Friday, 3 January 2020


I understand that people don't like to make resolutions, because who really sticks to them for the entire year? Nobody! However, a new year is the perfect opporunity to gain a fresh start, to feel motivated and to start putting new things into practice. Personally, I love the prospect of a new year, it makes me so inspired and excited for what the rest of the year entails. What I wanted to share in this post aren't resolutions but they are more, vague ideals that I want to practice in the year 2020. If I don't practice these in one of the days or one of the weeks in 2020, it isn't the end of the world, I just want to look back at the year and feel as though I have improved on these specific areas. 

Although I am constantly on social media, scrolling through everybody else's content, I don't feel like I produce enough of my own. This falls under all aspects, my blog, instagram, twitter, all of them and that is something I'd like to work on. I love it when I share what I get up to on social media, but I can get into such a habit of leaving it a couple of days which then goes into weeks and sometimes even months. It is just really easy for me to fall silent and then I don't know how to get that back, but I am really going to try and stay active but also not to feel deflated if I don't post. 

I love it when I get to visit friends and family that I haven't seen in months, because it can be exactly what you need sometimes and I really want to do that more in 2020. It is a bad habit of mine, but I tend to just sit back and wait for someone to get into contact with me but this year, I really want to be more proactive and reach out to people. 

I'd like to think that for my age I am pretty independent but it is always something I'm working on. There are still certain scenarios where I depend on people, one of the main ones being driving. I get so anxious and worked-up when it comes to driving some places on my own, without any guidance and I feel like it has restricted me in the past, but I really want to try and get out of the habit. I'm also going to try and work on thinking more independently. I care so much about what the people around me think and what they want for me, but I need to start thinking for myself and being okay with that too. 

I am the worst decision maker ever! From picking restuarants, to gift ideas, to chosing career paths, I'm actually the worst. This year though is very big for me in terms of deciding my next steps after ALevels and there are so many potential ideas in my head right now, but I need to make a decision and pretty quickly. I really just want to go with my gut and chose something that I know I'm going to love, while also just commiting to it and not regretting the decision. 

Due to how busy I was last year, I never really went the gym consistently and so my fitness levels really fell. Everytime I tried to pick it back up, something would just come in the way and I just wasn't commited to making it work. This year though, I really want to feel that excitement and joy out of going the gym. Back when I use to go the gym three or four times a week, I was so happy mentally and I just felt so good about the body I was in. Although I am very content with the way I look now, I would just love to get the feeling back of having had a really good workout.

I'm saying this very lightly, but every little helps and that is what I want to practice. Just cut out single use products as much as possible, shop second hand for clothing, try and buy things with minimal packaging. These are things I have put into practice over the last few months of 2019, but it remains as something that I still want to work on. 
I am very fortunate to have a very good job currently, and so, I want to make a greater effort this year to save my money. 2019, I was pretty good at not spending excessive sums of money on things that I really didn't need. The last half of 2019 probably contained a handful of purchases for myself and so I want to remain like that and not buy things unless I really need/ want them. Hopefully, I will be opening up a savings account and just start to save my money so that I can put it towards some bigger purchases in the future. 

Last year, I really struggled with my mental health and although I'm in a pretty good place at the moment, I want to practice positive mental habits just to help almost prevent some unnecessary low moments. I want to think more positively and I want to have a better relationship with myself just to help how I cope with my mental health. 

I am always the first person to say no to anything that makes me feel remotely out of my comfrot zone and I really want to change that in 2020. Saying yes to new things would just mean new experience for myself and they have the potential to teach me something about myself. I want to go out more and not cancel, I want to try something new and not chicken out, so fingers crossed 2020 gives me the opportunity to try some new things. 

For years I have wanted to make a scrapbook but the execution has just been poor, but I am making sure that this year, I not only take the pictures, but I document them in something I can keep with me forever. I feel like just scrapbooking is going to become so theraputic for me and I am going to make a super concious effort this year to make sure that I actually get it done!

I'd love to know if there is anything you'd like to practice in 2020. This is our year!
Grace xx

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