Thursday, 15 December 2016

Day 15: Quick and Simple Evening Makeup Look!

I love doing these sort of posts because I love trying out different makeup looks that I can later share with all of you. Today I wanted to do a quick makeup look but not make it super natural and I came up with this.

I am not going to include my base in this post, because I feel like you all have a good idea on what it will include, but if you are new, you can look at some of my previous makeup looks and get an idea from that.

For face powders I decided to skip blush and start sculpting straight away. My favourite contour powder is the ABH Fawn powder, I will just take this on a flat contour brush and apply it in the hollows of my cheek, my forehead, chin and nose. I will then bronze with another ABH powder but this one is in Hervana. It is a little warmer so I prefer it for bronzing. I will apply this on a duo fibre brush on my cheeks, temples, nose and neck. For highlighter I am going in with my favourite, the Mary Loo-Manizer which is just beautiful, I will apply this on a tulip shaped brush on my cheekbones, cupids bow and nose. This just helps to accentuate those features and it also makes the makeup look, look a little more intense.

For eyebrows, I wanted something soft but something that would still give me that defined approach. I have really been loving the Freedom Duo powder and I will just use the lighter shade through the front of my eyebrow and then the second shade through the end of my brow, where I want it a little harsher. Then I will just set it with some clear brow gel, just to ensure nothing moves.

Keeping the eyes simple, I am priming them with the NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk, this will just help the eye shadow last longer. Then using the Tanya Burr Hollywood Eye Shadow palette I will use the white shade just to set the cream we just put in place, the dark brown in the crease, the copper/gold shade on the lid and the lighter gold in the inner corner. This is quite an easy eye look but by adding that gold on the lid, it will make it a little more night appropriate and dressy looking. On the lower lash line I will then just take the dark brown we used in the crease and just blend on my lower lash line . If you want, at this point you can use some black liner to add some more definition but I just went in with mascara. Today's choice is the Max Factor Xperience Volume Mascara in Black. This will just open up my eyes and complete the look.

Finally with lips I am going to fill them in with this lip liner from GSpot cosmetics and it is in the shade kiss, which is a beautiful dark nude shade. I will put this all over the lips to give it some colour, but then I will go over with a gloss. My favourite gloss is the L'Oreal Dazzle Gloss in Sparkle Shower, it is very intense and it gives you that "wet" lip look.

What's your go to makeup look for the evening?
Grace xx

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