me to review next. But today I will be reviewing the MUA Prime and Conceal palette. Loads of people have been asking me whether I recommend it, and how good it is etc, so today all your answers will be revealed.

I have been trying this out for over a month now so I do have a strong opinion on it. I got this from superdrug and it cost £4, which is full price. MUA do hold offers very often so you could always get this cheaper. 

First impression:
When I first picked this up and used it, I could see the pigments counteracting out each problem area, but not amazingly. The highlighter worked really well though at making my skin look brighter.

For £4 I can't complain. I do like the white, but sometimes it can be hard to open. It is also easily breakable as it is plastic, but luckily I haven't done that yet.

How do you use it?
I use this before foundation or concealer, and sometimes instead, if I am having a good skin day. I apply it with my fingers then blend it a little more with my Real Techniques expert face brush.

What does it do?
The concept of this product is 4 colour correcting creams, that counteract a different problem on your face. While covering it also primes the skin.
The 4 colours: (Information from instagram)
Peach - The warmth of this shade will neutralize dark circles on every skin tone
Green - Rid yourself of redness by counteracting it with green
Yellow - Cancel out those purple-blue under eye circles and dark patches - This works on olive and tanned skin.
Lilac -  Give tired dull skin a new lease of like using the lilac concealer.
As you can probably tell there is another cream in the centre. This is a highlighter, for anywhere you would like to highlight (duh!).

Which are my favorites?
The ones I use the most are the green and peach.I do also love the highlighter as it is the most pigmented one I have ever used!. The swatches above show that they are pigmented but in person they are even more pigmented then they look. But once you blend them they are gone, it is really magical.

What are the negatives?
- Sometimes little bits can get stuck in the cream which isn't very hygienic.
- When you apply a colour on your face, it can sometimes leave a hint of colour.
- It runs out quickly. I have already hit pan on the green pigment and the highlighter but you can purchase each colour individually for £2 each with more product in it.

What are the positives?
- It doesn't cake up.
- It makes my base last longer.
- It covers up imperfections.
- Affordable.
 - Looks natural.
- Easy to blend
- Super quick
There are so many more but I won't bore you.

Would I recommend it? and to who?
Yes I would recommend it, and to anyone. I think this would work on all types of skin, and all different shades of skin, since it has something for everybody. This would be great for anyone in school and wants something super natural but still makes you feel confident, it is also a super friendly price. Or even if you just want to try something more natural or want your makeup to last longer.

Hot or Not?

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have tried this product an whether you like it. Hope you have a great day.
Grace xx


  1. Loved this post! I have been eyeing up this product for a while now and will definitely be reconsidering it!

  2. I used to read Hot or Not's in magazines like gogirl and girltalk! What a throw back! Lovely review, Really enjoyed how you broke it all down. I get confused with these kind of products, I might pick it up though and give it a go! x :)

  3. Oo I'm glad you mentioned they do single pots of each one because I definitely want to try out the peach corrector!

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