Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Day 13: Non-Beauty Stocking Fillers Under £15

I know that I have done a few gift guides already but you all seem to be enjoying them so I thought I would do some more. If you have missed out on my previous ones then they will be linked at the end of this post so feel free to go and give them a read. Anyway today I wanted to share with you some non-beauty related gift ideas, and they are all under £15 which I think is great.

Asos Bag (£15) - I think this is so cute, and it is such a great value for money as well. This would be great for any fashion lover this Christmas. I do think they had a few different colours available so you can pick the colour depending on the person it's for.

Jack Wills Water Bottle (£8) - I think this is a great gift and most people would love it. They could be a very sporty person and need a water bottle for the gym, or they could be a school student who always forgets to drink (me). Jack Wills water bottles come in loads of designs, they are very simple and they would make a great gift.

Phone Case Stickers (£12.99) - I found these on the Topshop website when I was browsing and I just thought that they were a great alternative from phone cases. They are like stickers that you can easily just put on your phone case and they come in lots of colours so you can suit it to the person your buying for.

Happy Jackson Candle (£9.95) - Most people love a good candle and I thought that this one in particular look really nice and different. Obviously you could go for a classic Yankee Candle but I think something a little different may be nicer. It's entirely up to you though but candles are a great gift in general.

Birthstone Key Ring (£9.00) - This is a super cute and personal gift idea. The key ring design is the same throughout but depending on the month you were born in you can buy it with the right birthstone. I am a ruby (July) so I would have the one with the ruby inside, and I think a gift like this is very thoughtful, but make sure that you are positive on their birthday month because it would be awkward if you got it wrong.

Countdown Game (£7.99) - This would be great for the competitive person in your life, or someone who just loves a good game. Countdown was one of my favourite programs and I feel like lots of people loved it but I think it is great that they have turned it into a game that you can do at home with your family and friends.

Cloud Light (£20) - I just thought this was super cute so I had to include it. I know lots of people that have a secret obsession for all tings cute or aesthetic so this would be great for someone like that. This is very reasonably price and I think someone out there would love this as a gift. *Currently out of stock*

Pom Pom Hat (£8) - Who doesn't love a good old pom pom hat around this time of the year, I know I do. There are so many different designs and retailers you could buy one from and any of them will do but I thought this one from Asos was very simple and cute.

Starbucks Set (£8.50) - I love a good Starbucks and so do most people so I feel like, if you are stuck for ideas then this is one that would work for most people. It comes with a christmassy mug and one of their large gold coins so it is a great value for money and a very versatile one too.

What do you like the look of in this post?
Grace xx

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  1. I love that cloud light! I have a star one similar to it. I would love a birthstone keyring because they are so personal xx

    1. I know, I think it is so beautiful as well!xx