Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Day 21: Most Wanted Palette Of The Year? Review & Swatches!

If you have never heard of the Morphe 35O eye shadow, you must have been living under a rock because this palettes taken the makeup world by storm. Once I had seen the palette, I knew I needed it so thankfully it came back into stock on Beauty Bay
before Christmas and I was lucky enough to get my hands on it. I know a lot of people want to know whether it is worth the hype and so that is what I am going to be talking about in this post.

I am going to go into the swatches first just to talk you through each individual shade and then I will get into the review. This post will be a long one so get ready!

First row: Bottom to Top (Left to right on palette)
- Matte white
- Satin light pink
- Shimmery champagne
- Shimmery copper
- Matte camel brown
- Matte cool mid brown
- Matte bright orange
Second row: Bottom to Top (Left to right on palette)
- Matte beige
- Shimmery light gold with pink reflects
- Shimmery gold
- Matte light warm brown
- Matte light peach/orange
- Matte milk chocolate brown
- Matte burnt orange
Third row: Bottom to Top (Left to right on palette)
- Matte light orange/brown
- Matte light cool brown
- Matte warm dark brown
- Matte warm red/brown
- Shimmery maroon
- Shimmery baby pink with silver reflects
- Matte muted red/orange
Fourth row: Bottom to Top (Left to right on palette)
- Shimmery dark brown
- Shimmery dark brown with gold reflects
- Matte cool blackened brown
- Matte dark chocolate brown
- Shimmery milk chocolate brown
- Shimmery dark peach/orange
- Matte dark brick red
Fifth row: Bottom to Top (Left to right on palette)
- Shimmery blackened brown/purple
- Matte cool mid brown
- Matte dark purple/brown
- Matte warm dark brown
- Matte dark grey
- Shimmery red
- Shimmery copper with orange reflects

Now onto the review side of it, so first of all I will link where I bought it from here. It cost £21 which is kind of mad considering you get 35 eye shadows and I got free standard delivery which was great. I ordered it last Friday and I actually got it on that Saturday so next day standard delivery was kind of amazing.

Onto the actual palette, like I said before it comes with 35 eye shadows and I got the 35 Orange palette. I didn't get the all matte and the all shimmery because I wanted to original because that was the most hyped one.
The packaging isn't anything too special, it is matte black with the brand name on the front and on the back is the type of palette. The palette was a lot bigger then what I thought and the shadows were bigger too. There is no mirror which I know a lot of people wishes that there was a mirror but I really don't mind because enough of my compacts have a mirror in so I don't really need on in this. The palette might be on the bigger size but it is actually lightweight and it is thin, so I guess you could say it's good for travelling over the really bulky palettes.
This palette has 21 matte shadows and the rest shimmery (14) so the majority is matte, which I love because I am definitely a matte girl. The matte shades are super buttery and pigment, I would compare them to Too Faced ones in the sense that they are super soft and you don't get any kick back when using them. Saying that, the shimmery shades are a little more difficult, the formulations are a little more inconsistent as some are more satin or more like pressed pigment. The ones like pressed pigments give you a lot of fall out and kick back but the pigmentation is unbelievable so it depends what you want. If you want to know which are the pressed pigment formula they are the ones with different kinds of reflects in them but the rest are shimmery. From looking at the palette and using it there only seemed to be 2 satin shadows, which I don't mind but they really are not anything special, the pigmentation isn't unbelievable like the others they are just ish shadows I guess.
The palette does come with a great range of colours, from peach to orange to brown to grey, I think that there is a really good mix of colours. Majority are warm toned but you do get the odd one with a more cool tone which I like because you can change up the look quite a bit with them. Obviously if you don't like matte, neutral, warm brown/orange palettes then this is definitely not for you. If you have green/blue eyes like me though this palette will really help to make your eye colour pop.
Overall I really like this palette and I would definitely recommend it. The shadows blend super well and last a super long time and not the mention the pigmentation, it is just a great palette. If you can get your hands on it you should totally get it. I hate to say it, but it is totally worth the hype!

What do you think of this palette?


  1. I have the 35O shimmer palette and I love the shadows, but it's hard to use them because there are no matte ones I wish I'd gone for the original like you did! Maybe it'll justify getting the 35OM haha. Glad to hear that the mattes are good, I like Too Faced matte shades!