Thursday, 22 December 2016

Day 22: Places I Would Love To Be During Christmas!

As much as I love Christmas in the comfort of my own home, I would love to spend it somewhere else, one day. I thought I would share with you a few places that I think would be amazing to spend Christmas at.

New York - I feel like a lot of people want to go to New York around Christmas time. I would love to stay at the hotel that Home Alone was filmed in and I would love to go and do a bunch of festive sight seeing while I am there. It would be amazing to go ice skating round Central Park and to go and see the Empire State, and what was the Twin Towers, and the Statue of Liberty. I think it would just be amazing!

Australia - You could say I am just curious as to what it would be like to spend Christmas during summer. Australia is definitely somewhere I want to go in the future and I think spending it during the Christmas holidays would be cool and unusual.

Germany - I was actually very lucky enough to spend the start of December, last year with school in Germany, and it is one of my favourite places to go. Christmas in Germany is like no where else, the markets are like nothing recreate-able and the atmosphere is insane so this is definitely on my list. 

Dubai - Dubai has to be my favrouite place in the world (apart from America) because it is just magical. It is like no other place in the world, half city, half beaches. I would love to spend Christmas in Dubai just because I would love to see what the atmosphere is like. It would also be super hot so I guess that will be interesting. 

Florida - I would actually just love to spend the whole of winter in Florida because I would love to celebrate Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Obviously Christmas. Florida is my family's favourite place in the whole entire world so I feel like it would be super special to get to spend Christmas there.

Where would you like to spend Christmas?
Grace xx


  1. I am so interested to find out what christmas is like in Australia! I would love to experience it one day xx

  2. New York is amazing! Really hope you get to go to NY one day. Also apparently the house Kevin family lived in is actually in Chicago!? But the film is based in NY, how strange!?
    Lovely post
    Amy x

  3. I heard people in Australia have a barbecue on the beach to celebrate christmas-definitely a bit strange to us UK folks but it sounds interesting!New York would be so cool too,it would be like being in a film to me aha xx