Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Day 7: Winter Blush Picks!

Swatches, up to down
- LA Girl Blush Palette in Glow (right shade)
- LA Girl Blush Palette in Glow (left shade)
- Kiko Provocative Pink Blush
- Makeup Revolution Blush in Now
- Natural Collection Peach Melba Blush
- Mixiu Blush in 02

I do honestly apologize for the amount of makeup blog posts I have put up this week, but it's no lie, I flippin love makeup. Hopefully I will have a few more random posts going up next week so you can look forward to those. Anyway I wanted to share with you some blushes I think are perfect for winter.

Makeup Revolution Blush in Now! - This is a beautiful, cool purple blush. It is very out of my comfort zone but I think it looks amazing on. It has got some shimmer in but not too much, which I like, I also think it would be a great one for pale skin.

Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba - I love this blush all year round but I think this is a staple for winter because it is so neutral. If your rocking a bold lip or eye, you are going to want something neutral on the cheeks and this is the perfect blush for that job.

Kiko Blush in Provocative Pink - Again, a bit like the Natural Collection one, in the sense that it will go with every makeup look. I actually also like to use both shades as eye shadows so it is a great multi purpose product.

Mixui Blush in 02 - This blush is a lovely dark pink, it is neutral and I think matte so it looks great with any look. It gives you that rosy cheek colour like you have stepped outside when it's cold.

LA Girl Pro Blush Palette in Glow - Both shades in this palette are beautiful, one is matte and one has some shimmer to it. Both are super wearable and very pink based. I like these blushes because they are a little dark to the ones I tend to wear in spring and summer, so it is a little twist to my makeup look.

What is your all time favourite blush?
Grace xx


  1. The LA Girl shades are so pretty, love them both. I have been using the Milani Romantic Rose blush every day, I love it :)


    1. I really want to try out some Milani blushes!xx