Friday, 31 August 2018

My Journey Since Going Cruelty-Free

As of right now, it has been a little over a year since I decided to go cruelty-free with my beauty products, so I thought that it would be fitting for me to just talk about the past year and what I've learned from going cruelty-free. Hopefully, this post will be a bit of an insight into what it's like to use cruelty-free beauty products. 

Firstly, I wanted to cover what people think of it when I tell them I use cruelty-free beauty only. In case you didn't know, I am not vegetarian or vegan and so my only form of supporting animal welfare is by going cruelty-free. When I tell people that, a lot of them think that it is quite hypocritical or just useless as I still technically eat animals. My initial thoughts on this are that I contribute in every way I can. Right now I am not able to go vegetarian with the way my family and I live and eat, it might not be an excuse for most people, but I help in the way that I feel comfortable to do so in. For me, going cruelty-free in terms of beauty is just my small start in supporting animal welfare and since beauty is a passion of mine and I choose to share it online, I want to set a greater example and hopefully inspire others to do so.

Before talking about my journey, I wanted to talk about where I'm at now and then back-track discussing how I got to where I am. As of my collection right now, about 90% of it is cruelty-free, I have not bought beauty products that test on animals in over a year and so my cruelty-free collection has been building up and slowly replacing old favourites that were not cruelty-free. There are still products I own that are tested on animals but the majority of the product has been used up in each one so it is just a case of finishing each one and throwing them away. 
In terms of how I got there, it was a slow process. For me, I couldn't have just gone out and have bought a whole new makeup collection and skincare routine all in one go so it took a while for me to purchase replacements, especially ones that I liked just as much as my original ones. There were certain products that I really struggled to replace as there just seemed to be no other formulas like it but slowly and steadily I found them but it was a very long process that I am still on currently. As well as purchasing and replacing products, initially when I decided to go cruelty-free, I went through my collection and got rid of products tested on animals that I didn't feel as though I need. I ended up getting rid of a lot and just giving them away. Not everyone will agree, but when I bought those products, the damage had already been done so instead of throwing them away and making them a waste, I decided to give them to someone who would use them up. Clearing out my makeup also gave me a chance to really evaluate my beauty products, particularly my makeup collection so now I actually go through my collection frequently to ensure that I still use everything I own.

One of the things I got questions about or that other cruelty-free people got questioned about was on how expensive it would be to go cruelty-free. Certain people had built up this mindset that going cruelty-free was super expensive. Speaking truthfully, that is probably the biggest lie about going cruelty-free. Once I did some research into the brands out there that tested on animals, the majority were high end or on the more expensive side of the drugstore. Here in the UK, you can look at the most affordable brands in Superdrug which include Revolution, MUA and Miss Sporty which are all cruelty-free, in comparison to the other side of the drugstore which includes L'Oreal, Maybelline, and Rimmel, all of which test on animals. Maybe if you were to re-buy your whole collection like I said earlier, it could end up being expensive in one go but that isn't something you have to do in order to go cruelty-free. 

Another thing I thought this post could do with covering is the whether there is any temptation behind going cruelty-free. For me personally, the temptation comes and goes but it is never strong enough to make me actually want to buy it, it is just my curious mind. I still follow a lot of beauty influencers that talk amount beauty products that are not cruelty-free and yeah sure when I see a new release that is being described as my perfect product, I do get curious to try it but I have never had the urge to purchase a product that was tested on animals. To me, beauty is exciting, it is about testing and trying and learning so for me, going cruelty-free was quite easy as I could still try and test all the makeup and skincare I could think of while maintaining 'ethical'. When I see a product that has been tested on animals, it no longer makes me want to buy it, it makes me want to find something similar that is cruelty-free. As much as I wish all brands were cruelty-free so that I could use all of their products, I know that I do not limit myself by going cruelty-free as a lot of brands I love and want to try are cruelty-free. 
I also thought I should mention the difficult sides of cruelty-free beauty and what I am struggling to find alternatives for. For me, makeup and skincare were simple to research about and a lot of the cruelty-free products I wanted to try were also super affordable. However, I did and still do struggle to find cruelty-free haircare and perfumes. I love a good luxury perfume and I find it so difficult to find ones that are not tested on animals. My perfume collection has always been fairly big for me so I am currently doing a lot of used up in that area but I am still researching so if any of you have any recommendations then I'd love to know. Also, haircare is difficult for me to research also as it is quite a secretive area I feel as though as most brands I have researched don't claim to test on animals but that also don't claim to be cruelty-free. After research though, I did find that a lot of the haircare brands that were cruelty-free were not super cheap however, I do plan on trying out The Body Shop haircare products as they are affordable and 100% cruelty-free.

Going cruelty-free meant that I had to start researching into a lot of the brands I used and as much as I found some of it eye-opening, I also found that there are some more complications under certain companies. For example, Too Faced, a high-end makeup brand that is proud to call themselves cruelty-free, however, they, as a brand, are owned by Estee Lauder, a brand that tests on animals. I do still buy from Too Faced, as you know, as I believe that as a brand, they are cruelty-free but I know it is confusing for a lot of people to see the difference between being owned by someone who tests on animals or by testing on animals yourself. It is a fine line in the cruelty-free beauty industry, but that is my personal take on it. Some brands also aren't explicit with whether they test on animals or not so I just choose not to buy from them in case. I also thought I should say that some brands claim to be 'cruelty-free' but actually, they sell in China which in case you don't know, China has a law enforcing the performance of testing on animals and so any brand sold in China is not cruelty-free. For example, it really frustrates me when people say that MAC Cosmetics are cruelty free, to put it simply, they feed you lies on their website claiming to be 'cruelty-free' in the UK, but they are a huge brand in China and perform animal testing but they try and convince their customers that the products they sell in the UK are not the products sold in China, but that it is utter rubbish but it is something people get easily convinced by reading.

Now to finish this post off I thought I would talk about how going cruelty-free has affected my blog as ultimately my blog was a huge reason as to why I went cruelty-free. After seeing a lot of the bloggers and personal friends around me go cruelty-free, I felt as though it was my 'duty' to also go cruelty-free and promote that on my little platform in the hopes that it could inspire people. Promoting cruelty-free beauty is something I am proud to have done and to continue to do on my blog but I have had my fair share of mistakes. As of fairly recently though, I choose to mention no animal tested beauty products on my blog. At first I stopped buying them, reviewing them, recommending them but I still talked about them in makeup looks because I wanted to stay real and not lie about what I was using but now, after over a year of doing that, I decided that when I do share my makeup looks, the products I use will all be cruelty free so that my readers can see how easy it is to create a makeup look without using products that test on animals. It is fairly fresh but I am proud of my development and I choose not to feel guilty about it as this is my journey. My blog is also a great motivator for me, it is a constant reminder that I need to test and share cruelty-free products that I can share with people who might want to do the same. 

Now I know I said that my blog would be the last thing I talked about but I do just want to put this in here. I choose not to claim to be a 'cruelty-free blogger' as I hate the label of it. As much as I believe that I am cruelty-free in terms of beauty, I think committing to a title is difficult and it also leaves a lot of room for interpretation which is something I don't want. Just as long as my readers know that the beauty I talk about is cruelty-free, that's all that matters to me and I really don't think that I need a label to prove it. 
Hopefully, this post was a little insightful but I really hope I haven't made anyone feel uncomfortable or as though this post was targeted at them because that was not my intention. This post was simply for me to summarise my journey in the hopes that someone could relate or feel inspired by it. 
Grace xx

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Superdrug Vitamin E Skincare Review

As of going cruelty-free, I have had plenty of opportunities to try out some new brands and one that has stood out to me is the Vitamin E range from Superdrug's own brand. I have tried out quite a lot of their products and so I thought that I would make this post to summarise my thoughts on the products I have tried. In total, I have tried seven of their products so far, five of which I love, but do keep in mind that the ones I have disliked or the ones I have used up are not featured in these pictures because I have gotten rid of them or threw away the packaging.

I am going to start with my most recent favourite from the Vitamin E range which is the Gentle Oatmeal Exfoliator. Previous to this, I had another face scrub favourite except it was not cruelty-free so I was on the hunt for a cruelty-free alternative and after much testing, I came across this one which I really love. For me, a face scrub needs to be intense as I don't use them often so when I do, I need them to do a great job. This one does exactly that, the texture is quite thick but when massaging it into the skin, it thins out and allows you to really scrub your skin. It is definitely rather intense but once you have washed it off, it leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and clean. I use this once or twice a week and it definitely smooths the skin that makes applying makeup or products much easier. The scent is definitely not my favourite but it goes once you've washed it off so it's fine.
Next up is a staple in my daily makeup routine and it's the Nourishing Eye Cream. Before this, I had never tried any other eye creams but right now I don't want to because I like this one so much. I like to apply this of an evening to help hydrate my under eyes, I find that when I do this my concealer doesn't crease as easily when I apply it the morning after. This concealer has got a thick consistency so I don't use it every night but a few times a week, I apply this and it just helps to keep my under eyes hydrated, which is an area that I tend to get dry really easily on. When you apply this, it has a great cooling effect that is so refreshing, and you only need the smallest bit for it to do the job. 

Next is a summer must-have for me and it's the Hydrating Mist. I know not everyone thinks it's worth buying a bottle of what just seems to be water, but considering how affordable this is, I don't really mind paying for it. This spray is so cooling and refreshing to apply and I love how it makes my skin feel. I love to wear this on its own after I have moisturized or on top of my makeup to help melt the powders into my skin, which helps make my makeup look more natural. The spray on this is very fine and it distributes the product really nicely. I don't fully know whether this actually does hydrate the skin but it does give my skin a fairly dewy finish which is really nice so I would recommend this if you do have dry skin.

The next two products I love from this range are both moisturizers that I like to use of an evening. This one is my current favourite night cream which is the Nourishing Night Cream. From the name, this is supposed to be a night cream and it does a really amazing job. I love this night cream because of how hydrating it is, it keeps my skin nourished until the morning. However, this product still soaks up really easily and it is not uncomfortable to wear since it's not sticky feeling. I am definitely enjoying using this right now and I think it is going to be a product I repurchase for a long time.

As for the second moisturizer, I used it as a night cream but its proper name is the Intense Moisture Cream. Honestly, this is very similar to their proper night cream except it is that little bit thicker. For me, this was a great staple for winter and I will probably repurchase it, especially as it is great for the body too. I feel like a product like this is something everyone should have in their collection is it is just great to have whether it is for the face or the body. If you do have dry skin though this would work amazingly as a face cream during the day or evening depending on how dry your skin actually is. I actually found myself mixing this in with my day cream to just help add that little bit more hydration on the days where my skin felt extra dry. 
The final two products are the ones I have tried that I just didn't like, the first one being their Gentle Micellar Solution. Starting with the scent, I just couldn't get along with it and it did linger around for quite a while, and since I didn't even like the formula it was just another reason for me to dislike this product. As for the formula though, I found that it just didn't do a very good job at removing my makeup, it was pretty average and it did actually require a lot of the product to do the full job. It also had this greasy feeling when I used it but afterward, I felt as though my skin was stripped of all moisture which has never happened to me before. This just didn't work for me and I definitely don't plan on repurchasing it but I do plan on trying out a few more of their cleansers soon.

As for the final product in this post, it is another dislike for me and it is the SPF15 Moisturizing Day Cream. What I didn't like about this is that there are little balls in this moisturizer that just really don't like to blend in. I find that this moisturizer takes ages to sink it and it leaves a white cast that I just find really frustrating. It did do the job of hydrating the skin, but I just found that it left my skin looking a little too greasy for my liking. Again this is a product I won't be repurchasing but that doesn't mean it won't work for you.

Let me know if you have tried anything from this range and if so whether you like it or not, I am definitely up for trying a few more of their products. 
Grace xx

Sunday, 26 August 2018

What's In My Holiday Makeup Bag // America 2018

As you are reading this, I will be in (hopefully) sunny Orlando, Florida but right now I am still in the UK pre-writing lots of posts to go up while I am away. For today's post now though, I thought I would talk you through all of the makeup products I am taking away with me and the thought process behind each one of them.
Starting out with base products, my primer of choice is the Urban Decay Self Adjusting Primer because I feel like I could even wear this on its own as it just makes your skin look so airbrushed. I find that it creates a really smooth canvas and even during the day, I could just pop this on and go out as it does even out the skin. This primer also helps to mattify my skin and so with the humid weather, I think that this primer would work the best.
For foundation, I have chosen two as they are in two completely different shades. I tend to tan very easily and so when I am away, I know my everyday foundation now, won't match me after the first few days so taking a darker shade will just help me to wear a foundation that matches me throughout the entire holiday. My everyday foundation of choice is the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops in F6 which I am sure you all know that I have been loving. This foundation is great coverage and the finish is beautiful so I definitely know that I will be wearing this loads on holiday. As for my darker shade, the only one in my collection right now is The Ordinary Serum Foundation which is quite similar to the Revolution one and so I think that they will work really well together. They are both super lightweight and natural looking on the skin, so they would both make perfect holiday foundations.
As for concealer, I am bringing two, one that is more natural looking and one that is more heavy duty so that I can prime my eyes with a concealer too. The Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer is my more daily concealer which I could even wear on its own without foundation because it is medium coverage and lightweight on the skin. For my more heavy duty concealer I opted for the Barry M All Night Long Concealer as I have currently really been enjoying it and I think teamed with the Urban Decay concealer, they would make a really good combination. I also like the Barry M concealer to carve out my eyebrows and prime the eyes so, therefore, it makes sense for me to bring this concealer as it can do more than one job.
I am loving cream contour at the moment and to help my powder contour/bronzer to last longer, I thought that it would be sensible to bring my current favourite cream contour product which is the Revolution Fast Base Foundation in F14. This is super quick and easy to apply so I think that this would make the perfect on-the-go product. Once blended out, it also looks so natural on the skin which I love and would make this perfect to wear for every occasion which I am away.
Most of the time, I tend to forget about cream highlighter but while I am on holiday, I like to use a cream highlighter on my body as well as my face so my chosen cream highlighter this time around is the Iconic London Illuminator Drops in Original. This highlighter is definitely my favourite as the colour is perfect and you have a lot of versatility to it. You can definitely manipulate the intensity of this product and I think that is really great as you can easily change it from a daytime look to an evening look. This formula is also quite simple to mix into my foundation for a more luminous finish so I really like having that option too.
I love all in one face palettes and so for my under eye highlight, bronzer and contour, I am taking the Anastasia Beverly Hill Contour Kit in Light away with me. I pretty much use every single shade in this palette and so it is definitely a must for me to take away. The formula of these powders is also super easy to work with. Like I mentioned, I can use this palette for multiple things and if I really wanted to, I could even use it on the eyes, for some really quick definition in the crease.
If I really wanted to, I think that I could use the ABH palette to set my face, but because I am away for such a long time, I thought that I might as well take a proper face powder, my favourite one being the LA Girl Pro Powder in Translucent. This is a loose powder and so it is a little more awkward to apply, but I don't mind as I love the way it makes my skin look. A powder like this also looks great in pictures so that is a bonus also. 
For blusher, I am just going to take one that I find goes well with everything and that is the Natural Collection Blusher in Peach Melba. This blusher is matte which I love because sometimes, I like to use it on my eyes too, in the crease. The shade sounds exactly like the name as it is just a peach blush and I find that it is super versatile. It is also super compact so it travels really easily.
I know I said that I could use my ABH contour kit as a bronzer but I want to bring another bronzer that is a little darker as like I said, I tan super easily so I could do with a slightly darker bronzer. My one of choice is the Misslyn Beach Please Bronzer as it is super compact and travel-friendly. The colour is too dark for me most of the time, but once I have tanned, this would be the perfect shade for me. I also think that I could use this bronzer on the body as it has got a little shimmer in it, so as well as bronzing the skin, it will add a little glow too.
Highlighter for me is always something I hate to choose, especially when going on holiday as some of them don't travel well because of how soft they are. Anyway, I came to the decision that I would take the Kiko Wet and Dry Eye Shadow in 208 as it is very similar to my Mary Loo Manizer in colour, but the formula is less sensitive so it is less likely to break. This shade is a lovely golden colour that looks great even when I am pale or when I am a little tanned. As well as this highlighter, I am bringing a palette that contains a slightly paler shimmer shade which I can also wear as a highlighter too but I will get onto that later.
For my eyebrows, I am going to keep it very basic. I always use gel first and my favourite is the Collection Colour Lash Mascara in Clear as it is so easy to use and because I love it so much, I know I can trust it abroad.
As for a product to actually fill my eyebrows in, I was contemplating between a pomade or a powder for a while, but I concluded that a powder was easier to work with and more versatile. Therefore, we all know that my favourite one is the Freedom Duo Brow Powder in Soft Brown and so that is the one I will be taking on my holiday. For me, a powder is more buildable and so I have more flexibility with it, it is also easier to apply than a pomade as sometimes a pomade can make an angled brush go a bit crusty feeling. This is the best little compact for me as it is the perfect colour and applies like a dream. With the gel as a base too, this will definitely last throughout the heat.

I love eyeshadow and so it is always a difficult decision on which palette to bring. Saying that I usually tend to take my Freedom Custom Eye Shadow Palette (in-depth post coming soon) as it contains all of the eyeshadows I have chosen because I know I love them. Especially on longer trips, I know that this palette contains everything I need including an intense highlight shade, to a pop of colour to some darker shimmery shades for a more dramatic look. I do plan on doing an updated version on all of the eyeshadows inside this palette so look out for that as I am sure it will be coming soon, but for the most part, the palette contains eyeshadows from Makeup Geek and Colourpop. This palette also contains a mirror which is such an essential when travelling and this mirror is massive and great quality so it is the perfect one.
As for eyeliners, I didn't want to bring a black one as I thought that it would be a little too intense so I opted for a nude liner that would look great in the waterline. The Colourpop Creme Gel Liner in Honeydude is the best nude liner I think as it wears for a long time and is fairly pigmented. A liner like this, I could wear in the day or the evening as it opens up the eyes in a very subtle way.
Waterproof mascara is a must and so I will, of course, be taking my trusty Collection Volumax Waterproof Mascara in Black as I love it so much. It is definitely one of my favourite mascaras ever as it is lengthening, thickening and long wearing plus with it being waterproof, I know that it won't budge. This mascara also has an eyeliner on the alternate side so if I really wanted to I could use the liquid eyeliner, even though that is very unlikely.
Finally, for the eyes, I am taking with me the Collection Glam Crystals Liner in case I want to do something extra glam while I am away. A little glitter never hurt no one and this product is perfect as it is so easy to apply. I love using this product to cut the crease with and so for the evening, this would make the perfect quick and easy eye look. It is also in liner form so it is super small and doesn't take up a lot of room.
For lips, I tried to narrow it down as much as possible as usually I would pack loads of lip products and wear the same one the entire trip, so I am going to try and avoid that and only pack the essentials. I have chosen one super versatile lip liner which is my MUA Lip Liner in Caramel Nougat. This lip liner is great as it is just a nude shade that will go with any other colour, it is also great for travel as it has a sharpener in the lid. I love the formula of this lip liner as it is easy to apply but still wears really nicely.
For a quick and easy lip, I have chosen the Collection Lip Colour as it contains SPF so it is great for the day and it is also super lovely looking. This product feels like a lip balm when you apply it but it has a bit of pigment to it and a lovely glossy finish. A product like this, you can just throw on and walk out the door so I definitely need this for when I go on holiday.
The first gloss I have chosen is the Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Gloss in Papa Don't Peach because I love the way it wears on the lips and the colour is super pretty too. It is a bit of a darker nude but it has this super warm undertone that is super flattering. The glossy finish is also super lovely and it applies beautifully. Once again, this feels like a balm on the lips so it is perfect for every day.
The second gloss of mine is the NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee because it is super small, so perfect for travel, but also because it is more of a versatile nude which I can layer over a matte liquid lipstick. This is the perfect pale nude gloss and it is very easy to wear because of how subtle the finish is. I definitely love to reapply this throughout the day as it is just so easy to wear and as you can tell, that is definitely something I look for in a travel appropriate lip product.
Onto matte liquid lips, my first one is the NYX Matte Liquid Lipstick in Cairo which is definitely an ultimate favourite because it is a pale nude that goes with everything and looks good with anything. I know for sure that this is going to be my most worn as it lasts a little longer than a gloss and so if I go for a meal, this will definitely be easier to wear. 
Finally, for lips, I have chosen the Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in Butt Naked just because it is a little more colourful than any of my other lip colours. This is a beautiful pale peach shade that would just add a pop of colour to any look. It is definitely still wearable and that is why I think it is appropriate for me as it adds colour but still wears nicely. The formula for these is also super long wearing which is great if I am going to be out for the whole day.
To finish off this post, I am bringing The Body Shop Mint Mattifying Spray which I would wear as a skincare product but I thought I'd also mention it here as I would also use it to set my face. I love facial sprays as they just help to melt the powders and make them look more skin-like. This particular spray is also mattifying and so to help my makeup last longer, I think that this would really help it.
Do let me know whether you liked this post or not and whether you like any of the products I have mentioned in this post. 
Grace xx

Friday, 24 August 2018

Revolution Pro Regeneration Eye Shadow Palette Review

I have been on the hunt for a colourful eye shadow palette for a while now but I never wanted to spend a lot of money on some super bright shades just incase I didn't use them as often as my neutral palettes, so I decided to ask for this Revolution Pro palette as part of my birthday list and very kindly, my mum got it for me so I thought I would do a quick review of it today.
This palette retails for £8 and for 18 shades, I really don't think that you could go wrong with that price. The size of the pans are also very generous so it would definitely take you a long time to hit pan on any of these shades. I also love that Makeup Revolution has brought out a palette like this because I find it rare that I drugstore brand brings out an all brights palette with such a generous range of shades.
Revolution Beauty describes this palette as "a mix of vibrant primary shades to inspire creativity, Mischief Mattes feature the same silky and easily blendable matte formula." Off of first impressions, I do agree with this statement, not so much about the formula but the way they talk about the colour scheme. Every time I do look at this palette, I just feel so inspired to create something so unique and fun so I love that this palette can spark that creative element for me as it makes me fall back in love with makeup again.
The main reason I wanted this palette or the fact that I've been drawn to it is because of the unique colour selection. I love that you have your key primary colours, some more unique shades like those pink shades, but also some more neutral shades so, therefore, this is a palette that you can create multiple looks with, without dipping into any others. Most of you probably already know that I also love a matte white shade as I can't live without it, so the fact that this palette has that too makes this a perfect palette for me.
All of these shades are completely matte too which I love as I am mostly likely to wear shades like this in the crease and so because they are matte, I think that they are much easier to work with. Although matte shades sometimes lack more pigment than a shimmery shade, I don't mind as I think that this is a nicer finish.
Just to cover the packaging, it comes in this typical plastic packaging without a mirror and honestly I'm not mad about it because so many products these days have mirrors and if that was to increase the price, I just would rather it not have a mirror. It is a little bigger than most of their other palettes but that is mainly because of the large pan size and the actualy amount of shades you get. The closure on this palette is also super secure so it is definitely safe to travel with and it is very sturdy so I can't imagine that this would get damaged easily which is good considering how clumsy I can be.
As for the formula itself, you definitely pick up a lot of product on a brush but you also get a lot of kick back so just bare that in mind. I prefer to tap off the excess before applying it to my eyes just so that I don't get any fall out but do keep in mind that doing so, you take away some of the pigment. The pigment though is good. I wouldn't say that it is specatular but it gives you the ability to go in light handed at first and then be able to build it up into something more vibrant if you want. It is definitely a versatile formula because of this pigmentation but I am not disapointed by it as it means I am less likely to make a mistake and instead I can take my time and gradually add more and more colour. They also blend out very nicely. I will say that when you do start to blend out some of the brighter shades, their opacity does weaken but like I said, you can just build that up again. For mattes though, they blend seamlessly and don't look patchy which I guess is one of the most impoartant things, it just is time consuming because of the way you need to build up the colour.
Overall, I am really enjoying using this palette and I will continue to do so as I love the range of colours you get and I can see myself creating a lot of different looks with this palette. I would recommend this palette to someone who is wanting to start out with brighter eye shadow as it is easier to work with than other palettes I own but I think if you are pretty advanced with working with colour then maybe skip this palette as it does require so much building up. It is definitely a palette worth picking up though because of how afforable it is.
Do let me know your thoughts if you have used this palette before or any other Revolution palette. 

Grace xx


Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Foundation as Contour? // Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick Review

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that the LA Girl Pro Conceal Concealer in Toast has been my favourite cream contour ever. Saying that I have been using it for well over a year and I think that it is about time to mix things up. If you read my Revolution haul (linked here) then you will know that I picked up there Fast Base Foundation Stick in F14 to use as a cream contour. I just thought I would make this post to update you on how I feel about this product.
We all know how affordable Revolution is as a makeup brand and this product goes without saying, it is a steal. You get a generous amount of product in this so you are not going to run out of it quickly especially if you use it as cream contour like me. This product comes in a range of shades, a lot better than some other drugstore foundation ranges and therefore, I found it really easy to pick out a cream contour shade. To be honest, I probably could have gone a shade lighter but this one still works great. I think if you are super fair or have an even deeper complexion then I think that you could still find a cream contour shade for you. F14 for me is a very warm shade and therefore doubles as a bronzer for me too.
One thing I love about this foundation stick is how easy it is to apply. You can literally apply this cream contour in one swipe and because it is so creamy the stick just glides and doesn't drag whatsoever. In case you are wondering where I apply this, I apply it on my cheekbones, temples, jawline and a little bit down each side of my nose. When it comes to blending this out, it is so easy. I find that this formula blends seamlessly with a brush or a sponge. It is honestly a matter of seconds until the cream contour is blended out and what I love is that it looks so natural. I find that because this is still a foundation stick it blends almost into nothing, it blends into something so natural looking that it looks just like your skin again. You can build this to your desired intensity but I find that one layer is enough for me. As for the finish, it is just very natural looking not super matte or dewy, more like a satin finish. 
I love that cream contour lasts longer than a powder and this one definitely does that. In my everyday makeup, I still like to top this off with a powder bronzer just to set it but then I can almost guarantee that it lasts all day, even in this current heat. 
Overall, I would highly recommend this product as a cream contour and I will probably try it out very soon in a foundation shade for myself as I like this formula a lot. I would actually go as far as to say that I like it more than my LA Girl concealer because it is so much more natural and easier to apply. Definitely let me know if you have tried out this foundation whether it is as a foundation or as a cream contour, I would love to hear your thoughts.
Grace xx

Sunday, 19 August 2018

My Top 5 Summer Essentials

Right now I am still counting down the days until I go to Florida but while you are reading this, I will be there just relaxing which sounds amazing right now. However, in today's post, I am going to be talking you through some of my beauty essentials for the summer season.

Bilou Pink Melon Creamy Shower Foam
As well as this foam smelling absolutely delicious, it is also a beautiful formula. I don't know about you, but being in the sun, getting my tan on can sometimes make my skin super sensitive. That is where the shower foam comes in, this formula is super creamy and feels so nourishing on the skin. I definitely think that everyone needs a product like this in summer as it helps to calm the skin and keep it hydrated even in this heat. You can get this product really easily in Superdrug and it is also super affordable which is great, I would also really recommend this scent as it is super fruity and fresh smelling.
The Body Shop Mint Mattifying Facial Spray
This is a fairly new purchase of mine mainly because it is a fairly new release from The Body Shop but I am so glad that they have released a product like this. I find that facial sprays are essential in this heat as they simply refresh and cool the skin while you are on the go. This spray, in particular, is also in a mint scent which just adds to how refreshing it feels on the skin, but also it smells amazing. I am definitely taking this on holiday with me as I know I can throw it in my bag and reapply throughout the day just to give my skin an instant refresh. A lot of people could argue that a product like this is unnecessary to buy and sure you could just fill a spray bottle with water and keep it in the fridge, it would do the same job, but I just love that this one is scented and compact.

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops
You all probably know by now how much I really love this foundation so I will try not to talk about it for too long. To summarise though, this foundation is lightweight, good coverage and has a beautiful dewy finish to it. This is such a perfect foundation for summer as you won't be able to find it on the skin but it will still give you a fresh look to the skin. I definitely think that this is more suited for dry skin but I think that even if you have oily skin, as long as you set this foundation properly with powder it will wear throughout the day nicely.
Revolution Pro Regenerated Mattes Eye Shadow Palette
I think that everyone should have some colourful eyeshadows for summer as it is a super fun way to mix up your eyeshadows. This palette would be my recommendation as it is so affordable and you get a great selection of shades too. I definitely plan on creating lots of looks with this palette that range from subtle to bold. Whether it is by putting some colour on the lower lashline or my doing a full-blown colourful smokey eye, I just think that if you want to play around with colourful eye looks, summer is a perfect time. If you are still curious about this palette then I do already have a review up (linked here).

NYX Butter Glosses
Finally, for this post, I have these glosses which in my opinion are the most versatile. A gloss like this is so easy to apply and the finish is subtle so you can wear it for any kind of occasion. This formula comes in multiple shades, but I like the neutral ones, of course, the pigment is also subtle so you could wear it on its own even without a lipstick underneath. I definitely think that glossy lips are perfect for summer as they just look so fresh and natural. These glosses are definitely my chosen gloss for summer though, because of how comfortable they are and how quick and easy they are to apply.
Hopefully, you liked this post and let me know in the comments what your summer essentials are.
Grace xx

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Two Summer Makeup Looks

Last month when I did a blog post covering three makeup looks perfect for three different summer occasions you all seemed to really enjoy it and so I thought I would make another blog post similar to that one. This post, however, covers two makeup looks, one very natural and the other, still lightweight but a bit more glam, if you like. I hope you like them, I am actually really happy with how they both turned out. 
This makeup look is pretty basic and quick to do so I just wore this on a day where I was out for a long time and just wanted something super comfortable but still with a bit of coverage. I love how this makeup look turned out as I really like that you can still see my freckles through my base makeup. 
Products Used:
Barry M Colour Correcting Primer in Green
Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer in C3
Barry M All Night Long Foundation Stick in Cashew
Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder in Vanilla
Misslyn Bronzer in Barbados Babe
Natural Collection Blusher in Peach Melba
The Balm Mary Loo Manizer Highlighter
Collection Colour Lash Mascara in Clear
MUA Matte Essentials Six Shade Eye Shadow Palette
Kiko Wet and Dry Eye Shadow in 208
Collection Volumax Mascara in Waterproof
Misslyn Lip Liner in Rosewood
Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Midi
NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee
This is my more 'glam' makeup look and I really love this one too, it is super summer-appropriate with the peachy pink eyes and nude lips. I also kept the base super glowy but still lightweight and natural. 
Products Used:
Barry M Colour Correcting Primer in Green
Revolution Foundation Drops in F6
LA Girl Pro Matte Foundation in Fair
Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer in C3
RCMA No Colour Powder
Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze Bronzer
Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder in Fawn
LA Girl Face Palette in Glow
Ofra Highlighter in Everglow
Collection Colour Lash Mascara in Clear
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade in Taupe
NYX Single Eye Shadow in Whipped Cream
Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Eye Shadow Palette
Collection Lash Surge Mascara in Waterproof
Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in I'm Nude
Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in Butt Naked

Hopefully you like these makeup looks just as much as me and it mades for a good extra post this week. 
Grace xx

Friday, 17 August 2018

Huge Missguided Haul - Try On

I have been loving Missguided at the moment and they have had some great sales going so obviously that caused me to make a few orders. These pieces were supposed to be in the other haul I have previously done but because I bought so much, I thought I'd make it its own haul. I also picked up quite a variety of pieces, some for summer still and some for transitioning into winter. All of these items are linked so that you can pick them up straight away, I definitely have some great steals in this haul.

This is definitely not a super summery piece but it is super affordable and amazing quality. As you can see by the picture, it is this super oversized jumper. I did get this in a size larger than my usual so that I can actually wear this as a dress. I love the red colour as I think that it is super flattering on everyone, I also love the paneling down the arms as I think that it makes this jumper look super sporty. The V-neckline is definitely very unusual for me but I actually like how it looks. I will say that the sleeves are very long but if you roll them up, I think that they look fine. As we are transitioning into some of the colder seasons, I think that this will be great just for a super casual outfit. I also need to mention that right now this is only twelve pounds and it only has a few sizes left so I would definitely say get your hands on this asap.
Red 1972 Sweatshirt - LINK
Next up from Missguided are those cycling shorts I was talking about in my other haul. These are the best cycling shorts I have come across and I am obsessed. At first, I wasn't big on the trend but now I am actually loving it, I think with an oversized t-shirt, this makes the perfect chill summer outfit. The main reason I love these shorts so much is that they are cotton so I find them to be much more comfortable and flattering than the shorts that are in that slinky material. I picked up the khaki pair because I wanted something that added a bit of colour but now I have them in all three colours because I love how much they fit. I love that these shorts are high waisted and they don't come too far down, I am not the biggest fan of the super long cycling shorts as they swallow me up a little, but these are perfect. Since these shorts are cotton and super stretchy I did size down with these which I would recommend doing as they just hug the figure really nicely. Shorts like this I am going to get so much wear out of but can you believe that they are only £6 which makes these the biggest steal of the season.
Khaki Cycling Shorts - LINK
Like I just mentioned, I did pick the same cycling shorts up in the other two colours which are black and red. The black pair, I know I am going to wear the most just because it is such a staple colour in my wardrobe but I also think that the red pair will be really fun to style too. I like that the red pair is a bright red as I find that shade more flattering and more year-round appropriate. Hopefully, you will be seeing a lot more of these shorts in some upcoming posts to see how I style them. One thing I must point out though if you pick these up is that the black and red are quite see through. I didn't initially notice in the khaki pair but after trying on both the black and red ones, they are quite sheer so it is something to be aware of. 
Black Cycling Shorts - LINK
Red Cycling Shorts - LINK
(I apologise for the really horrendous lighting, photographing black clothes is a mission) Next up is a classic piece for me and if you have been reading my blog for a while, then you will know that I own this style in multiple colours. This is my favourite style of t-shirt ever and I get so much wear out of the ones I already own. I love the slight high neck on this top and the crop is the perfect length. This style fits me like a glove and it is so comfortable to wear. I am such a basic girl at heart when it comes to fashion so I felt as though I really needed a black one in my collection. I know I am going to wear this loads with jeans or skirts throughout every season and they last ages as I still have my first one of these t-shirts from 18 months ago. 
Petite Black Roll Sleeve Cropped Top - LINK
At the moment I am really loving denim skirts, I already own a blue one and a white one but I really wanted a black one so I decided to pick one up from Missguided. My blue denim skirt is from Missguided so I had high expectation for this one. My previous skirt was actually in a size 8 and it fits perfectly but because I wanted to pair this one with a belt, I sized up to a 10 for a more oversized fit. However, this skirt might look like it fits but let me tell you, this was the biggest mission of my life to put on. Once it's on, it fits but I can't deal with a skirt that is such a mission to get on so I am returning it. It is also surprisingly really short for a 10 so maybe if you are thinking of picking this up then size up. I am really sad that this skirt didn't fully work out but for someone else, it could be a great staple.
Black Ripped A Line Denim Mini Skirt - LINK
The final piece in this haul is something that has been on my clothing wishlist for so long and it is one of their t-shirt dresses. They have so many of these on their website in the moment but I was drawn to this one the most because of the green colour as I think that it is super unique and looks great with the white. I also think that the B.A.B.E. slogan along the front is great too. I sized down this this dress because I tend to do so with t-shirt dresses as they have more of an 'oversized fit' however I probably should have gone down two sizes as this is still very long on me. Saying that, I love the boxy fit on the top but it is just the length that is far too long, it comes literally way below the knees which just makes me look ridiculous. I really didn't want to return this though so I ended up cutting it and sewing it so that it was a great length. If anything it is a little short now but I think it looks much better. It didn't take me too long so I didn't really mind doing it, but if I was to buy this again, I would go down two sizes. For me, a t-shirt dress like this is so versatile as you can wear it as a dress, with cycling shorts, or tie it and wear it as a crop top. I honestly can't wait to style this, and hopefully, you will be seeing it in an upcoming post very soon.
White and Green Oversized T-shirt Dress - LINK

Let me know which piece you liked the most out of this haul and which ones you would like to see in some upcoming blog posts. 
Grace xx

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Huge Holiday Clothing Haul - Try On

I love a good haul and I love holiday shopping so those are the two things that have caused this post to come about. Over the past few months, I have been collecting quite a few pieces of clothing in time for my holiday which I'm sure you know a lot about now as I am scheduling posts right now, in time for when I am away. Therefore this is another one of those posts, I will be away while you are reading this and so you probably are going to see a lot of these clothes in upcoming pictures but just to give you the heads up, I thought I'd do a try on haul of all of the pieces I have recently bought.
So the first place I have pieces from is Pretty Little Thing and the first item is the striped t-shirt dress. I love the colour of this dress as I think it is super fresh and summery but also, I don't own this colour in my wardrobe until now. T-shirt dresses are so great for summer as they are so comfortable and easy to wear. This one is definitely the perfect fit for me, it is not too long or too big but I will say that the material is quite thin which could be great however since the colour is light, it does make this dress slightly see through. I think that this would be great for a day out just with a pair of trainers, I also think that this could make a great cover up just to throw over a bikini.
Pretty Little Thing Pastel Blue Stripe Print Tshirt Dress - LINK
The next thing from Pretty Little Thing is another T-shirt dress except for the majority of this is mesh. Now, my intention with this T-shirt dress is to wear it a cover-up as I think it would help give me some coverage but it would still let my bikini peek through. I love that this dress has a deep v-neck as I think it looks super flattering as it now has a more oversized fit. This is definitely a piece I think I am going to wear a lot on holiday because of how light and versatile it will be to wear.
Pretty Little Things Black Airtex Mesh Tshirt Dress - LINK

The next two pieces I bought to wear together, the first one being a pair of cycling shorts. I have heard a lot about the cycling shorts from Pretty Little Thing and so I got their slinky ones in this charcoal grey colour but to be completely honest, I got another pair that I am going to show in another haul which I do actually prefer to these. To me, these shorts are a little to longline for me and so I think they make me look shorts but the main issue I have is that the material just isn't that comfortable or flattering. Honestly, I think that material makes these shorts not very good quality and so I just wish that they were cotton shorts. I do plan on cropping the shorts a little more though so hopefully I can make them work.
To go with the shorts, I got this grey New York slogan t-shirt, which I thought was super fitting as I am going to New York within this trip. I love the oversized fit to this t-shirt too and I think it looks great with the cycling shorts. This is definitely a basic piece but I know that I am going to wear it loads while I am away and when I'm back.
Grey Slinky High Waisted Cycle Shorts - LINK
Grey New York Slogan Oversized T-Shirt - LINK
I am not usually one to shop at River Island but when I was desperate to find a pair of denim shorts that fit me, River Island was my last resort and it was a success. I was definitely shocked that I found a pair of shorts that fit but I knew that I would have to share them with you. It turns out that I actually picked up two different styles the first one is more of a stretchy, figure-hugging short and I got it in plain black as I thought that it would be the most versatile. I love that these shorts are super high waisted and they fit perfectly. Another plus is that they are not too short so I don't feel totally naked when I wear them which is great. I am a firm believer in that denim shorts are not all that comfortable but I can get away with these and they don't bother me too much. On a daily basis, I think that these are going to be a staple and I know that I am going to wear these for so many more holidays to come.
River Island Black High Waisted Stretch Hot Pants - LINK
The second pair of shorts are a little more structured but they are definitely my favourite out of the two. They are not stretchy in the slightest but I still find that they fit really nicely, they also have more of a looser fit so there is more flexibility. I love the wash of these shorts as they are a nice medium blue but they are a little brighter so it makes them fun for summer. The distressed detailing, I also think, adds a lot to the shorts, especially the raw edges along the bottom. They are definitely a more casual short but I love that and I know that I will wear these loads. Also yes, just like the first short, they are not too short which is nice as I find I am a lot more comfortable in shorts that don't ride up my bum.
River Island Blue Ripped High Waisted Denim Shorts - LINK
Another pair of shorts that are more for layering and comfort are these gym shorts. While I am in Florida, my family and I do plan on going to a few theme parks and going on a few rollercoasters so I wanted some shorts that are more comfortable and flexible than denim shorts. I must say, these shorts are so comfortable and I think with an oversized t-shirt this would make a great casual outfit. These shorts would also be great as gym shorts as that is their usual purpose. I also think that the black is super flattering and the length is really great too. I would definitely recommend these shorts from Asos as they are really affordable too but the quality is amazing. 
Asos 4505 Training Booty Shorts - LINK
As of right now, I am only just realizing how many shorts I have bought but now that I can't do anything about it, I am going to continue talking about them. Another pair of shorts I bought were actually from Guess, which I had never shopped at before until this trip but turns out that there are so many nice things in there right now, one of which being these shorts. I have wanted a pair of gingham shorts like this for a while now but I never found the right pair, until these. For me, these shorts are great because they are stretchy so they really hug your figure and they are high waisted but I do wish that they were a little higher waisted as I wish they just went over my belly button. These shorts definitely fit my waist perfectly but I like how they are baggier around my legs as it makes them more comfortable to wear. Saying that though, I love how these shorts look when they are on and I think that they are a really versatile short as you can dress them up or down. The quality is also great and you can tell that they are a little more luxurious because of the way they feel.
Guess X Jennifer Lopez Check Motif Shorts - LINK
Next, I picked up quite a few things from Topshop which has definitely upped their game at the moment as I use to really struggle to find clothes that fit me nicely but I have been a little luckier recently. The first piece is this denim dress which I have been wearing to death recently. I love that this dress is so easy to wear and it is so comfortable. This dress fits me perfectly and I love how easy it is to get on because of the massive zip, which I also think adds a great detail to the dress. I think the wash of denim is really lovely and a dress like this looks so luxurious I think. This is definitely a super versatile dress and I know I will wear this loads on holiday. I also think that even in winter with a polo neck underneath and tights, this would look great. I think everyone needs a dress like this in their collection that is just so easy to throw on and wear. The quality of this dress I also have to mention, it is thick and heavy so you can feel how great quality this dress is, so it is definitely a steal.
Topshop Zip Denim Dress - LINK
Next up is probably my favourite purchase of the season which is this white denim mini skirt. This is just the perfect denim skirt for me, it fits my waist, the length is perfect and I love how comfortable it is to wear. Topshop has loads of these denim skirts in right now in loads of different colours and there are definitely a few more on my wishlist right now. What I love so much about this skirt is that the zip goes down far enough for me to get it on without wiggling and yanking it up which just makes life so much easier. I love how this skirt looks and I think it is going to be a huge staple in my wardrobe from now on. For Topshop too, I think it is also reasonably priced.
Topshop White Denim Mini Skirt - LINK
Next up is this basic Adidas t-shirt but it is in this peachy pink shade that I am obsessed with. I have always wanted a t-shirt in this style because of how simple it is and how many things it will go with. This is in a size medium so it is a little more oversized which I love as it makes the fit a little more comfortable and looks a little more casual. I also think that this colour is super summery and I don't have a piece like this in my collection. With this skirt, I think they also look great together.
Topshop Adidas California Tshirt - LINK
The next two pairs of shorts are super basic but I thought I'd still mention them. They are still from Topshop but they are their cotton runner shorts. I literally live in shorts like this as they are so comfortable and so easy to style. I got two pairs, one in grey and black just to keep them super versatile. These shorts are so super comfortable and easy to style, I also think that they are a great quality for such a reasonable price. On holiday, these shorts are a staple for me, I just throw them on over anything, they are perfect. I also love the white contrast detailing as it adds a sporty vibe to the shorts, the drawstring is also adjustable so you can really flatter your figure with these shorts.
Topshop Grey Neppy Runner Shorts - LINK
Topshop Black Sporty Solid Runner Shorts - LINK
Another piece from Topshop is another basic. This was a spare of the moment kind of purchase but I simply picked up three of their bandeaus. I got a black one, which is in the image above, a black and white striped one and a red one which are both in the picture below. I feel as though these are staples and I didn't own any bandeaus until these so I am glad I picked them up. These bandeaus are so comfortable and they are going to prevent me from getting crazy tan lines. I would definitely suggest picking these up as they are affordable, great quality and they come in loads of colours too.
Topshop Petite Simple Boobtube - LINK

The final place I purchased clothes from is a new site to me but I have been so curious to try it, so I bit the bullet and picked up a few things. I have seen a lot of people test Shein as a brand and since I wanted some new swimwear, I decided to give this company a go. The first one being this baby blue bikini. I love that it is a bandeau top as I can avoid the tanlines once again, and the bottoms are also high waisted which I love as I find them to be much more flattering. The material of this bikini is super thick and nice, I also love how it has a ribbed texture. I got both bikinis in a medium after looking at the size guide but this one is a little big. It does still fit so I am going to wear it but it is a little loose in place. As for the second bikini, it is in this red and white gingham print. The top has a tied front which I love as you can adjust it to how you like it, which makes it very comfortable and flattering, as for the bottoms, the are slightly high leg and are have more 'cheeky' coverage. However this bikini is a much smaller medium as I find it to be tight on the waist and also small coverage on the top also. Again, I can get away with wearing it and I will but just as size guided, they run small. 
Shein Knot Gingham Bikini Set - LINK
Shein Plain Bandeau Bikini Set - LINK

The final thing from Shein is this tie front crop top. I loved the print of this online and in person, it didn't dissapoint. The print is definitely different for me but I like how simple it looks. Once again, I like how you can adjust the coverage on this and I think with a cute bralette or bandeau underneath, this could look great. This fits me really nicely as once again it is in a medium, but it is extremely cropped so it you don't like you stomach on show then you might not like this. I love that it has short sleeves that are loose fitting as it makes this really comfortable to wear. I can definitely see myself wearing this top with some denim shorts on holiday. Like with all Shein products these were super affordable and so I would consider buying from them again.
Shein Knot Front Floral Print Crop Top - LINK
Next up are some more basics that I am so super impressed with and they are these plain bodysuits. I have never owned anything from Oh Polly before but I am super impressed with these so I might look into trying some more of their pieces. Basically, these are just some plain vest bodysuits but they are amazing quality. I love both the black and blue shade as they are super versatile and great colours. The blue shade is more unusual for me but I love that. They are double lined and they just suck you in, in the best way to flatter your figure. I love that the neckline is more of a square neck as I think it is super on trend at the moment, but I also love that this is a bodysuit as I find them to be super comfortable. One thing I will say though is that there are no poppers on the bottom so if you need the bathroom, you have to take the whole thing of which is a bit of a pain.
Oh Polly Black All Night Thong Double Layered Bodysuit - LINK
Oh Polly Blue All Night Thong Double Bodysuit - LINK
Hopefully, you liked this haul, let me know if there is a particular piece you like the look of. 
Grace xx